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Malik Obama Confirms Brother Barack Obama IS MUSLIM

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posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 12:50 PM
reply to post by sos37

sos37....Your little diatribe of where does it stop...the slippery slope of tolerating or accomadating different cultures...pretty soon our country and culture will be overtaken by the tide of (african americans) (jews) (communists) (Irish at the last turn of the century) (germans before them in the 1800's) (chinese) ..and most recently (mexican americans) and now (muslims) ?

Our country is built on tolerance and pluralisim. We have always been the melting pot. No one culture dominates. America's strength is our diversity. Think metal alloy. That makes you and your ilk the weak point. Intolerance is a weakness. Diversity is a strength.

Your crap has been spoken over and over for a couple of hundred years by people hoping to play on fears and religious/racial intolerance to foster prejudice and ill will toward inocent people. I am really suprised by the people I see posting at ATS lately.

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 12:59 PM
reply to post by jetxnet

obama wouldnt have made it this far if he wasnt bloodline. he is the same as every other puppet that came before him. mccain will probably win though. your time is almost up puppet masters.

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 01:05 PM
reply to post by Perplexed

One thing is to present an opinion in a fanatical, blind, disrespectful manner instead of presenting it in a calm and logical way. So you mean to tell me that radical anti-Obama-ers are expressing their distaste for him in logical manner? Hardly.

So what if he wants to negotiate with Ahmadinejad? Is there something wrong to admit that a war isn't always the answer? Oh I bet i'll be called a tree -loving, peace-loving, dirty liberal for that little remark, but frankly, I tend to think the repercussions before we do anything.
And wait, isn't Israel starting negotiations with Syria, a member of the evil islamofascist states??? I mean they see the logic of negotiation, why can't we?

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 01:06 PM

Originally posted by Shar
Has anyone ever thought about him being planted where he is?...

1. To start a civil war in our country if (A) he doesn’t get elected (B) He gets killed

4. When the Civil war happens in our country and it will if 1 above doesn’t happen. Then the government can eventually come in take over and declare marshal law, when this happens start locking people up in these concentration camps we hear about. From there if you want any freedom you will be chipped.

Don’t get to mad at my response. I’m just thinking here and it is just an opinion.

No worries, I am not "mad", I am highly amused.

I have to laugh at any "civil war" claims..

Exactly which fat ass stay at home mom and beer guzzling beer bellied football watching dad are going to leave their equally fat and spoiled children to go kill their like in another state?

And if it's racial.. how many of the 12% of the US population who are black are going to start killing whitey on a massive scale?

Maybe it'll just be Texas Vs the rest of the US?

Seriously, Civil war? I lose all respect for any opinion that contains this kind of incredibly poor speculation.

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 01:19 PM

Originally posted by Quazga
Man, if this was really a story, McCain would be shouting this from the top of his lungs. And he wouldn't need any kind of slur campaign to do it.

But you know what...

He isn't.

So why are you?

[edit on 15-6-2008 by Quazga]

This is not a very logical statement. If McCain were to start shouting about this, he would look bad to at least the people who are not frightened to death of Muslims, as someone already said many of this nation are. He'd just have his people do it. In fact, how do you know they didn't? Hmmm?

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 01:28 PM

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 01:49 PM

Originally posted by SUNRAY06

Originally posted by FlyersFan

Originally posted by neformore
Simple question. What difference does it make if he is, or isn't?

The fact that he LIED about something does.

Since when does any candidate or incumbent for that matter lying on any matter substantive or inconsequential mean anything at all?
When American lives are at stake?
When we are going to war?
When civil liberty's are removed?
Current conditions simply prove lies can become matter how many people know otherwise.

The fact that he may or may not have lied about this specific issue is of zero importance. Besides, I have yet to hear any politician come out and say, "faith based religion is absolutely ridiculous".

It's political suicide to speak the truth on a plethora of items. They do have to pander to the masses afterall.

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 02:46 PM
reply to post by CPYKOmega

Your an up front Obama shill arent you, The fact that he is a damn lier makes no differance to you.I am getting the fact that Obama sheep are mindless followers but this is sad,Rave on SCHILL!!

