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The Resistance

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posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 06:25 AM
Why are we afraid of and capitulate with these things Reptoids Greys ..who cares...

What does a Grey have on a human Ape when left alone to it... nothing!

Lets see you know... Brock Lesnar or The Rock vs a Grey in a Steel Cage, see how advanced evolution wise it really is.

Imagine one of them with a Migrane? What kind of upward evolution is not being able to get your head out of your bead without assistance...

"You humans are patheeeetic, you Huuumans are not advaaanceed enough toooo maaake your own decisions or goo into spaaaace, lend uusss your women so we can insemina...urmmm educate you in our waaaays"

Can one of those UFos like Roswell please Crash in a good American Ghetto like Bed Stuy in Ny so they can spout that off to the residents...

The Grey that they let live will get sent home without it's sneakers as a lesson...

It all sounds nuts... but... I'm not like everyone else...all over the world we fight over religion and rednecks hate illegal Aliens that, just want stupid jobs... and

My hate is rightous and they aren't human and we need a war we can all fight together...

Come on sing along...

Imagine there's no saucers, it's easy if you try, no cattle mutilaaaations, above us only sky. Imaaaagine alll the people Killling off the Greys... wooohooooooo hoooooo

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posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 06:39 AM
I must agree with author of this thread.
why should we believe any "aliens"?
if they are so powerfull, so divine in spirit, so benevolent...
why they don't show themselves and show us the path to love, kindness blah, blah...
if you act as the "grey" do (if they exist - i believe so), spying, abducting, probing... - in general not nice things - this can be just one thing - preparing for agression
and other races (if they exist) - just watching them - like watching animals fight - making a documentary about will apes survive

i say - god bless USA and their weapon development. i don't think that new weapons like HAARP, missile shield, star wars programme are made just to be safe from terrorists.
we need to be prepared for this little, ugly critters to kick their asses.

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 06:42 AM
i forgot
if we abducted and anal probed an american citizen - you've all wanted blood and war (or at least anal revenge).
greys do it all the time and there are still people who are defending them.

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 10:01 AM

Originally posted by SkepticPerhaps
Bottom line is though, when everything is revealed, if we find out aliens are real, be very skeptic of those who claim to be the good guys, and don't trust any of them on initial contact.

I'd also like to point out that all of the technologies which appear to be bad for us would have been backwards engineered by OUR governments, not by the aliens. In which case human flaw and ulterior motives may be involved.

[edit on 11-6-2008 by SkepticPerhaps]

There seems to be a growing number of people who nearly worship all the extraterrestrial/interdimensional 'visitors' reasoning that they must be far more spiritually advanced simply because of the difference in technology and linear time to develop it. Here's an alternate theory: Irony and paradox are prevalent everywhere. Since there is apparently nothing we imagine they would be interested in (tech/Earth resources) and according to Clifford Stone and others they are interested in us, in the extreme polarity paradox and the capacity or non-conforming, independent critical though/emotional extremes, etc. all aspects they have under control. Think of the lightsider version of civilization depicted in 'Demolition Man'--boring, boring and....boring. Why are there so many of them here? I you look at some very credible contactee information such as Alex Collier who had knowledge about astrophysics and topics he could not have known about, he was incarnated here from the Andromedans, or the case of Boriska in Russia (Project Camelot) who at the age of seven and eight described life on Mars and Earth prior to our current history paradigm with such detail and knowledge far beyond that of someone his age that he could not have picked up from a book--the adults listening were awestruck. We have the capacity/potential to reach very highly advanced spiritual levels individually as opposed to a planetary group because of the unique qualities that interest these civilizations. If being an Earth human implies that we graduate from the Earth school which is extreme in nature, perhaps another theory is applicable. Advanced technology, linear time and psychic ability does not seem to be mutually exclusive with spiritual advancement (and in some respects/circumstance is an impediment/obstacle. Even withing the current history paradigm, civilizations with more advanced weapons following illogical and destructive religious mindsets/dogma/ethics have attempted to destroy other civilizations and individuals who were more spiritually-advanced whether they follow beliefs in the balance of natural law, or were scientists making contrary discoveries regardless of being theists/pantheists/atheist. Perhaps since there are incarnations from these other civilizations, it amounts to a change in spiritual path. What if we all had many lives in those other civilizations being born with memories and skills intact progressing one at a time, and the next step in advancement is incarnating as Earth humans with memories blocked, simultaneously experiencing incarnations in al time periods, both genders, and an enormous variety of life situations--the challenge being to discover who we are? What if we progress not into the safety of controlled civilizations with memories intact, but into a much more difficult spiritual model--and when we graduate from here, we truly move on? And what if some of these ET/ID civilizations are attempting to cheat the process by the use of technology and genetics (but it doesn't work that way)? Those of us who believe that these beings are here to assist in a purely benevolent way and regard them all as 'space brothers/sisters' are the modern-day equivalent of our ancestor who couldn't distinguish tech from magic and worshipped (or nearly so) them? The fact that some of them ally themselves with humans having a greedy and secretive agenda that they murder for begs caution.

