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Can the End of the World be Avoided?

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posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 12:55 PM
I say the answer is no.

I base this on the Bible, physics and time.

I think the Bible is a message from God about the Elohim.

I believe the Elohim are higher dimensional beings.

Our timeline would be laid out in front of them and they would know what choices we are going to make before we make them.

It's like watching a race from the stands vs. running in the race.

Einstein said the distinction between past,present and future is just a persistent illusion.

So we make the choices and the choices we make can be seen in time. So if your going to go shopping or take a nap 24 hours from now, it already occured in time and a higher dimensional being can see these things before they occur on our worldline.

I think the Elohim are led by Yahweh Elohim who was manifest in the person of Jesus Christ.

In order for us to evolve past our destruction we have to take on the Body of Christ.

Yahweh had to become one of us in order for us to evolve past our destruction.

The Elohim can see the choices we will make before we make them by observing our timeline.

This is why we experience things like destiny and providence. It's because our decisions are already recorded in time and we are making those decisions in real time on our worldline.

The Bible is telling us what will happen on our worldline due to our own decisions.

There's only one way to avoid our destruction.


posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 01:52 PM

Originally posted by polomontana
I say the answer is no.

Yes you can, start going to Church for those who has not know Jesus the Jews yet, and for those who are Christians leaving churches, please start go back to churches and pay 10% of your income to churches. god will bless you, and the surely when God insist then end of the world will be avoided.


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