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 02:51 PM

Originally posted by Quazga
Man, if this was really a story, McCain would be shouting this from the top of his lungs....[edit on 15-6-2008 by Quazga]

No he wouldn't. McCain's made it quite clear that he has no intention of pointing out Obama's glaring personal issues. Do I think he's a Muslim? Not really, nor do I think they're all that much worse than Christians, but the point is, even if Obama was pals with Ahmadjinehad John McCain would be afraid to point it out. He's running a campaign based on admiration of Democrats and many of their beliefs.

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 02:57 PM
reply to post by neformore

I agree....why is everyone making this huge deal about what religion he is? Being an American, isn't he allowed to freedom of religion? If it's fear of Muslim people, then that's just ignorance. You can't judge an entire race because of some idiots...I'm not American so I don't have a say in who becomes president but being a Canadian, majority of us do wish he gets it...I think it'll be a good change for U.S. and I think it may help make the relationship between Canada / U.S. better...

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 06:21 PM
If someone's religion is not an issue, then why was Romney, arguably the most fiscally sound candidate, forced to defend his religion?

Is it because religion matters when it's a republican, but not when you are a Dem?

If Obama is a Muslim, I would withhold my vote due to the nature of our middle east issues.

You can call me ignorant or whatever, but notice that I made no such claim about any other religion or belief.

I know many Muslims, who are great family men and citizens, but their religion offers different answers that I do not feel comfortable with.

Many would say that all muslims are not fanatical, and lead peaceful lives.

I could say the same about Christians, Jews, or Hindu's, but you guys attack them just as much.

As Weedwhacker admitted, you all hate religion due to the idiots who run the churches. This has led most of you to think me crazy for praying to God.

So who are the bigots, really?

And although we have religious freedom in this country, Religion and faith guide many peoples actions, decisions, and views. Barrack claimed to be a member of a church, and a strong foundation of that very church, but missed all the hate that spilled from the altar?

Sounds to me like he missed a whole lot more if he also just "happened" to miss the negative ones. That would make me wonder if he really is a "Christian" or a weekend warrior. Plus, his views on Abortion are WAAAYYYY left of any christian I know....

[edit on 16-6-2008 by jasonjnelson]

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 02:59 AM

If Obama is a Muslim, I would withhold my vote due to the nature of our middle east issues
reply to post by jasonjnelson

Hi jason,

The issue is that if Obama was raised as a Muslim as his brother says. And it is verified. Then the problem is that Obama has denied totally any of his Muslim background. Just check his website.

If he had said that yes he was born a Muslim, he was raised a Muslim and learned to recite the Koran in Arabique, etc. till I was 24? years old but then I became enlighted for such and such a reason. And after that I decided to become a Christian at Reverend Wrights church for X,Y or Z reason. That would be acceptable. But that it not what Barak did. He tried to deny it all. And that is not going to fly with the American public!

One of the major news networks covered the brother story today, BTW.

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 03:03 AM
Sad when you got to put your faith in the middle of better judgement to make a point, but whatever gets you buy.

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 04:31 AM
post removed for serious violation of ATS Terms & Conditions

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 07:18 AM

Originally posted by neformore
Simple question.

What difference does it make if he is, or isn't?

Would we have elected a Nazi as president when we were at war in 1942?

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 07:31 AM

Originally posted by lonewolf37
Would we have elected a Nazi as president when we were at war in 1942?


How do you make the comparison you just used?

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 12:27 PM

Originally posted by gormly
And if it's racial.. how many of the 12% of the US population who are black are going to start killing whitey on a massive scale?

Lets deal with the 12% myth first. Minorities, and many others, but especially minorities, do not fill out the census. They do not trust the government with this data and don’t think its any of their business. Here is a very good reason.

When the US Government rounded up Japanese-Americans in 1942, they used the "supposedly private" census data to tell the soldiers how many Japanese lived on each block. Perhaps they didn't hand out these families' census forms, but the data needed to put them into prison camps certainly came from the "strictly confidential" census. Don't participate in it, don't work for it, and don't fill it out. Do not respond to census takers at your door. There is no effective law against doing so; the maximum penalty is $100, no jail, and it is VERY rarely enforced. The Constitution authorizes them to count heads every ten years, not to ask how many bathrooms you have and what racial group your ancestors are from.

