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Hardin DSH8 VS Orion XT8?

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posted on Mar, 4 2004 @ 05:57 PM
Hey, I don't know how much anyone around here knows about the subject, but I would assume there are some astronomers around here. Anyway, I'm new to the astronomy scene, and want to make sure I get a good scope this time. I recieved a scope from Wal-Mart for Christmas, but I was unable to see anything through it. I've read MANY good things about both the Hardin 8 and the Orion 8 and I am unable to decide which I should purchase, or if I should look at another scope.. $400 is about all I want to spend, and that's pushing it.
I want to be able to view not only the planets, but different deep space objects. I really don't need a mechanical pointing scope, as I have a friend who can read skycharts and show me around a bit, and I believe it'd be more fun trying to find the object myself, as opposed to having the scope point right to it. The Orion 8 and the Hardin are the exact same price.
Here are links to each product's description:


Orion:< br />
So, what it's going be, eh? The Orion or the Hardin? If you guys were in my position what would you get? Thanks a lot, hopefully with your help I'll be able to prevent another disaster similar to the Wal-Mart problem I had.

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