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 10:04 AM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

Please post ideas you may have about how to rid ourselves of this galactic pest the turned on the house of G-d...

A: Methods by which we can draw them to the ground to slaughter them

Shooting won't work. We'll have to learn their weakness! Perhaps a certain frequency of light or sound. I've heard they don't like smoke and perfume. The grey skin can't handle smoke or strong smells. Maybe throw mustard gas at those punks.

B: Places we can hide undetected

They can read minds and they have special heat sense tech. So you'll have to cover your brain with some shield, and hide underground. No above ground hiding. Or you can pretend to work for them, but they will kill you if they find out you're not one of them.

C: Ways to determine humans who have been genetically manipulated

I saw on the History Channel, UFO hunters. These two alien abductees thought they were getting tested on. One of the hunters had a theory that they were both alien hybrids. So they got their blood tested at MGH in Boston. They found out both men had blood anomaly, having to do with high amounts of kreatine chloride, a blood anomaly usually related to muscle tissue healing. But both men were healthy, and both men claimed to be alien contactees. They claimed that the aliens were trying to teach them things. Teach them about the future.

D: Planetary defense systems

None. You can't defend because the US gov is on the side of the aliens. They know we could not defend this anyways. It will come down to each human to fight against alien invaders.

E: Governments and political and celebrity officials who have not yet been tampered with

Not likely. Those with power have already been compromised to get there. People are promoted by those inside, and the greys have been controlling Earth's politics for thousands of years.

F: Ways to prevent abduction and track our missing abducted love ones

GPS device inside humans (which I don't like the idea of). Or just wearing one of those metal helmets and hiding underground. Maybe near lots of burning smoke and stinky perfume smells. They hate that.

G: Possible political activism that would be credible

First, the US gov needs to admit a lot about ETs and UFOs. London and South America already admitted that they have been seeing UFOs for the past 50 years. Now its USA's turn!!!

H: Methods of contacting potential allies from other worlds or maybe within our own?

If we could contact them, it would be through the highest leaders of the US gov. But they have already made contact. Right?

I: Ways to "stay awake" during an abduction for purposes of resisting, fighting back and potential theft of space craft to use for escape from Earth if they are too numerous (which might be the case)

Wake up. It's not a dream! Scream! And bite them aliens!!!!!!!

J: Possible effective weapons systems that wouldn't harm humans or the Earth in the process of self defense

None. Just need to make them come onto the ground. They will always win a space battle.

K: Spreading Public awareness that E.T.s Suck (besides E.T's suck T-shirts)

Hmmm. Gov propaganda. It works for most propaganda. Why wouldn't it work to promote the hatred for E.T.s???!!!

Long Live The Resistance!!!

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 11:40 AM

Originally posted by SkepticPerhaps
How about we all send e-mails to both candidates on this topic and see the reaction from both?

Yeah, you should. And then listen to Obama's next speech

"I use to think my foreign policy was crazy, then some kid from ATS e-mailed me and asked me to construct my UFO resistance policy"

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 12:20 PM

Originally posted by mopusvindictus
Trust me, I get the GPS on a real Grey base... I wont even break the law... I'm going in with a broomstick and butcher knife

and the broom stick is for all the Humans they probed...

Made my day! lol!

Look some may say far out some may agree ,i agree on that humans must stop their nonsense with each other and start standing as one. Follow that which our heart tells us, to love, live, forgive and have faith in spirit and not in materialism or flesh.

