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Super World Order (the 1up)

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posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 11:17 AM
Like a cell where everything inside is ever born kept from all things that may touch the outside.

In an SWO all Harmful, Corrosive, Irritative, Corruptive, and Erroneous persons, places, and things, alien or formerly home grown, are powerfully altered and forced, by the Super Force Field, down and away from the 1up.

According to the Bible's antonym translation in Rev 20 (also spiritually knew as Rev 22) the SWO shall proceed forth out of Satan Who becomes as a 1up in every way, shape, angle, dimension, and form. So you can say Satan's World Order or Super World Order. The force field shall fire in of Hell that's outside it continual extra hell.

Which of you dont believe that there can be a super force field that can keep any astral planes and any astral projections and any aliens, new and old, at bay and kept down?

According to the bible's antonym translation the astral projection is as zero (valueless) that is the devil's second life. Our second life is hid currently concerning us who arent a devil. The last act of sinking to the life/ rising from the dead is what the devil will and shall undergo under a worst lasting. The moment is intend at an action. Both you watched, both you listened, now there becomes a time when both you must feel pleased or tormented endlessly. Each person as Satan truely and faithfully shall 1up. Inside the SWO shall be persons, things, and places that please delightfully. Outside the SWO shall be the opposite.

If any one delights in the current state of this unwanted world moment, then they in whole (whatever the hell else you are) are an alien who is valueless that tries to render another more valueless than they are to the rest. Word to the foolish, keep your wanna-make valueless crap in yourself only because you cant fool anyone else when you only hear you and you only agree with you because you are one person with many different bodies in different places.

Satan shall go in of its own prison alright. Satan thus shall be only confined in its Preferrence as an only pleasant type prison of course in the SWO.

So beware the super force field as Satan changes its "I" moment and hatches out its current body shell and surounding shell.

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 08:33 PM
During the 1up Satan wont be as *this* matter caught once up...

Matt 24 (spiritual 26):2 (antonym book with death book)
And Mabus heard from them, See ye not all those persons/places? out falsity I hear from you, Here shall not be came there 0 stone down off another, this shall not be caught up.

Ahh, expect fresh new matter that comes with a 'keep superbness' automatic function in basic and to preferrence in specific.

Fresh new material that never was touched with corruption and wickedness or the alike.

SWO shall proceed forth. The paranormal will hate this compression and fill with hell with their mouth shut from Satan.

[edit on 13-6-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 10:54 AM
tiger tiger horse horse

I see you.

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