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Guantanamo Bay:Democracy In Action.

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posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 06:55 PM
As several threads have already shown the Supreme Court is backing rights for the GB prisoners,and Bush is not happy about it.

My question is this,baring in mind that innocent men have been released from there and the US is trying to set up a democracy in Afghanistan & Iraq;do you really think these men do not deserve their basic human rights????

The fact that the US government has agreed that some of these men have been found innocent proves that some kind rights need to be installed.When there are doubts,human rights must be applied.

Innocent until proven guilty should stand for every human being on the planet,even if the outcome of guilt or innocence is inevitable.
Take these rights away and the US,a democratic country,will turn into a place like Iraq,a country run by tyrants.

All you have to do is look at how dictators work.First they start with the enemy,real and imagined.They are imprisoned "for the good of the people and the safety of the country."Then,without the vast majority being aware, they move onto the local population because the paranoid attitude has set in and enemies are everywhere.

We know this is happening because of such things like,ppl are being told not to speak out against their government,freedom of speech is taken away.The press is controlled and manipulated and if you think your neighbour may be a bad guy,you have to tell the authorities.(a tactic used by Stalin & Hitler)

And a clear sign that the local population is now the target is the story released recently;micro-chipping the ppl because of the (possible) "blonde haired,blue eyed terrorists."

As everyone knows,Iraqi's,Iranians etc etc,have dark skin,dark eyes and dark hair.So who are they talking about? The American public of course.

And if a white,blue-eyed all American boy is arrested and held without trial for an indefinate amount of time,would you still say that prisoners of GB don't deserve any rights?? Will being a US citizen protect you when under the governments terrorists "laws" you have no rights as all??

[edit on 13-6-2008 by jakyll]

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