Don't answer the census!!!

So when you say it’s only 12% of the population that would be up in arms over this you are quite mistaken. The population of Washington DC is considered 60% black by the US census, but I’ve lived in DC and most consider the black population to be around 90%.

2000 census population (rank): 572,059 (21); % change: –5.7; Male: 269,366 (47.1%); Female: 302,693 (52.9%); White: 176,101 (30.8%); Black: 343,312 (60.0%); American Indian and Alaska Native: 1,713 (0.3%); Asian: 15,189 (2.7%); Other race: 21,950 (3.8%); Two or more races: 13,446 (2.4%); Hispanic/Latino: 44,953 (7.9%). 2000 percent population 18 and over: 79.9%; 65 and over: 12.2%; Median age: 34.6..

Here are some official and unofficial statistics that will show you how inaccurate the census calculations are.

A group of emancipated Black Catholics founded it in 1858, first as a school, educating their black children while it was still illegal in the area and throughout the South. Then, in 1876, it became a full-fledged parish complete with a new church building in the heart of Washington DC. It now serves a congregation that is 80% to 90% black with a predominantly black population of children in its school.

On being Black and Catholic in America

Booker T. Washington PCS
Black, not Hispanic
This School 97%
State Average 83%
This School 3%
State Average 11%
Source: NCES, 2005-2006

Washington, M.M. Senior High School
Black, not Hispanic
This School 99%
State Average 83%
This School

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 01:00 PM

Originally posted by gormly
And if it's racial.. how many of the 12% of the US population who are black are going to start killing whitey on a massive scale?

Next we will tackle the fact that you don’t seem to think there will be riots over something happening to Obama. Now these are all racially charged riots that occurred in cities after an incident specific to that area. Every incident has ended with the police and military marching through the streets and rounding people up, establishing curfews, etc. Basically martial law was established for some time period at least in these areas.

