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Unknown assassination attempt on George W. Bush on 911

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posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 03:30 PM
Unknown assassination attempt on George W. Bush on 911

This turned up in my Mohammed Atta research
I decided to post it here, instead.
collected excerpts from, ‘Welcome to Terrorland: Mohammed Atta & the 9-11 Cover-Up in Florida’; by Daniel Hopsicker; Madcow Press

““Warning of imminent danger was delivered to Secret Service agents in Sarasota guarding the President,’ reported Monica Yadov 4 hrs before Mohamed Atta flew an airliner into the World Trade Center.’ Arab men posed as journalists to kill Bush. Oddly, links JFK killing thru Porter Goss, Barry Seal & al Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood in South America.


“ ‘The warning of imminent danger was delivered in the middle of the night to Secret Service agents in Sarasota guarding the President,’ reported Monica Yadov of ABC’s Sarasota affiliate, ‘and

it came exactly four hours and thirty-eight minutes before Mohamed Atta flew an airliner into the World Trade Center.’

The second story is a chilling eyewitness account of the attempted assassination in progress. It came from the Longboat Observer, which literally covers the waterfront in upscale Longboat Key, where Bush spent the night before the attack.”

“ ‘At about 6 a.m. September 11, Longboat Key Fire Marshall Carroll Mooneyhan was at the front desk of the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort as Bush prepared for his morning jog. From that vantage point, Mooneyhan overheard a strange exchange between a Colony receptionist and security guard,’ the paper reported.

‘A van occupied by men of Middle Eastern descent had pulled up to the Colony stating they had a ‘poolside’ interview with the president, Mooneyhan said.’”

“Neither of the two reporters knew of the other’s report. But both had covered different angles of the same story … [quote]a concerted attempt by four Arab men posing as journalists to gain access to President George W. Bush at 6 a.m. on the morning of September 11th, for the purpose of ending his life.”[/quote]

“Zainlabdeen Omer, a Middle Eastern native residing in Sarasota, contacted Sarasota police in the middle of the night to tell them a friend of his, who had made violent threats against President Bush in the past, had just shown up—and unexpectedly—in Sarasota, ABC’s Yadov reported. The man who Omer warned authorities about was identified in the Sarasota police report of the incident only as ‘Ghandi.’”

“Omer said ‘Ghandi’ told him he was in town to get a friend out of jail … But Omer had heard ‘Ghandi’ make violent remarks about Bush in the past, and since the President was in Sarasota at the same time, Omer feared his friend might be in Sarasota to kill the President. [quote]The warning was initially given to the Sarasota police, who called in the Secret Service. Within hours Secret Service agents were searching an apartment in Sarasota. Turns out, Omer was right. They arrested three men, all from the Sudan, and took them in for interrogation.[/quote] The questioning lasted, according to one of the three, Fathel Rahman Omer, for ten hours. ‘The police came and arrested me and three other people,’ Fathel Rahman explained in the ABC interview. Rahman said he couldn’t help the Secret Service.

“... Moving quickly, the Secret Service next swooped down on a local beauty supply store, whose owner had been fingered by Omer as being a close associate of ‘Ghandi.’... Agents detained and questioned the owner of the beauty supply store, a Muslim named Hakim. Hakim, too, had disturbing information for the Secret Service about Ghandi, reported Yadov. [quote]He told agents Ghandi was a member of the SPLA, or Sudanese People’s Liberation Army, a Christian guerilla group fighting the fundamentalist Muslim government in Sudan.

[quote]“... Maybe they had been receiving covert training in the swamps, which is a southwest Florida tradition. Bay of Pigs invaders stormed the beaches here practicing for Cuba, a local Sheriff told us.[/quote] And why would operatives of a guerilla organization fighting against a government of Islamic fundamentalists closely allied with Osama bin Laden want to assassinate, of all people, George W. Bush? It didn’t make sense.

“Until reporter Yadov went looking for Hakim, the owner of the raided beauty supply store, and discovered that

Hakim’s beauty supply store wasn’t there anymore. Hakim was missing, too.
He left in something of a hurry after being released by the Secret Service, Yadov learned. Gone. No one knew where. And Hakim wasn’t the only witness to disappear in Sarasota. Zainelabdeen Omer was missing too. The man whose warning of imminent havoc had been right on the money was now unavailable for comment. He quit his job and left town, just ahead of reporter’s questions.”

According to Dave Emory: a picture
Daniel Hopsicker obtained of a meeting in a Mexico City nightclub in January of 1963. In addition to CIA operative Barry Seal, Oswald double William Seymour; Iran-Contra operative Felix Rodriguez, and Watergate Burglar Frank Sturgis, the picture appears to show Porter Goss, a longtime CIA officer and recently named by Bush to become Director of the Agency. The soiree is a gathering of Operation 40 personnel. Operation 40 was a no-holds-barred guerilla campaign waged against Castro’s Cuba. Many JFK assassination researchers suspect a link between Operation 40 and Kennedy’s murder.
For more info, see post at

Also see: 'If Bush is assassinated, guess who'll be president the next 8 years'

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