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The automobile class

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posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 11:07 PM
No fault auto insurance should be universal in our nation by way of only being paid for at the gas pump. The automobile class is the working class and the paid for class.

That's right, instead of having to make sure you paid a bill on time to a place even when you sometimes know you aint driving your automobile much, you should only have to pay a no fault auto insurance drive at the pump.

So the existing insurance companies dont go out of business the government should first cap the auto insurance industry so that no new insurance campanies can arise, and then get all the current comapnies altogether to break even from the drive that goes universal in our nation at the gas pump.

The extra money you pay at the pump would go into the universal no fault insurance drive. So you want a vehicle that gets more miles per gallon so that you can save on auto insurance.

The gov would need the help of mathmaticians to figure out just how much extra money to pay to a rate for the insurance figured just right to all parties to the rate of the gas you are pumping in.

Anyone think this would be a better way to allow automobile owners the chance to pay less for no fault auto insurance than the current way how it is?

When you ride a city bus you didnt have to pay a bill called city bus rider insurance. No, the cost to what in all was already incorperated in how much it costs for each passenger to ride the bus. If all the things for a bus to drive were incorperated, then auto insurance can be incorperated into the cost at the pump.

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posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 11:13 PM
Maybe it is a good idea.

But folks around these parts don't like these words in the same paragraph - 'universal', 'insurance', 'government'.

If people don't want it for their health, then why would they want it for their cars?

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 11:37 AM
reply to post by mattguy404

With this way how no vehicle on the road would be without auto insurance. Imagine no police to get anyone for not having auto insurance on the car they're driving. Someone driving without insurance who hits someone is more likely to drive off anyway. Under something like this idea that type of crime would reasonably reduce.

So I say have the political government in Washington D.C. get this one thing done right at least.

The universal auto insurance drive should cover all vehicles for the vechicle owners/leasees in the country, reguardless of the particular driver.

All general extra costly statistics due to the driver world that would raise insurance could be altogether incorperated into the cost at the pump by mathmatical statistic specialists. So still, if that's the case, if you use a car that gets more miles to a gallon, you should be saving as well as saving if you're one not to drive much anyway. Or... Those bad drivers only should have to pay an extra payment on time to a bill that's seperate from the insurance drive at the gas pump which should leave everyone else unaffected as average or good drivers.

So these things should go away inside the universal insurance drive: The price of your individual auto insurance going up after each accident...The specific cost differences to the particular makes and models with reguard to specific things installed or not installed...Etc.

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