• 1963 - Cambridge riot 1963, June 14, Cambridge, Maryland
• 1964 - Rochester 1964 race riot, July 24-25, Rochester, New York
• 1965 - Watts Riot, Aug. 1965, Los Angeles, California
• 1966 - Sunset Strip curfew riots, Summer, basis for the song "For What It's Worth", Los Angeles, California
• 1966 - Division Street Riots, June 12-14, Humboldt Park, Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
• 1966 - Hough Riots, July 18-24, Cleveland, Ohio
• 1966 - Benton Harbor Riot, Aug.-Sept., Benton Harbor, Michigan
• 1967 - Tampa Riots, June 11, Tampa, Florida
• 1967 - 1967 Newark riots, July 1967, Newark, New Jersey
• 1967 - 1967 Plainfield riots, July 14-21, Plainfield, New Jersey
• 1967 - 12th Street Riot, July 23-29, Detroit, Michigan
• 1968 - Orangeburg Massacre, S.C. State Univ., Feb. 8, Orangeburg, South Carolina
• 1968 - 1968 Washington, D.C. riots, April 4-8, Washington, D.C.
• 1968 - Baltimore riot of 1968, April 6-12, Baltimore, MD
• 1968 - 1968 Chicago riots, West Side Riots, April 7-14, Chicago, Illinois
• 1968 - Columbia University protests of 1968, April 23, New York City, New York
• 1968 - Louisville riots of 1968, May 27, Louisville, Kentucky
• 1968 - Glenville Shootout, July 23-28, Cleveland, Ohio
• 1968 - 1968 Democratic National Convention protests riot, Aug. 1968, Chicago, Illinois
• 1969 - Zip to Zap riot, May 9-11, Zap, North Dakota
• 1969 - Stonewall Riots, June 1969, New York City, New York
• 1969 - Days of Rage, Oct. 8-11, Weathermen riot in Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
• 1970 - Student Strike of 1970, May 1970, USA
• 1970 - Kent State Riots/Shootings, May 1970, Kent, Ohio
• 1970 - Hard Hat riot, Wall Street, May 8, New York City, New York
• 1970 - Jackson State killings, May 14-15, Jackson, Mississippi
• 1970 - Sterling Hall bombing, Univ. of Wisc., Aug. 24, Madison, Wisconsin
• 1971 - May Day Protests 1971, May 3, Washington, D.C.
• 1971 - Attica Prison uprising, (Attica, New York)
• 1973 - Wounded Knee incident, Feb. 27 - May 8, Wounded Knee, South Dakota
• 1975 - Livernois-Fenkell riot, July 1975, Detroit, Michigan
• 1976 - Escambia High School riots, February 5, Pensacola, Florida
• 1977 - New York City blackout of 1977 disturbance, July 13-14, New York City, New York
• 1979 - White Night Riots, May 1979, San Francisco, California
• 1979 - Greensboro massacre, Nov. 3, Greensboro, North Carolina
• 1980 - Miami Riot 1980, May 17-19, Miami, Florida
• 1987 - Tampa Riot 1987, Feb. 1987, Tampa, Florida
• 1988 - Tompkins Square Park Police Riot, August 1988 (East Village, Manhattan, New York City)
• 1991 - 1991 Washington, DC riot, Mount Pleasant riot, May 5-9, Washington, D.C.
• 1991 - Crown Heights Riot, Aug. 1991, Brooklyn, New York
• 1992 - L.A. riot/Rodney King riot, April-May 1992, Los Angeles, California
• 1996 - St. Petersburg, Florida Riot 1996, Oct. 1996, St. Petersburg, Florida
• 1999 - WTO Meeting of 1999, "The Battle in Seattle", Nov. 1999, Seattle, Washington
• 1999 - Michigan State University student riot, April 1999, (East Lansing, Michigan)
• 2001 - 2001 Cincinnati Riots, April 10-12, Cincinnati, Ohio
• 2001 - Seattle Mardi Gras Riots, Feb. 27, Seattle, WA
• 2003 - Benton Harbor Riot, June 2003, Benton Harbor, Michigan
• 2005 - Civil disturbances and military action in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, Aug.-Sept., New Orleans, Louisiana
• 2005 - 2005 Toledo Riot, Oct. 15, Toledo, Ohio
• 2006 - San Bernardino punk riot, March 4, San Bernardino, California
• 2007 - The Los Angeles May Day mêlée, May 1, Los Angeles, California

List of incidents of civil unrest in the United States

Some of the more recent ones have been over illegal immigration, but don’t think that there won’t be a joining of forces if things would escalate to the level of a civil war. And this list does not include well over 100 otheres listed on this website that I could not verify as racially charged. Nor does the list include peaceful marches like the one, below which generated tens of thousands of participants.

All Eyes on Jena: Thousands Prepare for Protests

And our government and the press specifically push the race button as often as possible to keep tensions high and the ‘sheeple’ divided on as many levels as possible. So when things go down instead of us fighting against them we will be fighting each other and giving them the excuse they need to do what they want.

The bottom line is that there is much more evidence to support Shar’s theory than your mocking attitude. So if you’re going to contradict someone, you should at least support your view point with some evidence and not be an insulting jerk about it.

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 01:04 PM
reply to post by neformore

If he is truly Muslim and has been brought up in the beliefs of Muslim extremists, then it is completely possible that he has spent the last 20 odd years being purposely positioned to be exactly where he is in now. And by electing him president, we would be handing over the entire US government and all of our military forces into the hands of someone who may very well be passing this information on to what are currently our enemies. Now whether you agree with the war in Iraq or not. And whether you are prejudiced or not, this does not seem to be the most intelligent decision for our country while we are at war with a Muslim nation. This could be the ultimate spy game shall we say. He could virtually cripple our country in a very sort time frame. He could cripple our economy, our military and many other aspects of our country. He could even launch us into a nuclear war just to achieve the end result of having our country struck by another as a retaliation. This is an 'if' of course, but do we really want to take that chance. There could have been several other black candidates with less 'iffy' back grounds that probably had even more experience than Barack. Why him?

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 01:05 PM
thats how religions get the followers, they force the parents to raise their children into their system.

I was raised as a christian and I´m an atheist.

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