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"Fighting/Power" Dreams

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posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 08:26 PM
I have always remembered a good portions of my dreams for the most part and there's always two elements that stick out, and a few odds and ends that are not in the supposed "norm". The first odd element is that I am always fighting, but its not fighting out of fear, like the kind where the dreamer seems to slow down as if "encased in pudding", or a quick jab to fend off the attacker. I am actually fighting using a prowess that I have rarely brought to fruition in the physical plane, and I actually inflict "the invader" and beat them off, feeling every blow as if I really inflicted it. I used to always run in my dreams, but now I stand my ground in conquer. The second odd element is that I have about 3 useful powers in my dreams, the most common are flying both low levitation (high speeds (over 60mph) and anywhere up to atmospheric heights , the power of fire, and telekinesis. There have been other dreams as well with the powers to become invisible or ghost-like, freeze time, blast extreme amounts of energy, jump great distances, super strength, freeze my foes, electrical powers, tranformation and alchemic powers, one case of necromancy powers (although I could not perform myself I was in the process of learning), Shielding abilities, size varying abilities, intangibility abilities (not invisible, just a pass through), lightening abilities to reduce fall speed, control water, the power of wishes (my favorite one), super-speed, extreme pyro abilities (a common move was fire boilster bash, yes I have named them I've had the dreams enough its like a cannon ball with the amount of fire output of that of over 2 tons of dynomite) breathing underwater, wind control, and the use of certain creatures within my dreams that would give me powers (i.e. harnessing a dragon gave flight abilities). The odd thing accompaning these powers is a rather common sensation, my right arm will "tinge up" and harden and the ability occurs. Yes that was alot but its better if the one posing the question is fully understood. What I want to know is does anyone else exhibit these occurances and how often, possibly if you remember any common sensations (at your discretion) that occured during the dream, and what would this mean based upon a common basis? I forgot to mention I only have one dream every 7-8 years that has a sun in it for a brief moment. (I am in no way upset often or depressed (I mean no prejudice on that note) I am infact a peaceful content man that just wishes to document all I can to further the understanding of humanity with what I can) and the rest of my dreams entail a dark setting with a "red atmosphere" or a deep black or blue atmosphere. I am deeply sorry if this seemed like rambling or incoherent babble, I try to shed light on every outlier.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 08:43 PM
I'd love to read this and make a reply.

Perhaps in the future you could make use of something called 'paragraphs'.

It's simply too hard to read folks. Help us out here.

As to the basic content, beware of reading a lot of comic books just before bed.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 11:19 PM
Terribly sorry, my literature skills are not of the highest caliber (I mean no hostility in saying this) and I just write on a spur of the moment kind of deal.

About the comic book comment (no offense was taken) I expected such a comment but I posted this because it is abnormal considering my life choices. I have become dedicated to becoming my family's next engineer since I was in 6th grade, and before that I didn't even know what a comic book was I couldn't sit still enough to read the comic if I got one (I had severe ADHD) the only games I played in early childhood was Super Mario, Donkey Kong, and mario paint. My family cut off cable before I even knew on how to flip a channel. Basically I do not see powers often but I have conversed with friends and family on the subject, researched and such based on inquiry from my dreams.

I would not have posted this thread had I been in the situation of reading comic books, watching television, playing fantasy etc. But this did not happen so it was out of my norm, and I thought I'd post.

Plus I'm a peaceful man so I can't understand why I would inflict so much pain in my dreams.

I'm deeply sorry if this sounds hurtful/resentful/sarcastic/snobbish/etc., my writing has a way of doing that, especially in my poetry, I mean nothing by it however.

Hope this clears up any background, thats what I was trying to explain in the last post about "know the subject thoroughly"

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posted on Jul, 28 2008 @ 03:17 AM
my dreams are exactly similar to yours including just about every ability you described plus lots more ( just recently learned to use wolverine claws but bigger & spider man wab shooting ability) pretty cool. it happens to me on a everday basis.

rarly im a villian but i mostly fight to protect others guess it has something to do with me training to be a cop (fight for those who cant defend themselves).

posted on Jul, 29 2008 @ 10:18 AM
He, i have the same 'problem'. In daily life i'm pretty peacefull but in my dreams i havce slit peoples throat, drugged them ( when they tried to drug me), fought like some deranged cagefighter, flown, used telekinesis, been a wizard of some kind and whatnot.

But in my case, i devoured comics in my youth, love series like heroes and other ones like it and read fantasy/sci-fi literature on a regular basis so i know where it could come from with me. So your not the only one in this and it still are just dreams, like the movies only more interactive

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