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Political Disillusionment by Barack Obama and to a lesser extent, John McCain

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posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 01:43 AM
When Barack Obama commenced his campaign a little over a year ago, all of thought "man, this guy is a political virgin' okay, maybe not that but certainly a sense of a new politics in the United States. Barack was going to be above the influence. Not being seduced by Washington insiders/lobbyists/corporate elites such as the Bilderbergs.

But now it seems the Clinton's got into Barack's head and created Obama into another politician. I am glad the Clinton's held out as long as they did, it allowed us to see the real Barack Obama. The Barack Obama who associates with men who hate the United States and believe that everything is a conspiracy and that the government is racist and that the government invented diseases to kill off African Americans. And to top it off, the person who headed his VP search team was given loans by CountryWide and attented this years Bilderberg meeting!

I believe it was this morning when David Axelrod phoned Joe Scarborough and was cynically telling Joe that the Obama campaign should "vet everybody' and Joe responded by saying "damn straight".

It's almost as if the campaign says "do you want us to know who everybody is?" They believe its unimportant which friends Barack Obama chose and believe that they should only talk about the candidate/issues. Please tell me where I am wrong.

As to John McCain he is my choice for president (although I cannot vote yet) but he has to stop having lobbyists. Plus he had some pastor problems although those are COMPLETELY different to Baracks. He'll win though.

Sorry, I'm on summer vacation and am usually more eloquent so please excuse the simpleness in my post. Hopefully posting more will allow me the opportunity to regain it.


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