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The ßeast and ßear Claws =ßar Code

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posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 07:09 PM
The Identity of the Beast

The beast which John saw rising up out of the sea, described in the prophecy of Revelation 13:1 has seven heads, and ten horns. There are ten crowns on the horns, which suggest kingdoms or governments.

The beast is like a leopard, and its feet are like those of a bear, and it has the mouth of a lion.

Here`s a typical image of ßear Claws on a tree

Here is an image of a typical bar code

Never forget that no living thing on Earth is as agile, fast, strong, intelligent as a ßear. The ßear is "The ßeast".

IMO, if this system has worked so far, a brand new version has been invented and the Illuminati "Rothschild" are just mouth saliva dripping right now planning their new agenda.

Their goal is as said so often here, to create economic collapse in America, with their Federal Reserve, and gain more ground on their agenda.

Everything was planned, such a long time ago, with Albert Pike with his WW3 plan.

Patience, Money, lot$a Money, and you will control the Governments and The World.

Just impose your rules into your ßuildeberg Meetings and with time, you will Rule The World.

Money is not an issue with them, CONTROL is on their minds...

Their ultimate agenda ???

We Know, ATSERS, it`s just people are so ignorant to these issues that it pisses me off...

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 08:46 PM
Your a little late on this. I posted the truth in another thread but no one listens. That is why it says let him who hath understanding.......

"Originally posted by Rumrunner

How is a bar code on my hand or forehead?"

Its not. you need the barcode to buy and sell. The number you are numbered with is your 'MasterCard' or 'Visa" to trade. It is either in your hand or you must remember the number at the checkout counter.

Ask my wife her number at the clothes stores. She can rattle off each one faster than the clerk can type it in.

Oh those little bar codes? they translate to a full size one in the system for ordering. and the PLU or product look up numbers for produce etc? they also translate to a full size code for ordering.

The big secret they don't tell you is the original translation of the greek verses relates the number to pickets or pikes as in long spears. Like a picket fence.

Why should I bother though. No one listens.

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 11:09 PM

I just like your reply, very interesting

I have read in a ßook that some Indian predicted bar codes a while ago...

He saw Paws of ßears grinding through the tree`s ßark...

Maybe that Indian tribe was part of the Builderburg connextions a long time ago, alias the Rocker`s and so on....

Who Really Knowz

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 12:02 AM
i believe your a little off my friend,jehovas witness are you?.....serious i have thought this before.but i believe it is actually going to be a chip that is put under your skin,its actually being experimented with in..........europe i it and see if this changes your mind.

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