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The World Has Rendezvous With The Sphinx

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posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 05:09 PM
Hello everyone,

As a new member on ATS, I would like to suggest a brand new theory which covers many subjects discussed on the site : prediction, conspiracy, secret societies, lost civilizations, science, dreams, earth changes and so on.

Here is my point : the Great Sphinx of Giza, in Egypt, is about to be "opened" soon. This opening will be worldwide live on TV and astonishing by it's "mechanism". It will sound like a sacred ceremony and reveal the entrance of the famous "Hall of Records", an underground labyrinth where artefacts of Atlantis will be shown on our screens.

Specifically, I suggest that the entrance is located "inside" the right paw of the Sphinx, as predicted by Edgar Cayce, but with a new detail : the passage is hidden by the large stele of Thotmosis IV, which many think of it as a simple stele but which is, in fact, a DOOR.

The event will catalyse a spiritual and scientific revolution, like a kind of "global initiation". In the same time, there will be also the feeling of an impending geophysical cataclysm all around the globe.
For a few in the world (dreamers, sects, so-called "lunatics" and fringe scientists), that moment will be expected and welcomed as "the event" which was
planned and predicted long before to create a radical mutation in mankind's soul...

Enough for now. I would appreciate a lot your "feeling/reaction/instinct" about my not-so-wild speculation. I am convinced that a kind of "poll" between you on this scenario could clarify a lot about what to expect. And I have to add that this "theory" is mainly a "puzzle" of old local rumours, external sources, my own feelings, esoteric secrets and rational deductions.

Up to you. Feel free to add any comment or question. I do believe in the "wisdom of the crowd" as I do know that the past of Egypt will be the key for our future. So, please, join the game for this brainstorming. Thanks in advance.

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posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 05:18 PM
The whole idea is interesting but the fact remains,they think there is a room but the government of egypt wont let them excavate it for some reason.Why?thats the conspiracy...I heard many different reasons but the actual truth.If someone has the truth please post it.
Ill flag yah.

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 05:20 PM
indeed, Many have thought of cayce as a Idiot or a False Prophet But IMO He just got his dates wrong which is 100% understanding due to the Variables in constant change that would of been seen at his time in life, nothing stays the same all changes, therefor the dates of resulted "visions" wouldnt always been seen on the right date,

The World is waiting for something that much I doubt i need to explain, for many that feeling has been with them since childhood, Its there becuz we are nature, we are animals, we are earth an stars an all that is, We are made of the same stuff.

Not to mention inside of us, lives so many lifeforms that to think you ( as yourself being humand body ) is just you isnt right, You are you an a whole host of other beings. Your just the captin of that vessel.

We live in times where many could say, We have been goofin off too much recently to make ourselves materialistically happy. When what we strive for is the earth's happiness itself.

This will happen, there is more out there we havent a clue about an we are about to understand a good deal of what we've been missing in this life....

To be born in this time wasnt by accident You all chose to be here at this Pivotal time in Earth's history an mankinds.

Just sit back relax an watch your whole understanding of all that is become so much clearer... Indeed we are being awakened.

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 05:39 PM

Originally posted by alienstar
The whole idea is interesting but the fact remains,they think there is a room but the government of egypt wont let them excavate it for some reason.Why?thats the conspiracy...I heard many different reasons but the actual truth.If someone has the truth please post it.
Ill flag yah.

Hi, alienstar

You may be right about a "conspiracy of the secret" for the room under the Sphinx.

But that's the core of my suggestion : that's, someway, somehow, this opening will NOT be an excavation, will NOT be planned by local authorities and will be the "expedition" of a few ones, despite all the secrecy and protection of the site.

A kind of "archeological coup d'Etat" if you like.

A discovery, or more precisely, a "recovery" without mainstream scientists being part of the project but so "successful" that mainstream media would need to cover it. Live.

And, for Trance, i agree that there is his universal feeling of" waiting" something special on a large scale. there is of course a biological or psychological reason for that but, there is a clue that reveals the deep spiritual nature of this expectation. Many differents traditions (religious, esoterical, occultist, paranormal, and so on) seem to "converge" in the same period to underline the coming of a BIG ONE EVENT, involving something experienced worldwide.

