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Not all Democrats falling for Obama;AP Article

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posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 04:48 AM

WASHINGTON - Nothing personal, Sen. Obama, but our re-election comes first. Barack Obama, for all his attention and primary successes, does not go over so well in a fair number of Democratic lawmakers' home districts. So it seems there is little chance that some will endorse him for president.
Some are counting on Republican votes in their re-election bids. Some are newly minted and in rematches with 2006 opponents. Some may be wary of how their constituents will react to a black presidential candidate. Some, too, have made it a practice of distancing themselves from the national party, fearing the inevitable campaign ad that has their face morphing into Howard Dean, the party chairman, and Obama.

Rep. Dan Boren, the only congressional Democrat in Oklahoma, calls Obama "the most liberal senator" in Congress and says he has no plans to make a public endorsement.

"We're much more conservative" in eastern Oklahoma, Boren said. "I've got to reflect my district."
I think that many have seen this coming, but I have yet to see it addressed in the MSM.
Does this have more to do with Liberal Ideology, or skin color as the article suggests? I think that although many dems were elected to end the war, these are conservative dems who look at many other issues that Obama is not conservative on....

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