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posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 07:56 PM
There are two kinds of shorages.

One is where something like oil, food, and drinking water goes scarce. The other is where something is plentiful, but the price goes way up so that your income becomes unable to afford it like it used to.

So by raising prices too high the civilization's "power to buy" goes scarce. This is equal to as if something you'd buy with money had become scarce, isn't it?

When the price of modern day living goes up because of key sectors, it's like attempted mass murder and attempted criminal inciting by the one over those key sectors, is it not?

Name those key sectors that start a bad chain reaction that hit's person's modern day living in the worst, and go after the heads of them if you're affected by them.

So the power of buying is at a shortage. In this you cant buy a person as an employee to do work for you.

Somebody needs to be assigned to plant themselves over civilizations to lay down price caps to keep civilizations in balance.

Right now, how is your power to buy? Is it balancing your fixed or adjusted modern day living or is it coming up short?


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