What better then then a live TV show with shocking fatcs discovered about the past and origins of mankind? I let you ponder on it...

Thanks, both of you, for your quick reaction !

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 07:10 PM
By the way, on that matter, those who have read Lobsang Rampa, the famous new age author, may remember his story about a buddhist monk in the sixties who had "warned" for a specific moment in the future when people in the world will see on their TV screens machines of the past discovered under the Sphinx....It was written in the book "the cavern of the ancients" published around 1966....

Whatever the seriousness of this kind of prediction, it was "brave" and rather original at that time to speculate that an archelogical discovery on the site of Giza would have tremendous implications AND a global media exposure....

Your thoughts?

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 07:17 PM
how soon is your soon?

to me this really isnt credible at all just more fantasizing about it being there and being opened

not criticizing you, just curious as to see when you think this is gonna happen

i dont get the whole "archeological coup d'Etat" itll take lots of time to dig and money to keep men alive in the desert and tents and funding

its not like walking in and out with the stuff you know, everything has to be handled with care due to its age

im all for the opening as anyone else, just seems like it needs to be done right and not bandit like i guess

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 07:34 PM
reply to post by MurderCityDevil

I understand your cautious point of view, murdercitydevil.

So, I will try to be clear on that point also : I don't suppose that this discovery will be made in a "bandit style". I do believe deep in my soul and in my mind that the Hall of Records, which is supposed to be there underground, will be accessed WITHOUT the typical expedition (digging, tents, licences to explore and all that stuff).

Try this : there was a time where the Sphinx was believed to be the ENTRANCE of a place for secret initiation. The latin historian Jamblichus even told of a doorway between the paws where the priest leaded the candidate for the Mysteries. Freemasonry in its high-ranking positions, some Rosicrucians and an Arab local sect kept that idea in their traditions.

So, that's my bet : that there is an passage in the right paw, blocked for now, which will be accessed by those who have "the key". No excavation, no State control, no National geographic exclusivity.

Just the release of a plan written a long time ago by those "in charge"...

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 02:38 PM
Alazar! You say that the Sphinx will be opened soon and on live TV. Where does that come from, do you have a link or any evidence of that?

I believe that there are rooms under the Sphinx and am going to Egypt this October, can't wait!

There is no way that the Egyptians built all the pyramids etc. without help from above so to speak. We couldn't even build them that exactly with todays technology.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 03:50 PM
The last thing I heard was that the Egypt Government said the "Hall of Records" would not be opened? ??? To go from that to showing it on worldwide live TV seems a bit of a jump ?

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 05:05 PM
reply to post by Alazar

I hear your passion ... you sound just like me about 10 yrs ago. That's how long I've been trying to compile all my notes into some kind of dossier on this subject ... welcome to ATS it's always good to meet a 'kindred'.

'Past of Egypt ... key to the future' (ABSOLUTELY)!

I agree with the gist of your OP but have slightly different thoughts on some of your points. Like yourself I have reached my conclusions through the amalgamation of historical / scientific / esoterical information and of course ancient symbology (a vital element to solve the riddle) ... it has helped me to determine between what is highly plausible and pure fantasy.

My personal take on the Sphinx is that it was the original entrance but because of changes in the natural electromagnetics deep beneath the Sphinx it would be a big mistake to use this as an access point now. I believe this was intentional (during construction ... kind of like a natural burglar alarm).

I do have a theory about the site of the access point that should (and will), be used when the time is right but I'm not prepared to disclose that at the moment for a variety of reasons (mainly because I need to be certain about it first).

I have to go now but I shall definately be back tomorrow (brave post ... be prepared for the nay-sayers to swoop in).


posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 05:18 PM
I would also like to know the date of this opening cuz i would like to watch it on T.V. or if at all possible actually go see it.

refering to the passage way to the hall of records; i could picture a entrance way between the two paws that led to the room. it would just be buried under the sand

does anyone know if theres another room under the left paw of the shpinx? just wondering cuz to rooms revealed in one day would be pretty exciting

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 05:29 PM
Wow, I had an awake dream about that in 2005.

