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Naturmobil: Cart runs on ‘horse power’

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posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 09:33 PM
Here is a good idea. If we all get one of these we could save a lot of money and have a new friend. This guy has thought of everything. I don't think the animal lovers would mind it at all.

Mirhejazi, who runs a business specialising in agricultural machinery, said he came up with the idea after pondering how to utilise horses in new, cruelty-free ways.

Comfort and safety in mind

Mirhejazi says the Naturmobil was designed with the safety and welfare of the animal in mind. No whipping is involved.

To make the horse move, the driver flicks a switch to make the conveyor belt, where the horse is mounted, move.

The belt is lifted to simulate an uphill condition to prevent friction from harming the horse.

The gearbox is designed to ease the pressure on the horse.

The horse need not exert its full power to achieve a faster speed.

Shock absorbers are placed under the conveyor belt to lessen the impact on the horse’s joints.

A digital display unit allows the driver to monitor the horse.

Two sets of sensors are attached to the horse to monitor its heart rate and body temperature.

A bower attached on top of the vehicle is designed to protect the horse from cold and heat and can be opened if the horse needs air.

The horse is made to wear special soft leather shoes, tied with laces, to make walking as comfortable as possible.

A waste bin is also provided to collect the horse’s discharges. Another bag is provided for food.

I want one of these and I have a place to keep my new horse friend.=)

What do you all think?

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 10:33 PM
Someday, maybe this will find a market. For now, I think where horse power is the mode of transportation, the tried and true method will prevail.

I'm actually thinking that the inventor is on the right track. I think the rest of us are delusional about there being a source of energy that will replace fossil fuel and one day we will again have to rely on our own feet, beasts of burden and wind power to go about our daily business.

Nuclear and solar power will pick up some of the slack for our homes and industry, but I'm really beginning to believe that the convenience of an internal combustion engine will never be replaced.

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posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 08:08 AM
Well I would use it right now. $4. a gallon is to high for me now. it would be so much cheaper then a car. I am not sure but I do think that you would not have to pay for tag and insurance for a buggy car. But the court house is closed right now so I will have to wait til monday to find out for sure. I am not sure because there is a small back up engine in it. If it dose need a tag I would rework it with out a back up engine.
benefits of not having a car are far greater then you might think.
1. don't have to buy gas.
2. don't have to have insurance.
3. no tags.
4. no drivers license.
5. you don't make smog.

benefits of a horse and carriage or this new aged carriage.
1 to 5 above.
6. horses needs shoes. so the blacksmith would be coming back. (more jobs at home.)
7. horses have droppings these dropping are called black gold to most farmers.
8. I am not sure but I think you are more protected under the constitution in your carriage then in a car.
9. in my book horses look a lot better then cars.
10. last time I looked a male car and a female car can't make a baby car.

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