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RCMP? to Hammer Canadian P2P/Bittorrent users with Photo-Radar Like Fines...

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posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 11:09 AM

The New Canadian Legislation plowing its way through parliament now legalizes the process of 'finable offences' for partaking in P2P, Youtube or other copyright infringement activities. What is interesting is the government will be able to simply mail out fines, and turn it into a cash revenue crop, much like the photo-radar machines that dot the cities across Canada.

Before the pending legislation it was very rare for the establishment to bother the P2P community. To even stop one user required lawyers, court trails and so forth - a very resource intensive process, costing the system more money than they could obtain from the 'criminal' or 'victim' (depending on your position.) This new legislation will change all that, allowing a cash stream to go into General Revenue, and heavy monied lobbyists will naturally have the resources to fight for a cut of this cash-stream, namely the larger players in the movie industry...

Strangely if you read up on the news articles pertaining to the Bill C-61, the government is quite silent about their 'enforcement strategy.' We would anticipate ticketing through the mail is precisely how the legislation could, and probably will be used. Although the RCMP may not be the enforcers of this bill, just wait for a new 'P2P Gestapo' to lucratively milk the public for P2P Infringement money. The bulk of the income will goto a few large players in the government and entertainment industry. The end performers and artists will still be left as they always have been - living on macaroni..

So anybody in Canada who would like to grab a free copy of that song (or even look at a Youtube video - that may have copyright material in it) - could be fined up to $500. Additionally anybody in Canada would would like to UPLOAD that same song or copyright material could be liable for a $20,000 fine. No more mix-mastering your favourite You-Tube video...

Initially the crop will be fertile with only the uploaders targeted. Eventually as word spreads this stream will be expected to dry up quickly. Naturally it will be enforced in a way to prevent any major political upset that might have to give an inch of freedom back to the milk-friendly Canadian population.

So think twice if your from Canada and you want to pull some files from Pirate Bay..

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 11:39 AM
reply to post by gulfstreamsalt

This may bring down the Harper goverment. Canadian's don't give a ratts ass if an MP is dating a Hells Angel groupy or if Harper likes to dress up in his mama's clothes but try to take away our P2P and i believe you will have a revolt against the Prime Minister of Canada.

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posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 11:54 AM
Hell yeah!... he can shove his pecker where he wants no one here gives a damn bout' it but he's playing with fire on that one... better keep his nose out of that business... cuz he's heading toward cyber armagedon up his a$$...

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 12:07 PM
I find it hard to believe that Canadians cannot see that Harper is nothing but a Bush puppet.

It seems that nothing will awake Canadians to this monster unless of course he decides to fine some 16 year old for downloading the latest Canadian Idol release.

Harper is nothing but an oil loving control freak whom rumor has it loves to wear women's panties.

Nothing wrong with wearing womens panties but I do believe that alowing US corporate interests to run the Canadian goverment amounts to TREASON.

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 12:08 PM
Our Master:


Bow to him!

Get this control freak out of our parliament

I didn't vote for him and I won't again!

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posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 12:18 PM
I guess Mulroney was'nt selling out Canada's resources fast enough so he joined forces with Preston Manning. This guy is so right winged he makes Hitler blush and Harper left the PC party to join ranks with Preston Manning.

Harper was especially critical of the Mulroney government's fiscal policy, and its inability to fully revoke the NEP until 1986. He left the PC Party that same year.[citation needed]

Unbelievable. And now he is allowing the US to use us as lab rats for the p2p police.

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posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 06:42 PM
If this is accurate and comes to pass then it will indeed be another violation of our freedom.
We have the right to free exchange of ideas and information, of words sounds or even binary code if you want.

It will not work and those who frequent torrent sites and are a part of the P2P community will find a way to take out the "P2P Police".
In the street the police have the numbers and the resources, in cyberspace the average person has the numbers and the resources to really fight back.

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 07:01 PM
I am all for artists getting their royalty checks. What this act does is open the door for the police to come marching into your home and yank your Ipod, notebook, or PC becasue their is eveidence on it with witch to charge you with theft.

ie. You may have copiied some old cd's that you lost in a move and now you get blamed for theft. The burden would be on the person who owns the Ipod or PC.

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 02:09 PM
Remember that line in Jurassic Park where Ian Malcolm says " life will find a way..."

Well, my downloads will as well.

Aaaargh matey! Go Pirate Bay!

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