I was told it would be soon, by the narrator in the dream, back then. That must mean this year.

Yes that is right, my dreams over two days in 2005 were complete with a guide/narrator.

I actually can't wait!

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 05:38 PM
Minkey, I don't have a link on the web about that for a simple reason : no group will create a website or make any kind of publicity before the plan to "open" the sphinx succeeds.
If it is done in due time with the correct method, you will know it as everyone, by the media.
But my point is that the individual(s) responsible for that announcement will access the underground Hall of Records without waiting any licence given by the local authorities. And then, they will be able to publicize the event beyond the formal authorization of Zahi Hawass or anyone else in charge of Giza.

Orbit, I never heard the words "hall of records" in the mouth of any member of the egyptian govt. I mean, even if some of them know the rumours about that location (especially, the wife of the Pdt, Susan Mubarak and the minister of Culture, Farouk Hosni), there is no official position on that matter, for sure.

Woody, thanks a lot for your support. I do agree with you about the need to understand the electromagnetic force around the Sphinx to get a clue of the way to access the Hall. But I am positively certain also about the fact that the "right time" draws near : in due time (the next months), at the right place (in front of the Stele between the paws), with the appropriate mechanism (involving technical sound and "electrical patterns/memories"), the "right person/s (....), the access will be opened in plain sight and be a focal point of attention all around the world, by a media exposure for which the Egyptian Govt will necessarily consent.

That's part of my not-so-wild speculation. And I do welcome your interest on that subject because I think that the "Giza Drama" (all these books and debates about the age of the Sphinx and the function of the Great Pyramid since the 1990s) is about to unfold.

Because now,"Time is on our side. Yes, it is"...

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 06:05 PM
Encinoman, sorry to tell you that there in no specific date because this has to be a "secret plan" until it succeeds. Precisely, I suggest that the discovery will be announced by a (few) maverick(s) AFTER it is done but that the exploration of the Hall of Records could be made LIVE for any human being watching any screen (TV, mobile, computer).
From aside, just one thought on that : whatever your speculations about the Sphinx, it is quite funny to imagine that any "strange " archeological discovery in the world could be announced and SEEN for the first time by everyone in the SAME time, thanks to modern technology (satellites, cable tv, streaming on the web and so on).
Nowadays, we can become truly interconnected to the same EVENT, much more than during 1969 (man on the moon) or even 2001 (9/11).

Win, congratulations ! I mean, your reaction is a perfect example of what we need to unsolve the riddle of the Sphinx. Rational theories of course but also personnal experiences as weird dreams.
I do believe that many people in many nations have a specific "feeling" about Egypt because they guess, more or less, consciously or in their dreams, that this country keeps secret something absolutely PRECIOUS for mankind. That's why predictions, intuitions and dreams about the Sphinx, the pyramids or Egypt are welcomed on this thread.

To picture a massive but subtle warning about what to expect. There and soon.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 07:18 PM
Win , by the way, could you give us more details about your dream in 2005 related to the discovery under the Sphinx? What kind of "guide"? What was "his" point of view about the warning?

Thanks for your contribution !

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 09:14 PM
reply to post by Alazar

Your theory is definitely interesting. Like you, I'm curious about the original purpose of the pyramids and what might be under the paws of the Sphinx.

However, I take issue with the idea that people, who-knows-who, are just going to barge in, yes, in a "bandit-like" manner, and open it. Are you familiar with the term "provenance"?

To those interested in the esoteric value of the structures, a thing like "provenance" means nothing. To archaeologists, it's EVERYTHING! Without it, we wouldn't know how old anything was, or if it had been tampered with after its initial construction.

We also wouldn't know what, specifically, they found. I mean, cameras are fine, but I'd like a catalog of what was discovered. For example, they could open it and find all the records they wanted (in the form of papyrus scrolls, tablets, or computer chips), but what would interest me, and the archaeologists, would be, oddly, other stuff. Like coins, or pottery shards, or a broken earring. Those seemingly useless items would help to date the site.

