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How Close are we to World War III

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posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 04:17 AM
The rising oil prices, food shortages, wars, a divided world, and a great depression at the horizon, it seems we are on the verge of the third world war.

Russia’s Gazprom suggested that crude oil could hit $250 per barrel within 18 months, which is putting an enormous pressure on the world economy. In Europe, truck drivers are striking already leaving supermarkets with low inventory stocks. CEO Van der Veer of Royal Dutch Shell lately announced that we might reach peak oil (and gas) early 2015. I think that estimate is far too positive as supply is already barely able to keep up with supply while demand is only growing.

The battle for the last oil has been ushered in

Russia, Canada, the US, Denmark and Norway all claim a substantial part of one of the last unexploited natural resource rich areas of the world, confirming how desperate the world is to find new reserves to keep up with growing demand.

Iraq recently announced they have bigger oil reserves than Saudi Arabia, a news report that has purposely not caught much attention throughout the world. Various sources claim that the US has huge oil resources" target="_blank" class="postlink" rel="nofollow">reserves which are currently unexploited.

Saudi-Arabia enjoys a great deal of American support. The Royal House is not liked by everyone in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East and therefore needs a powerful army. The US is one of the biggest arm suppliers to Saudi-Arabia in return for political support and a stable oil supply. However, Iran has been bothering the US for years. Not willing to bend for American political pressure, another way should be found to cripple the Ayatollah regime and take possession of their oil and gas reserves. While the country might not be invaded, the destruction a shock and awe campaign would bring is considered to be enough to break the Iranian resistance. Israel fully supports an attack to safeguard itself from another potential enemy and strengthen its supremacy position in the Middle East.

Bioful and population control

Simultaneously, Germany, the US and many other countries propagate the use of bio fuels. Deforestation of the Amazon rainforest and rainforests in South-East Asia is required for growing crops that are used for bio fuels, making them not as green as politicians wants us to believe. Additionally, the extreme amounts of crops required for the bio fuel production is seen as an important factor for the food shortages we are currently experiencing. Yet, the rich elites don’t care as they profit from this hype while others suffers from hunger, putting an indirect population control measure in place.

Moreover, bio fuels also support the practice of controlling the population. Bilderberg Group conferences are said to have discussed how to put population control in place. I personally, would not wonder if they will use germ/virus warfare for controlling the population but that might be a last resort due to its complexity and possibility of affecting the Western world. It is also highly arguable whether no cure for Aids and Cancer have been found. Cancer is the biggest killer in the Western World while Aids kills people controls the population in Africa. Individuals again benefit from strong lobby work by the pharmacy corporations whereas they benefit from medicine production that slows down Aids and cancer, being more profitable in the long-term.

The battle of the Titans

For years the world is divided but in the end the European Union, Australia and North-America will always support each other, while Russia and China seem to team up in another camp. The destiny of other rising countries such as India and Brazil is questionable, but China and Russia are preparing for an assault on the supremacy position of the US. Previously, they could only swallow as the US was untouchable, but with a crippling economy they don’t tolerate everything the US does anymore. Simultaneously, Russia uses its large reserves as a political tool to threaten the European Union.

To be continued later.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 08:41 AM
Thanks for the information. But i think we're already fighting WWIV or V. maybe VI... I can't remember.

the Cold War was WWII part 2 or WWIII... so that makes our Economic struggles with China like WWIV, then War on Terror is....

But seriously, a nice recap of relevant issues.

If you continue to post overviews like this, you'll have at least one consistent reader. Could you also give links to soucres?

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