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Obama Has pledged Alliegance - Video proof!

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posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 11:11 AM
This is one of the MANY accusations against this man that I have wondered seriously about. All I hear is "he has never pledged alliegence" or "he doesn't put his hand over his heart" and on and on and on. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of the American politics. It's nothing but both sides creating a bunch of lies to enrage their supporters. It's pathetic.

Both sides call the other people names. Yet they both then claim that the other side is vicious in their name calling. To be honest I have seen more vicious and vehement attacks waged by the Republican side. That's one thing I know about conservatives (since I feel that I am more conservative than not). They are passionate about their beliefs and faith. Thus they are more likely to get ANGRY over things. Instead of them taking a Christian approach they start to use Christianity as a basis for attacks.

The Democrats are NOT innocent either. The true liberals begin by attacking the faith as well. (Not saying that Dems are NOT Christians, I just have found that most Democrats with a Christian faith are less likely to be so aggressive and vehement as the true conservatives).

It's a smear campaign that is waged on the basis of lies and I'm sick of it. All I want to see are the truths of the matter. No more pathetic lies to try and smear each other.

It won't happen though. I know this. There will still be people out there that will say that Obama hasn't ever pledged alliegence and doesn't put his hand over his heart. Even after seeing this video straight from the site.

Obama leading the pledge of alliegence

Please don't take the name of the link as me supporting Obama. If you read my posts I have stated that I do not. I just don't like the vehement attacks on this man that have been unfounded and unsupported. Hopefully this will at least put this stupid rumor/OUTRIGHT LIE to rest.

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