Another useful thing about those archaeologists and Egyptologists- they read hieroglyphs. Wouldn't it suck to have broken into the famed Hall of Records and not be able to read anything?

So, please, temper your enthusiasm with the practical consideration that, if it were to happen as you describe, a great deal of information would be irretrievably lost.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 09:15 PM
Ah. This sounds like the first part of the Illuminati's plan to get evreybody on the "New Age" bandwagon.

The Illuminati wants to controll the world, and the best way to do it is to make people think that they have power, so that you can take it away from the: that's their whole plan.

Well, wave goodbye to normal life...time to set up the resistance.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 10:02 PM
HarlemHottie, I am not enthousiastic about any "bandit " expedition under the Sphinx, without the "kind and open-minded " egyptologists. It's not about choosing between white and black. I simply suggest that this discovery will be initiated by fringe/maverick scientists and not "respectable archeologists" on the field.
Why? Take a look on the ideological battle these past years between "orthodox" egyptologists and "alernative" researchers. Do you really expect that those in charge will come suddenly to open the Hall of Records, after all the denial of the past decades? Please...
Archeology, which is the "study of the past", is too much serious to be let only in the hands of the archeologists. The same goes for Egypt and egyptologists who have been, for the most part, too narrow-minded on that matter.
But, don't worry, I have no taste for manicheism : people from different backgrounds could cooperate on that discovery, those coming from "esoterical/new age/occultist" fields and those who have been graduated in egyptology and know the definition of "provenance".

TechnoFan, I don't think that this event will be fully handed by any sect in the world. My belief is that some groups, living in Egypt but also on the West, already expect some independant individuals to come in Giza and accomplish their mission.Without control by a big master of manipulation. At the contrary, I do think that many groups, occult or not, don't want this event (the announcement of the opening of the Hall of Records) to be made. For political, religious, strategical reasons.

Time will tell.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 11:05 PM

Originally posted by Alazar
I am not enthousiastic about any "bandit " expedition under the Sphinx, without the "kind and open-minded " egyptologists.

I know "bandit" wasn't originally your description, which is why it's in quotes. And you'll never hear me characterize Egyptologists, as a group, as "kind and open-minded."

Why? Take a look on the ideological battle these past years between "orthodox" egyptologists and "alernative" researchers.

I'm well aware of Zahi Hawas' misplaced arrogance, but it's not about bucking his authority. It's about preserving an amazing discovery for posterity.

Archeology, which is the "study of the past", is too much serious to be let only in the hands of the archeologists. The same goes for Egypt and egyptologists who have been, for the most part, too narrow-minded on that matter.

If you feel that way, as I do, get some formal training and change it. I did (get a bit of formal training, that is), and I began to understand some of their reservations. As you may know, academia is a very clannish environment; people who feel as we do need to change the system from within.

people from different backgrounds could cooperate on that discovery, those coming from "esoterical/new age/occultist" fields and those who have been graduated in egyptology and know the definition of "provenance".

Excellent idea! I'm just concerned about preserving the historical record. When I think of all those random people trampling in and out, and in and out, of the pyramids for hundreds, thousands, of years... suffice it to say, I find them inconsiderate.

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 02:30 PM
HarlemHottie, thanks for your precisions.

I do agree with you about the fact to keep safe and "conventionnal" any exploration of the Giza site. I even understand the "reservations" of those who have studied egyptology about all these "mumbo jumbo new age speculations about Atlantis responsible for Giza". Look at the career of the famous specialist of the site, Mark Lehner : after being driven to this place because of his belief in Cayce stories, he has since gone far away from his past involvement with the group of Cayce followers. At least, publicly.

And I am upset, as you, about all these pseudo-mavericks who neglect to follow the scientifical path of "experience and publicity" and who have no respect for the people of Egypt which has herited of these fabulous monuments.

I don't like in this field the narrow-minded people in charge but i have no taste also for the "neo-colonialist" adventurers with no respect for the Egyptians.

As you, I am concerned about preservation. But I believe that those who will announce the discovery will be the most cautious, "by nature", to take care of the artefacts found underneath the Sphinx.

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