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FEMA Camps - extermination of masses or something else?

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posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 05:29 PM
We've all watched the videos, read the websites, news articles and seen the coverage of the secret meeting of congress, but there are more questions that need to be answered about these camps before any conclusions can be drawn. The majority on ATS appear to believe that the camps are for the red and blue listers and that they one of the steps to mass extermination. But are they?

If they are there why has no one attacked those camps? Why are they able to go unheeded by the population at large? There are enough people on the internet who regularly trail out to bases and similar so why not to these camps?

Why are all the people involved (thousands working in the camps) happy to do what they are doing without any leaks to the masses?

People say they will come and get you at 4.00am etc. and put some people into trucks then planes and whatnot, but all these plans are really impractical. Why Don’t they have more practical methods?

What are the EXACT location of these camps? Not vague locations but actual?

Where are those in other countries outside the US? In a country as small as England where are they hiding them? Or are they flying everyone out to the US? That doesn’t seem practical.

The photographs of buildings, trains, wire fences and nerve gas trucks could be from anywhere. Where is the PROOF that these are at the locations stated?

The FEMA documents presented suggest plans to counter civil disturbance. Of course they would! Any government is going to have those types of contingency plans but that doesn’t mean it is going to be pre-emptive. EXPLAIN why you think it is?

Could the camps (if they exist in the form some people suggest) be for POWs for an invading race? Maybe an off Earth race? This is possible if not necessarily probable. However, it is as likely as mass extermination theories.

I suggest we need more FACTS, less rumour, and so far I have not seen enough FACTS to suggest anything approximating PROOF for mass extermination camps across the US and possibly worldwide.

Can you provide anything other than rumour and suggestive and provocative hearsay?

[edit on 12-6-2008 by Marsrising]

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