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Even on Fathers' Day, Media Find a Way to Bash Men

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posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 10:46 AM
Contemporary basically means in the last few years, and The Justice League is not contemporary, the characters you refer to were created in a different time and a different era.

Try and name a character created within the last twenty years at least. Better yet, name a good white male role model character that was created in the last five years, or the last ten years.

posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 08:15 AM
The males to whom I admire and respect are not television characters. They are real living and or once living persons...humans..not celuloid, electronic representations.

To reply to some of the posters some people do not know the difference in what one watchs on the boob tube and what one experiences out here in the world. There are people out here who's perception of reality is altered by a drug like television and movies. You could tell this by the stories of kids fighting, stealiing and sometimes killing another, for the latest status garnered by the latest products advertised on the boob magazines or on the radio.
This is a symptom of what happens to a people whos mind is altered by a drug ...misused in subtilty by the media to modify behaviors.

So many of us live a huge amount of our time in front of this box which has the ability to alter our perception of the world surrounding us. How much more so for our children and women. You guys wonder why your women and children have television values and thinking...Why??...because many of you have television values and thinking.

Up to you but I would recommend taking more time with your family and removing them from the influence of this box on thier brains and souls. A difficult thing to do when you are mostly working and taking care of buisness yourself..or when you are home are sitting in front of it.

Give you an example of thinking and understanding...about maleness...or being a man...from page 5 of this thread. The post by Comm12. Observe this quote by Comm12.

As far as women being suppressed goes, yea we all know the harsh reality of that situation in past and present times

I dont know about women being suppressed ...especially today. So obviously that quote is not true. This is an erroneous assumption. I dont see it happening around me...especially when I go into any store Macys or Dillards..even the famous ..Wally World.
What I see is women who work..and often have the discretion over two incomes or sources of money by which to make purchases...their money if they work and their mans moneys if he works. I dont see any downtrodden victimization among women.
Furthermore past times ...both women and men had to work very hard to sustain a family. Yet both today and so often perished before the woman. Are we debating for such equality that the women perish at the same rate or before the males?? Women back then worked much harder than women today and also much harder than many men today work.
Nonetheless once you take of the television bliinders put on us and our realize that no matter what the rhetoric...the women and media doing and taking such advantage of the brainwashing going on...are not debating for the increased RISK taken by men in earning their moneys. Not happening. The tack is to play through by default...on your ignorance. To cultivate ignorance in you so as to play through undebated.

My sister and neice both tried this recently at my parents house ..the standard femininst line and blaming men for all the woes going on in the world.
I cut them off quickly by asking them what they were going to do about it?? I also pointed out that talking about it was not solving the problem to which they were complaining. What were they going to do about it ..what RISK were they going to take in solving this problem verses transfering blame to others. The tack among such crisis management techniques is to get someone else to take care of it for government...some government program defaulting over to them. Translate that they dont want to suffer inconvenience or RISK to solve such problems. Once you understand understand more than anytthing the media will teach you.

One of the problems with being male ...or a man is that you are often bombarded by such nonsense statements as I have taken the liberty to quote. Most males are totally silent when this happens. I am not wont to be silent.
My own sister is a hard core femminist and often wont to play through unchallanged on such nonsense. I told my sister that this is not a patriarcal is a matriarcal society in stealth ...trying to pass this society off as patriarcal to conceal the matriarcal nature of things out here.

You know this when you turn off the televisoin and movies and do some real thinking. The media pushing such nonsense about male bashing are not arguing for women and children ...taking huge RISKS and or inconveniences for the goods and services under which they live to make thier lives more comfortable and leasurely. THey are promoting the position of defaulting by assumptions that males are incompetent...therefore they, the women and children, by default... are deserving of moving ahead...or at least moving the males behind...moving those behind who actually take the RISKS for the standard of living enjoyed by so many.

The technique is to make those taking the RISKS ..silent and invisible and those getting the bulk of the benefits ..visible seen..promoted. This is nothing but merchandizing...brainwashing..advertising.

Economics=politics=public education..and most of us anymore get our educations from in front of a boob tube..or at least our perception of realithy. is skewed by such.

It is far more insidious on our women and children..since they sit still for more hours of this brainwashing. This is primarily the males fault ..for allowing this while he is working and taking risks.

You want them to grow up..make them suffer more inconvenience and RISK. They will not have as much time for this brainwashing drivel.
In short..cut them off of much of the television/movie brainwashing.

Something to think about ,

[edit on 27-6-2008 by orangetom1999]

posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 10:53 AM
reply to post by orangetom1999

Good post, I wish this subject got more attention. I agree with what you say about taking risks. People who do things in the physical world are the only ones taking responsibility. In other words, the people who make things happen are the risk takers. It seems that the popular technique these days of most people is to avoid ever doing anything, so that they can avoid any responsibility. Not only do you see this in your personal relationships and your family, but even more at work. One awsheeit wipes out 100 attaboys. It is far easier to play politics then to roll up your sleeves and go to work. The big money is in playing politics and avoiding work. Working people, blue collar workers are ridiculed. We have become a nation of con artists. This is the nature of the corporate world.

The media is much more than television now. People are bombarded everywhere they go with images and symbolism that tells people what the media wants people to hear. The smart people see through the lies, but most do not. You have to teach your children that the television, magazines, music, and the rest of the media all tell lies, and mainly are designed to manipulate you. You can't escape from the media, you can only learn how to translate what you are hearing and seeing into an understanding that it is an attempt to manipulate you.

As a teenager, you think the lyrics to your favorite songs are giving you a glimpse of the truth, but they are not. There are vast numbers of extremely talented musicians out there in the world, but only a select few get to be famous. Those who get to be made rock star gods are the ones who cater to what big media wants to present. You want to unwind at the end of the day, start into the fire (the boob tube), and you get bombarded with subliminal messages. Big media bombards your kids and your wife constantly, while you are lucky to have a few hours of quality time with your kids in a week. Big media has far more leverage in their influence on everyone, than we have on each other. The only answer is to teach your children how to translate what they are hearing and seeing as the subliminal messages that they are.

Do you think it was an accident that party animal Jim Morrison was made a hero to the hippy generation? You want to be a rebel? The answer is to do lots of drugs and burn your brains out, NOT! Drop out, don't bother getting involved in the machinations of power. Thus the rebellion was quietly squashed.

Now days it seems that the media is doing everything it can to undermine the image of the male, and especially the white male. Now days, the white male is the symbol of the arrogant aggressor. For a long time now the media has portrayed Dad as the person that no one should trust.

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