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Serial Killincorporated

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posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 05:31 PM
The newest incarnation of this theory is courtesy of the supposed “Smiley Face Killers” who 2 New York Police detectives(Kevin Gannon, and Anthony Duarte) think are linked to over 40 deaths. These events are now only coming to light and many competent people here are keeping a close eye on things as they unfold.

This however is not the first time that the possibly of something like this has come up.

There is a controversy as to whether or not Albert DeSalvo was the notorious Boston Strangler despite his confession:

Edward Brooke, the Attorney General of Massachusetts created what was termed publicly as the “Strangler Bureau”. A Medical-Psychiatric Committee was charged with the duty of creating a profile for the killer, instead they responded with a multiple-strangler theory. They theorized that the older victims were killed by “Mr.S” but another man or men were responsible for the killings of the younger victims.

DeSalvo was convicted for separate sexual assaults but was never charged for murder despite his detailed descriptions of the murders he is infamous for.

David “Son of Sam” Berkowitz claimed that his neighbor Sam Carr’s dog told him to kill; he also claimed he was involved with a larger group of killers. During the killing spree both of Sam’s sons John and Michael Carr died under mysterious circumstances. John Carr’s nickname was wheat and as Berkowitz wrote to the police in one letter:

"a name to help you along — John Wheaties, rapist and suffocator of young girls."

When Berkowitz was caught he claimed that these 2 sons were involved, as were others associated with a New York off shoot of a California cult, the “Four Pi Movement”:

“I had gone to a party in the neighborhood and I met some interesting people there.”

'They were into the occult. I met some people there who said that they were witches. There were animal sacrifices and other dark and ugly things happening.'

“It was a recruitment process. A slow but methodical recruitment process.”

He acknowledges guilt in all the murders, even if it was not the gun man in all the cases:

“I was there, at all of them. And in the area, and scouting, and I had a part. I'm responsible for my involvement in those things, and, you know, definitely guilty.”

He also provided an ominous warning of things to come:

“There are other sons out there- God help the world”

Santucci the district attorney in Queen’s reopened the Son of Sam case to look into these occult connections but nothing publicly came of this:

“I believe David Berkowitz did not act alone, that in fact others did cooperate, aid and abet him in the commission of these crimes. In fact, it has crossed my mind that this 44-caliber pistol was passed around among a number of people.”

The Yonkers police department started a new investigation in 1996 and it has still not been closed.

continued below...

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 05:31 PM
During the 1990’s in Juarez, Mexico there was a killing spree that claimed 182 woman’s lives. A local activist Esther Chavez states:

"I think there are 200 or 300 men out there who have killed women"

The women were blamed initially for dressing provocatively but the issue began to be taken more seriously as time went on. A researcher born in Calgary, Ms. Skrapec, who is now an expert at California State University believes more than 30 were raped and killed by a group of three or four independent serial killers.

A full 5 years after the killings started the Chihuahua government with a limited budget created a task force to look into these matters and alleged that an Egyptian immigrant and violent criminal, Abdel Latif Sharif Sharif ordered random murders from his jail cell. They claimed he paid 1200(US) for the murder of a random woman and demanded a souvenir and a newspaper clipping in relation to the crime. Four local bus drivers(all drug addicts) and a narcotics trafficker were later arrested for being dispatched by Mr.Sharif to kill but no evidence was found to link them to him.

In Kerman, Iran during 2002 there was a group of men killing people they deemed to be morally corrupt and involved in un-Islamic activities. They believed Islam gave them the right to do these things if they issued 2 warnings to the victims prior to acting. 18 murders were committed in one year but only 5 were tried in court. The accused were all members of an Islamic paramilitary force.

Most of the group has been acquitted due to the fact the Supreme Court deemed the killings were righteous. Penalties or possible jail time for some of the accused may be a possibility in the future.

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 06:26 PM
It baffles me! I want to support the violent removal of people engaged in activities that truly bring humanity to the worst possible level - but the only people who agree with me are people who judge it by standards set up a few thousand years ago.

This stuff is fascinating. There's always been something extremely occultish about serial killers to me - methodical action, blanking out, voices talking to them. Ted Bundy being part of the Illuminati families, Jeffrey Dahmer and the early 90's anti-gay propaganda our media spit out. The Zodiac Killer is what convinced me. There's no way that guy wasn't performing rituals.

That there's a network, maybe, leads me a few conclusions. Ancient cabal accumulating body counts to maintain or build towards something? CIA-sponsored '___'-fueled Oswald-style cults of deviants who exist solely to keep the public on edge? Both of them seem extremely plausible.

Although, as far as the Smiley Face killers, I think that's a militant "Take Back the Night"-esque taskforce.

Good looking my friend!

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 08:41 AM
Yeah, you listen to what these guys do and it sounds very occultish. Then you want to add in the "calling card" left behind. It really gives me the creeps.
You'd think there would be some kind of grouping or something especially with those that escape justice for so long.
When I was reading this post I was reminded of that new movie coming out "Wanted."

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 09:54 AM
As I'm sure many of you have read. Some leaders (presidents, dictators, military officers, police, nurses, CEO'S of companies 'ENRON ETC..', managers etc...) that carry on in this world have a sociopath mind. They are able to do things that most folks won't or can't think of doing. These folks with-out a conscience- ( and great actors !! they are . ) can be found in the "service type jobs that deal with people - they (sociopath) thrive in these type's of jobs and feed. Far to many on this planet. Also, there are far to many sheep (the masses) that "follow the leader" even to their death. But, what can the normal person do? working, paying bills, worrying about tomato's. Look at the current administrations that have run the "USA", why can't folks elect "normal like thinking folks", that would actually do a good decent job? Why do people follow the leader ? Are the monsters in society the only ones willing to put up with the hassles of running a corporation or a city or state or country? ( look at the sheep at a democratic and/or republican conventions, lap dogs ass-kissers, volunteers for parties that do it for self promotion' hoping to gain', falling into the snare of the monsters) It is a world full of good people and a few that know how to make them jump., and die the few that in the past could make a herd of Mastodons run off a cliff.

Of course there are just plain sick people out there ( brain scans show differences in there brain areas of function) that don't take or need medication or who were just raised by evil parents or had circumstances that pre-disposed them to being a serial killer. They say most of these kind of sociopath want to be caught. But, I think the "leader" category type of serial killer or sociopath don't want to be caught. .they want subjugation and power, it feeds their ravenous appetite.

This will always be, since the dawn of man.


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