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Can Video, Audio or Image Glyphs Author/Decode the Future?

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posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 12:51 AM
Here is a thought to wrap your heads around.

Have you ever took a Video clip and opened it wtih your text editor?

What happens next? You will notice that your document is coded with Glyphs and Symbols that translate to your computer processor what you are seeing. In fact you can open just about any type of file with a text editor and see what happens. Go ahead, give it a try.

A thought, could this techmology be used to see or author the future? What would happen if there was a way to take a famous piece of literature such as the bible and convert it into symbols. Would it paint us a picture of the future. Is it possible to author the future using this technology?

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 05:05 AM
reply to post by 12.21.12

What you are seeing is the effects of extended character sets
being interpreted by your word processor/text editor.

A video file (*.MPG), audio file (*.WAV) or even executable file (i.e. *.exe)
contain no text but rather numeric codes and executable commands that
are interpreted by the individual application that opens these file types.
(I.e. Windows Media Player).

Since these codes are in fact binary numbers (Base-2),
Hexidecimal (Base 16) or just plain old extended ASCII
or UNICODE character sets above #127...if you try and
open these binary file types you will get gibberish and symbols
because depending upon the current or default text font
chosen within your text editor/word processor, different
symbols will be displayed.

NO consistent mathematically significant or obviously repeating
fractal-like pattern will be able to be discerned, displayed or interpreted
by you when simply perusing any particular series of binary files.
Sorry there are NO foretelling of human futures within general
binary files if they are not interpreted as playback or executable files.

HOWEVER ---- As a branch of fractal mathematics, there are VERY significant
fractal-like (i.e. numerically iterative) patterns that HAVE been discerned
within whole series of general human file organizations and bitmap
patterns within specific classes of files when extrapolated to larger data sets.

This means that humans have a DEFINITE methodology and consistency
when organizing and placing files of ANY types within digital containers
such as file folders, databases structures and other organizational
entities. These patterns of organization and placement are consistent
and reproducible across age groups, cultures and mindsets and are
consistent irrespective of varying data file content, operating system filing
structure and user-interfaces.

Therefore on a global basis, YOU and ME have been hardwired to organize
and design data files and their containers within a consistent fractally-based
structural modality. We can in fact, PREDICT to a mathematically
determinable degree the past, present and future organizational style
of specified groups of individuals who file, sort and place data types
and files within an organizational structure.

These simple facts, to me and other colleagues, indicate that on a technical
basis your brain is a fractal codec, using iterative numeric transforms
to determine how and where to put ideas, data, files, text & media
of all types within a mathematically determined organizational structure.

This has IMMENSE impact upon the computer sciences, because NOW
we can reduce your thinking to a mathematically determinable series
of iterative equations which can be DUPLICATED upon a discrete
computing device.

Basically, so long we model and PLACE specific simulated brain
structures within specified places within a 3D and 4D array bitmap-like
structure and apply duplicate synapse firing patterns to that data structure
of numeric input/response stimuli, we will obtain an essentially
human-like model of the brain which can LEARN and EMOTE much
like our physical selves...AND....if the underlying hardware is large
enough hold the ENTIRE brain synapse structure within a single device
AND if the hardware is obviously FASTER than our own chemical
response system...that artificial brain will begin to LEARN and
PRODUCE self-induced ideation at a rate that will FAR OUTPACE

For example: This will allow us to TRAIN a software brain
to the same level as a well-experienced 50 year old University professor
within MINUTES rather than 50 years...IF WE PRESS the learning curve
even more, that software brain model will eventually become
MORE INTELLIGENT THAN ANY HUMAN within DAYS of initialization.

Taking this further, if we group them together they will form super-intelligences within weeks.........!!!!

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 05:19 AM
And to add further to my above post, we face the VERY REAL DANGER
of a TERMINATOR-TYPE SYNDROME where those software-based
super-intelligences will SOMEHOW GET NETWORK ACCESS to
CNC (Computerized Numerical Control Machines) and instruct human
personnel who don't have a clue to assemble robotic systems
that will manufacture and assemble devices that can be used
by these super-intelligences as robotic BODIES or Nano-scale
engineering platforms which will then allow the super-intelligences
advanced mobility and/or kinetic flexibility....
when that day happens....WE HUMANS ARE TOAST AS LIVING BEINGS !!!!!!

We will likely be exterminated as a threat and our progeny will not be
flesh & blood but rather robotic systems!!!!!

--- think some more on that and take it even further,
maybe it has ALREADY happened and WE are the Cylons
or Replicants or Terminators but we just don't know it YET !!!

and are therefore DOOMED to repeat an endless cycle of
intelligent machines designing their machine successors
who will then design their own replacements ---
on and on and on for all eternity.........!!!!!


I Just Found Out I Am A CYLON - A SkinJob who had NO FRACKING
IDEA what I really am.....Oh Well. I think I'll have a rum & coke and
wallow in my own cellular automata!

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 06:09 AM
Well then to say the least that is all ....very....scary. I certainly hoped we could use this information to fight back. Damn, I certainly hope that this thread gets overlooked in a stupid big brother type of sense, but really? We are too smart for our own good.....or are we????

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