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X "R A Y" X RADIATION? Thought control?

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posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 09:21 AM
Hi folks!

I´m not sure, if this is the correct Thread to be in here for because I couldn´t find one in this forum related to that, what I´ve been photographing. If this Topic is here wrong in place, then please move it, where it should belong. Thank you. :-)

I know some of your answers already! You can forget about them being some kind of reflections or Air port customs "X"- Ray checks!

I´m talking about those weird "X"- Rays, getting them on the photographs. Now I know, that these effects can be produces, when you let your camera film and camera (not digital), through the "X"- Ray scanner run at an Air Port control terminal or where ever. I read about it in a photographic manual, AFTER I saw the first effects on my pictures.

Or may be those are Thought waves, patterns, radiation that we all have and Emmit! The method that I use, in producing these interesting and sometimes beautiful radiation effects, are the same way, the way I concentrate on hoping to capture a photographic image with my picture camera. Images like UFO´s, UFO clusters, Beings, ORBs and so on.

Here now some pics, from a similar pic, of a light "X"- RAY and some kind of other strong energy source to the right of it.

Here, I tried photograph it snowing, not thinking about that "X" Ray idea yet but there are some Orbs hovering and flying in here. The ORBs are the ones, that are reflecting the flashes light, so far I´ve found out and the ones, that are shining through, are snow flakes. If you don´t agree with me, I do have proof about that statement because I´ve got another more picture, of a large Energy UFO hovering over my HONDA Prelude car and and it´s starting to snow there lightly too. It´s unlikely, that in an area, where there´s no wind, snow would fly, rush upwards and leaving a trail tail behind itself.

And that picture was taken, after I concentrated very strongly on those rays. I don´t have the control, in choosing the bright and intense colours that I´d like to photograph, the only thing that I can do, is visualize in that direction, what I´d like to have photographed.

Strangely enough, it doesn´t work always and When it does, then the intensity of colours or radiation is VERY strong.

The pics were taken with a Pentax Spiegelreflex K-1000 camera, Not a digital one! Digital cameras are good for computer uploads but not to photograph clean and clear details of something.

Then I decided, to photograph a few Meteorites with that Thought technique, and it worked. It worked unfortunately that good, that I could see nothing more of my Meteorites.

Then I drew once this interesting picture, of an inside view, of a large UFO, that had just swallowed up an F-15 Fighter plane, as a matter of fact, the end part of the fighter plane, is still sticking out, out of the UFO a bit. I usually make photographs of my drawings because in time, the pictures themselves get ruined, so I´ll have something for the album.

Then I decided, to do this "X" Ray experiment here too, and it worked again!

On another occasion, I worked outside with my dad, on the cottage and he wasn´t having a good time and was being mean at me. So as he drove off to the gas station, to get some kind of part, I went home to get quickly my Pentax camera. I planed to get a pic of him, when he returns WITH those beings or beams of light, that you NOW know of as "X" - Rays. I concentrated very strongly and thinking, that something unique would show itself in this picture here, for him to show some day

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 09:27 AM
....sorry about that, but I ran out of characters! When I´m on a roll, then I´m on a roll!

And here now comes that fantastic great looking radiation picture of the Rays and my father.

....and a partial close up!

Then another one, during another Meteorite recovery! Some people are riding in a boat in the background.

A close up of it!

Unloading it at the cottage.

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 05:28 PM

After I took that photograph, I decided to take another one and in that one, was the Energy UFO hovering over my car and a pink energy cloud in the top left corner AND with some ORBs flying around, upwards leaving some trails behind them while some snow was starting to fall.

A larger bluish and smaller white ORB!

And here comes the Energy UFO!

The Energy UFO!

The pinkish Energy cloud. But I did photograph already white luminous and bluish energy clouds And during the day time.

Now, What is that and that at the right? An ORB scull? I took that one around 1996 in Canada into the night sky! There was nothing, just darkness and night!

And that was in my room, with my back then modern computer.

The large picture in the background, is a blow up of the first negative of the first STARGATE AND UFO! The small pic at the bottom right, is the one, I took three days later of the STARGATE with the greenish UFO but I didn´t expect to get that lucky, so I pushed my intentions thoughts to take a pic of my Rays, at least I hoped for it and it worked.

Here now, a closer look at it with the partial red RAYs on it. And after I finished That Film, I took a new Film for again new projects and photographed the next red RAYS off my balcony.

....and here it is!

And that pic, of some kind of twin RAYs, were taken in my apartment!

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 10:14 PM
What are you implying excactly? I have done photography using 'analog' cameras and 'sometimes' i get similiar 'mistakes'. Have you realised that old pictures from the 70's and 80's produce effects like these? It does look weird i admit, especially the stargate one, its just i am confused at what it is your selling...

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 10:30 PM

Originally posted by v4vendetta
What are you implying excactly? I have done photography using 'analog' cameras and 'sometimes' i get similiar 'mistakes'. Have you realised that old pictures from the 70's and 80's produce effects like these? It does look weird i admit, especially the stargate one, its just i am confused at what it is your selling...

Hi v4vendetta!

What I´m selling? It´s trying to figure out, what these Rays are or what for? It´s like somebody´s got the gift of clairvoyance but he or she doesn´t understand that yet.

And I find them too very curious, so I put them in here. I don´t know, what else to say to that. :-)

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 10:39 PM
wiseman. are you saying that you are producing these effects with your mind?

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 04:04 PM

Originally posted by v4vendetta
wiseman. are you saying that you are producing these effects with your mind?

Hall v4vendette!

Yes exactly! I am!

That is what I´m saying and I´m going to try to take some more such pictures, like it I hope, on a news paper like for instance, "USA Today"! This will prove you, that the following Rays were taken on the so and so date.

Tomorrow, I´m going to get myself a 100 ASA Kodak Film, get the news paper, hopefully USA Today and start shooting. Those pics should be ready in about 2 to 3 days. I´ll do it again with my Pentax camera because for some reason, it´s not working on digital. I can´t warranty that it will happen in that one shooting but it might. And if not in a few days, then I´ll do it the next week.

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 03:37 PM
Pretty cool. what does it mean? maybe you should get someone else to take a picture of "you", using that same camera, you've probably tried it. any freaky effects?

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 09:02 PM
No! Nothing and may be that´s good so, otherwise someone could say, that my camera´s defect but it´s not. If it were defect, then those images would appear all the time in all the pics.

I don´t know, what it means. May be some K.G.B., or C.I.A., will get soon in touch with me.

But I did take those pics of the News Paper today, that I said I would. But I took pics of two other News Papers today instead of the USA-T. one. I´ll take some more pics tomorrow and in the couple of days cause there are 36 exp., on it but I won´t take that many anyways.

So, talk to you guys later.

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