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 05:46 PM
Dude read the terra papers!!!! this is where George lucas formed star wars.. you pretty much figured most of it out without any of the details! very impressive.. Read it! check out any torrent engine and search for terra papers not only is it very entertaining(more then star wars) you will get the chills somehow knowing its the truth.. I beleive its the missing link.. and its basically is your idea but with many details! the Annunaki was a worker race that worked allongisde royalty in mining this planet.. There was a betrayel from the reptilians there was the greys which are reptiles from a star sector not too far from here and the underground hybrid lizards which were used for mining underground.. Once the Greys and the lizards took over... we became there prize. We are hybrids..Apes with the dna of an advanced species.. the species that created us.. Read it!! and we are not alone!! the Siriuns will battle it out with the reptilians soon.. and the reptilian sponsored goverments of this world... THE GIG IS UP!!!

[edit on 13-6-2008 by thefreepatriot]

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 05:51 PM
reply to post by OneLoveUSA

I think the best thing to do is figure out how to contact our old masters.. the siriuns...maybe if somone has a crop field we can send a message back to them! perhaps this is what they have been trying to do!! is talk to us!!! anyone have a corn field?

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 05:54 PM
reply to post by infinite

You would be one of the people that when the truth is finally revealed you will totally lose it.. your "idea" of reality is so rigid that if anything is introduced into your enviroment that is drastically different then what you were taught you might just go insane... Remember you are on a conspiracy site.. if you don't like it then go home!

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 09:41 PM
So we have to hide under the andes mountains in patagonia like the nazis in their search for Ciudad de los Cesares, an hiperborean city of gold.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 05:57 AM
Wow, a solid page of great posts... you know for a bit there I totally thought i'd be flamed in constant by Alien huggers utterly alone on this...

It's good to know that allot of people totally are creeped out by the Greys just as I am and that there is a more serious side to trying to understand human history and when alien intervention actually happened and how.

I seriously do think there is allot of wild disinformation put out there... and TY to the poster about the terra files...

I know allot of history, i'll read them, I don't think I have exact awnsers but, there are a couple of time frames prior to and after the flood where it seems obvious there were other sentients walking around and involved and the use of science and history seems to confirm this...

I can't stand the Greys, they look like Larva of some kind, all other theories don't creep me out, I figure reptillians even if they suck are from Earth and if we were slaves or manipulated by Annunaki, or any one else or what the "exact" details are isn't a big deal... it's just history...

What creeps me out is what drove them off and underground etc, etc and the Greys are creepy ...

and I kind of grasp physics pretty well for an amateur... I don't think something with a "soul" could travel faster then light...

when I look at real "possibility for past visitation" like the Dogons I don't get the impression the went faster than light...they never come back again for starters and there aren't allot of them...

sounds like cryo suspension

and annunaki, nephillim (one and the same?) they come in a bunch and over time are vanquished by (flood) or slain david and goliath...

sounds like a singular... slow moving ark...

Only these Greys just buzz in numbers so I ask myself... and my awnser is, they go faster then light, Why does nothing else alive seem to? (taking this all as real for reasons of theory development)

It's just them... faster then light and... when I put our religous and historical accounts together and "watcher" and "luciferians" and... legends of a race ..truely damned to hell... (this world/ this universe, souless) To me the Greys match and they... look the part, unalive, strange, automatic, insect like, non emotive, non sexual, cold, silent

They are to me so different that even if all this is wrong, thier intentions for us could... never possibly match what is best for us as a spieces...

benevolent? Evil? Definitely Alien! I don't want thier influence on my world, at all, in any way shape or form.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 06:19 AM
And LOL how the heck do some people fall into this wishful thinking that...
There is some giant federation waiting to save us?

Why the heck would I want to join that federation anyway?

If there is one it's like a Big United Nations... except as the newest member we'd be locked into a million treaties we don't understand...

Earth would be to a Galactic Federation what Somalia is to the United Nations in terms of acceptability, wealth, respect... And having not a prayer of expansion or "galactic/world policy ever being in it's favor...

I think... if there is a galactic council like the UN, (except hopefully it kind of works) We should not come on the scene like... some new little island in constant civil war...

I say we unite and be more like... the North Koreans or Isreal or Iran or Cuba of the scene... Kick the # by suprise attack out of some visitors with resources or terror bomb the crap out the Greys if they are like the "America of the galaxy...

Get thier enemies stocking us up with ammo and get a rise out of all the other mamillian races and stuff... rile up the whole damn galaxy, annex at least our own solar system and a few local systems, show the whole galaxy the Greys anal probing farmers and mutialting cows, turn everyone against them and get reperations and stuff...

