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UFO sightings in the Hudson Valley - New version

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posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 11:13 AM

The Hudson Valley and Pine Bush (New York State) the center of the UFO activity! Weekly UFO sightings. 25 years, 10000 sightings. Triangle, quadrangle, diamond, manta ray and boomerang shaped UFOs.

[edit on 15-6-2008 by 123space]

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 11:30 AM
I think its best documented video i saw from long time.

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 01:32 PM
I don't mean to sound skeptical but...
It looks like a jet, sounds like a jet, I think it's a jet.

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 01:34 PM
reply to post by FlySolo

I don't mean to sound skeptical but...

the guy who filmed it never say its an alien air craft

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 01:43 PM
Sorry, I guess the term UFO is synonymous with alien crafts these days. I too tend to correlate these two.

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 02:38 PM
Pretty interesting stuff. I can't wait until some of the resident aircraft buffs get in here and give their take.

Are the searchlights a common thing? That would have scared me, regardless of who is flying.

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 12:16 AM
reply to post by 123space

The main motor never lights up and is in the center.

We see static discharges or just plain luminous air from high voltage.

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 02:42 AM
Surprised more have not piped in with their thoughts!
Pretty interesting footage,I`ve never seen those
pattern of lights on a jet and to have it hover is just
plain odd,that`s no jet we know of that`s for sure

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 03:13 PM
Irregular intervals because its static showing up in luminous ether.

Its like Tesla standing on a million volt plate and his outline is in
electric light.. ether light.

Ether matter or bonds and tiny matter between gas atoms causes
electrical lift and levitation and motion and cause static illumination
and yet does not discharge the craft.

Sort of like a spark being generated over and over again that causes
a coil to energize the ether with more and more magnetic field, its an
overload condition that keeps it afloat.

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