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Do I Need Hypnosis To Unlock This Memory

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posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 10:24 AM
Hey guys, so....Im young and new to joining ATS although I have followed it for many years, since I was 15 maybe !.

This is my first thread and I feel this is possibly a good place for me to start. As far as alien or ufo experiences Ive had I am pretty boring, aint seen no grey or mutilated cattle.

However, I believe I have 2 memories that were real but I cant quite unlock if that makes sense. The first seems like a dream but Im damn sure it happened. I remember being scared to look at the sky for months later and having to sleep with my parent for weeks. This "dream" I cant recal waking up from thought, I never could. I could remember falling asleep and then being terrified.

It was late and I was playing with my friends on the grass opposite my house, which seemed extremely real although it had that dreamy feeling to it, so here we are playing when all of a sudden a blue light fills the street and my friends freeze. They cant move, I then realise I can move .... I can however look up to whihc I see a cloud glowing blue, Im talking bright blue....FLASH I am in my room histerically screaming. I can never remember waking up. Could this have been nothing more than a vivd dream ?

There is however an memory I have that I know is real and I know happened without a doubt I just cant remember much of it.

Me and my parents were driving to another town on a pretty nice day nice feeling in the air. I must have been about 6 so I didnt know anything of this UFO or alien business. Keep in mind this is before the "blue dream" as I like to call it. I looked out of the window into a field filled with corn or wheat, i dunno it was yellow though, and my eyes zoom straight away onto someting, it wasnt far away it was sitting there clear as day. a white disc on 3 legs. Perfect disc shape all white including the legs, it had one circular window with a bright red rim ( there may have been more windows) the disc had a thick red band around the top just beneath the windows. Now I didnt think anything of it , could have been anything, after all at 6 I hadnt seent he whole world to recognise what was strange. But as I get older I remember more things about it. Now I swear I remember seeing a dark green jeep next to it but no people just the disc and a jeep.

Now you can ask why didnt you tell your parents etc but as I have said I didnt think it was strange until a few years ago. I have a terrible memory but I can remember this as clear as day from almost 12 years ago ???

The strange thing is I couldt remember seeing it until I was about 10 ?

Could Hypnosis help me remember more ? Tbh Im scared about what I may see ?



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