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If You Could Clone Your Perfect Partner - Would You?

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posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 07:01 PM
Oh, heck no! I'm already too bored looking at myself in the mirror. I believe that is why we put on makeup, do our hair and wear different clothes, just to spice up the same old unit. I cannot image another moment with my perfect partner. I'd be bored too soon.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 07:17 PM

Originally posted by q_ball
No, A Clone has no soul and this defeats all the purpose of trying to meet some one and the fun and drama it brings!

Who told you that a clone has no soul?

A cloned human being would be a human being.

You can only clone an existing person, so you'd have to find a perfect partner first.

I suppose that if that person could not marry you, you could clone that person for a mate, figuring that all ethical concerns regarding cloning humans have been resolved.

Now, let's say you're 20 and you find this perfect mate whom you can't marry, but want to clone.

You will have to clone one of that person's cells and implant it into a host human female and wait for the inevitable.

Then you at twenty would have a newborn perfect mate whom you'll have to wait until the clone reaches legal age.

By that time, there is no telling what influence the environment will have in the intervening years, not only on the clone but on you, not to mention the twenty year difference in your ages.

Given all that rigmarole, serial monogamy sounds like the better choice, which is what people tend to do now, anyway.

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posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 07:31 PM
Oh I would do this for sure!

If it was affordable and safe no doubt about it.

Im 45 and alone............Im not HUGE on going out all the time, in fact I am more of a gardener homebody. I never meet somebody unless they are right in my yard.
It is very UNLIKELY I am going to meet someone to share a life with. I will more than likely grow old alone in my apartment being a computer nerd and renting videos.
Years ago I was out and about every night and always meeting new folks.
Now? I am a mother of a teenager and we have homework issues to deal with. I am BUSY cooking dinners and cleaning and lording over school issues......
NOT TO LIKELY I am going to meet a new person.
YES I am on many online singles sites but after the last 6 years of doing this I know for a fact that the online guys who write me are looking for rescue out of a third world country. I get letters from 22 yr old Sudan guys telling me how "age is not a matter in the righteousness of love being true, please send me a plane ticket and I can marry with you!"

Im not kidding.

I would clone a partner.
I would like it to be like ordering from a I have no 'perfect person' I wish to clone.......I would want to order up a bit of this and a pinch of that......and let them make me a man who likes my cooking, who is FAITHFUL, honest, doesn't yell and loves to laugh and is a bit of a perv.
(hair optional & he wouldn't have to be movie star handsome)
Sure I would do this..................way better than thinking Im going to spend the rest of my life alone.

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posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 01:42 PM
I think I would as long as its just a sexual plaything and had no feelings.
When Realdoll invent dolls that can cook me dinner and go to shops for beer,sure why not.

I would not if it had a "soul",with all the emotions as us complicated humans.
I would feel awfully guilty and would wonder what would happen to my soul in the after life for creating something just to please me.
I doubt if the relationship would work also as it would get very boring,how could you respect it and have any meaningfull wonder and genuine love for your new frankenstein girlfriend?

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