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The Iraq War, 2012, Eden, and Annuki

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posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 09:08 AM
This theory has been kicking around in my head for a while. I've heard repeatedly in myths and stories of ancient astronauts that modern day Iraq was the focal point. That always made more sense to me than anything else: the place of Eden, cradle of civilization, where all knowledge, science, math, and cosmic know-how started being extremely relevant to ufology. Of course.

So as the war dragged on it began to look like we're stalling. That our government put troops in there to establish an authority and now we're shuffling our feet. There are of course legitimate reasons that we can't just withdrawel and leave no trace of America behind, but that sort of inconvenience is the kind of planning and happenstance that acts as a glue for a lot of unethical practices in today's society.

Investigating the major players of the Bush administration was even more of a wake up call. It's been easy to dismiss most of my own conspiracies because I can reassure myself, no matter how likely it seems, there's no way plans and schemes can be concocted and passed down, as intended, for a generation, let alone tens and twenties of them.

But the people involved with Iraq today are the same people involved in the 1990's - the same people involved throughout the 1980's, the same people who cut their teeth during the 60's after Kennedy's assassination. I can't, this time around, use my old standard. That's not even an option, so all the scary evidence piling up points definitely towards agenda, agenda, agenda.

But what agenda?

It's a strong feeling I have that when whatever exists outside of our reality, be it extradimensional or extraterrestrial, is going to return (maybe not in 2012, but who knows right?) to Iraq. That the American occupation is solely to ensure that once they do return, that once something returns, it can be intercepted and manipulated as quickly as it has before.

It also explains for me why this recent war was so sloppy. Maybe I had just always overestimated the power of the confederate mindset, but I assumed any plan as carefully plotted as what happened with Iraq should have been more seamless than it was under Junior's administration. If they could have bided time with another "yessir" democratic contender and consolidated power, who could say what kind of war they'd have been able to wage.

But it seemed kicked into high gear post 9-11.

Thanks for reading, if you did! I literally spend hours a day reading what you all have to say.


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