Make life so hard on the Greys that they get rid of who ever is in charge an elect a different color Alien...

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posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 11:51 AM
this is probably going to sound nuts but I personally determne whether or not an alien is "good" or "bad" by their references to "God", if they believe and also state that they are only interested in doing his will and helping others that's a good alein, i actually never even realized aliens talked in this way until recently which brought me back to God

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 12:23 AM

This is interesting, but do not be hasty.

Like all things, there is good and evil. But, from what I have noticed, evil is more prominent. If evil is so great on Earth, it can be else where. Maybe there is a galactic, or universal federation...but, like all things, evil will be in there as well. Trust none. No man, no being. Hate has separated us as human beings, hate for one another...hate for other races. Hate, for one's self may save us from those that hate us. Before there is hate, there is the will to survive.

I've heard too much talk that a lot of the world's governments have made deals with these creatures. So, there trust and help is out of the picture.

Maybe, they're preparing for a war...maybe the aliens will fight for us. But not for us, maybe they want us, our planet, but could do so easily...if it were just us in the picture. Maybe other aliens want this planet. Why kill the sheep just yet, when there is a bigger threat. Maybe none of them want to help us. Who knows, maybe a few of them do...but only a few.

I've done so much research on the topic...and honestly, so many sources all say something opposing. Who do you believe in such an instant? I'll tell you who you believe, you believe that 1st thing you've had inside of you the instant you were alive. You believe survival. It will hurt me to know that, maybe we're wrong and they do want us to help, but we come to them with war and screw up our chances of ever becoming any better than we are, but...what's the choice? Will they understand that we have to fight? They have done NOTHING to prove their kindness. Not them, not the governments. Absolutely nothing. What else can you do when all you see is lies and evil surrounding you? What else but fight? Hug them? Why? They have not hugged you...maybe the attempted to and were stopped. Maybe, they tried to help us...and because of the stance some of us are taking now, they felt threatened and a vendetta was born. But, what else can we do? We are ignorant to their intentions...we can only speculate. And all speculation points toward human wipe out/misery. Fight...for every bullsh!t thing they have and haven't done. For all the good that could have been done and nothing was done. For the money our governments love. For the power they abuse, for all that could have been done, but was not. For all that could have been helped. Fight!

Fight for survival, and fight for your respect.

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 04:34 AM
Good post Sdraw

I have been off for a day or so, but I have been thinking about this... comedy and speculation aside...

Through out evolution or life in general, emotioin has increased in our ability to display and convey it... Our facial muscles have become more complex, our body language more descriptive over time...

and the Greys, have almost no mouth, no discerning facial features... you could say maybe they are telepathic, but if emotions were being conveyed in this "superior?" (is that superior minus touch and display?) way, why would the mouth and facial expression de-evolve?

They just don't smile or express anything in any description ever... it's not a "good direction for me...

and you know, i'm a pretty emotionally intelligent guy, very intuitive and, when I "read a mind" lol, you know just know what someone is thinking from knowing feels Good, it makes me smile more.. not less.

So, that's not much of a reason but it's behind my gut feeling and... not a "good" direction for humanity... not a thing to loose

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posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 10:20 AM
i like mopusvindictus theory of "greys" as only one traveling faster than light because of soul.
they look emotionless.i think they have no soul or emotions . just behaving like drones, kind of borg civilization. blah, i hate how they look.

like some kind of insect-reptile mutation.

technology for human kind or soul species would be cryo chamber or some kind of similar future tech. don't think star trek teleport would work for humans

and for idea of galactic federation....
first united earth (what an utopia) kicks grey's ass in war and then joins GF as the ones that may have been made as slaves but not anymore.

somebody said maybe we should contact our old masters...
as i get the picture we were slaves. why should call old masters?
to be slaves again?

that kind of help is not needed

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 04:43 PM
X prize time. How about an X prize for things that relate to ET? One prize could go to deciphering a message, another to a proven communication or interaction. Still another for producing actual hardware or ET himself.
Most ET sightings, true crop circles, etc. seem to me to be simply saying "We are here". In that the sighting was meant to be seen, the crop circle was meant to be puzzled over. We must find a way to encourage them to come down, if it is safe. There could be a problem with some kind of biological contamination. When the Europeans came to the western hemisphere they brought all types of diseases that the native Americans had no resistance to.

