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Government bebifits for the wrong people

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posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 08:03 AM
I wish I knew this forum was here before….
One of my biggest issues is the fact that the Aust government do not want people do get off their buts and do anything for themselves.
My wife and I work and have several kids, which we need to send to daycare breaking our hearts. If we want a good life for our kids we both have to work and we know they will benefit in the long run. This being the case we pay top dollar with no benefits not even a health care card. There are single mums however who have NEVER worked or intend to and get practically free daycare while they go to the pub or bingo or other such activity while enjoying subsidised rent, power and even car rego living of the taxes we pay. On top of this they get paid for having more babies they cannot afford. The ‘baby bonus’ IMO should only be paid to mothers who have been working as maternity leave not for those who have never worked to go out and buy playstations or plasmas or support their habits. Don’t think it doesn’t happen. I’ve seen it!
I have nothing against single mums in general. I know quite a few who work hard. I am talking proffesional single mums
There is more but I will leave it here for now so as not to bombard you with too much…

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