Or they, the "controllers", might not be biological entities at all, but simply bots. What if the greys are just some kind of savant drone, and the ones calling the shots are in some mega mother ship orbiting saturn, or themselves collectively are a giant mother ship orbiting a planet in our solar system.

[edit on 16-6-2008 by son of PC]
The greys don't seem to speak and seem to be asexual. Maybe the have been made with our dna mostly, combined with other mammal dna, possibly bovine. Richar Hoagland has speculated about lunar structures and martian ruins. How deep does this mystery run.

[edit on 16-6-2008 by son of PC]

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 07:18 PM
Hi Mopus,
This is an interesting thread you started here.

From my experience, there are three versions of what we call 'Grays', and one is definitely a genetically created worker drone type.

The back-engineering done so far has given us things with wide applications, although humans being humans we choose only see the potential for all things war to be used against others of our own species.

The Estrogen levels you are talking about comes from the over-processed foods we all consume because we can't be bothered going out the back yard and creating our own vegetable gardens to be semi-self sufficient. We bring this upon ourselves with our detachment from our own welfare and allowing the continuation of this process by our non-activity.

Nowhere in the Sumerian Tablets does it talk about the Anunnaki being destroyed or forced underground by another race. They simply hopped on their rockets and headed home again, as they always do when their world is in the outward phase of it's orbit. Nothing underhanded there my friend.

And the early warming phase of the last ice age was caused by the passing of Nibiru through the solar system, as is described for us in the Tablets. The Anunnaki were very aware of what was happening and about to happen here, which is why they got off the face of the planet for the events.

This Tower of Babel myth has been very misunderstood for some time. In the interim years with no Anunnaki around, we took it upon ourselves to try and replicate their technology and thereby reach 'the heavens'. I have never read that we were fired upon by an external source or that we actually managed to fire a rocket off into space. I do think the tablets talk about our attempts, not our success.

We Homo Sapien Sapien's were a very young race at the time, and without the guidance of those who genetically created us, we naturally formed tribal groups... which you can see in the world around us as a very natural thing for living species to do... as per the apes, etc.

Perhaps us not going back to the moon is more about the real estate and ownership/usership than anything else. It is well recorded that large ships were openly displayed to those humans on the moon's surface and it does not surprise me in the least that we elected to stay away.

7: They kidnap allot of people stick things in our butts, don't return allot of them and the ones they do go whacko sometimes... what kind of benevolent species probes your anus? You'd think they'd have an xray machine... why do so many abductees recall HORROR

I agree that there are races who treat us humans exactly as we treat laboratory animals... so what makes them worse than us? And yes, some races seem to "abduct" us for their agenda/research, and again just as we do to other species.

Do not forget all the people who have had good experiences with the Grays and others... who learned they were not being abducted, but simply fulfilling their end of a bargain. I know from my experience over 40 years or so that before we incarnate here we make agreements for experiences, and this includes providing information to other souls who are incarnate in what we call Alien forms.

You will find that the cause of an 'abductees' horrific experiences to be their own Fears, their own Belief-systems, and in taking on the role of being a Victim. I know a lady who when the last time she was taken agreed to be co-operative/peaceful and viewed the aura of those beings with her... she was amazed at the beauty she saw there. There are no victims here, we all chose the majority of our self-created experiences before birth.

There are no grotesque creatures in the Universe, it is we humans who Judge other things as inferior to us, always. We are no better than than those you seem filled with hate for.

Lastly, I have had direct experiences with something very much like a Galactic Federation, and so I can tell you it does exist and the intentions are far reaching for most life forms

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 06:02 AM
i say war with everybody that gets in our airspace without asking.
we were forced out of moon???
so what gives them right to come in our territorry?
or is it their by their meaning?
Ronald Reagan warned us about uniting earth because of some kind of alien threat.
maybe US govt isn't so crazy when it comes to disclosure. keeping it's mouth shut and doing back engineering until army isn't strong enough.
what do you think missile shield and other future army tech crap is for.
for Iran you don't need that and Russia and China war ideas are funny.
keeping earth defence is primary target.
seem to me that is only way to respect in all kind of galactic or earth federations is - force. when we control airspace and ground at maximum safety - no spies, no abductions, no alien ships, and taking down everybody who tries anything like that - bam - earth is joining federation.
we stop beeing lab rats and become partners.

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