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The Resistance

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posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 07:23 PM
We should try and stay on the heart of the subject, because too much conjecture I think... sounds fantastic to some eople and could discredit the more serious and real base points of what we can be relatively sure of and immeadiately concerned with.

Defense of humanity (although history helps allot) it is rooted in personal belief systems and has little to do with daily life... Most religions would agree that, these visitors are not our friends and most explain quite explicitly that we have been duped before, so I... try not to tread into explanations of bible and history as relevant to science and aliens. The backlash would distract to much from whats real and could be agreed upon.

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 07:33 PM

Originally posted by star in a jar
Hmmm, If I wasn't mistaken, the grays are the new 'Islamic terrorists
' Oh well, if one plan fails, just move on to the next, eh?

I think there are good aliens and bad aliens and that there might be an war in space, but I have trouble believing there is such an severe hostility out there. I wonder why there has never been an credible account of an alien attack on Earth, ever. Also, whats so bad about the grays that couldn't be found in an human? We kill, rape, assault. We even cannibalize. We've done horrendous things in the name of whoever we followed.

I'm afraid we are the sheep, and the wolves (probably mostly humans only) are baying up a new storm to keep the sheep close.

Why wouldn't the government tell us the truth about what they REALLY know? I bet they are afraid of losing power to an higher benevolent order so they bring up racism and xenophobia. It has happened for thousands of years and they are still doing it. Why the heck won't the aliens release some kind of horrible genome disease to wipe out the humans and purify the Earth? They have the technology, most likely! Why drag out this torture? To watch us suffer? Are we in a purgatory or hell? Who is torturing us, Earthlings or Aliens?

This claim that outer space is full of danger is garbage, like the (disproven) claim that odd or foreign countries or religions are inherently dangerous.

Who says they haven't? Try not to be blind, we have been reverse engineering stuff for a long time and look at the effects of the technology on our planet...

Go back and read what I wrote about Combat Roach killer and the Roswell Human equivalent...

Why should I think it is a coincidence that the head of a grey looks exactly like an Ant or Wasp in many ways and look, all the estrogen and medication and what is an insectoid race? Drones..female workers...

Ever see what sperm counts have become... or notice the large breasts on females how much estrogen has been leaked, what about the effects of drugs in our water supply all working to calm us and dumb us down, floride in particular but lets not forget prosac and other drugs...

what are the odds that our tech... if fully developed by humans would have these very...specific effects and we started this in ww2.. the Germans really, right prior to Roswell...

People that like Aliens Usually have problems with humans... I for one simply don't think we are all that bad... I think if our technologically development was pushed, guided, interfered with we would have Allot less toxic a system of doing things today.

We all are being brainwashed to think of ourselvs via the media as cruel, barbaric and just Wish... Wish for some huigher authority and religion and science have so discredited each other we turn to these... Aliens

Can't you see... that is exactly what they want for us to turn to them for guidance, to throw away our humanity.. think of these Bugs..these creatures with no souls as Benevolent... and ignore our own instincts

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 07:36 PM

Originally posted by lee anoma

I believe they Crashed the sucker on purpose...

So do I.

You are one of the very few people (or at least ones I've come across) that have considered this notion. Death is unreal and irrelevant if you understand where we are and how they can be both here and "there". There is no death for any of us really...just regulation and control. That is NOT what they have to worry about. There were no dead aliens at the Roswell site.

People have no idea what is going on and it just gets ugly from here.
It always does.

- Lee

So glad someone sees common sense... the miltary must have been so proud when they landed down a space craft with lol... an old howitzer...

and then were able to convieniently hack into it's systems with...a computer the size of a bard that ran on magnetic tape lol

You can see how they thought they were so smart lol, but... really they took Exactly the information in that... They Greys wanted them to absorb.

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 07:39 PM
Hey Undo, great contribution.

I think the connections you are making are very intriguing. There is a lot of speculation regarding who or what the Annunaki were but I suppose the information is in the patterns. They either lead you to the head (if you are really trying) or the tail.

I seriously think you should start a thread of your own and lay these ideas out as I would be VERY interested in reading them.

- Lee

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 07:43 PM
Wow... where to start.

Firstly, there is no proof 'greys' even exist let alone proof that they are hostile.

So, taking that into account, this entire thread is based on speculation and opinion and adds nothing to the serious discussion about UFOlogy...

Skunkworks time please mods?

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 07:49 PM
Benevolence and Older Civilizations.

If you believe in G-d, Science or both there is no room in either area to believe that what came before in creation is Better then what Evolved Later in the Universe.

Evolution Improves on itself and G-d made us most recently, we are no matter how we look at this superior and more capable of perhaps even ascension then what came before us.

Biblically the Angels Rebel from G-d because humans were given things they weren't, the chance to ascend, to live forever in a higher dimesnion perhaps?

Why should we assume an older culture, because it has more technology in "this world" is superior to us?

and benevolence?

This will be Funny! But what is Benevolence? When the Crocodille Hunter finally got StingRay Spine in his chest... I thought, serves him F&^%n right! LOL I mean yeah he Loves animals and he... runs around strangling them and wrestling them down and tagging them...

His cause is human... Higher than the Croc right, but what if, that beaker gives the thing a headache for the rest of it's life, or cancer or maybe a female croc just wont go near him for the rest of his life because he got a big digital clock on his arse?

Who is to tell me what is in my best interest or what is higher?

If I was a Chimp and some kook in a jumpsuit came after me he'd get bit and hard, if he got me in a zoo and tried to study me ... I'd end up being medicated or put to sleep because I'd go so far as to hurt the other chimps if they liked it, i'd be the worst Zoo monkey Ever, flinging poo everywhere and screaming and biting...

who says the zoo is better for me then the jungle? Let me evolve in peace, I was doing quite fine without any Aliens tagging and rereleasing me thank you very much...

I'm sorry I root for the Animals when I watch when Animals attack... I love when a Moose butts a human 12 feet in the air and the best ever was when Sigfried got Mauled by that Lion

I loved that, Imagine your life... some Homosexual Grey parading you around on stage in exchange for some meat. If the thing put a finger in my mouth... sure i'd bite it right off...

Was Sigfried a bad man... no he loved the Lion, but the Lion belonged in the Jungle and didn't Love him back...

Seriously, every year you hear about a couple of stupid kids that get into a Bear Cage or whatever and... I just think Go Bear! I think the Bear should get a Medal, life in a cage... First Grey I get my hands on dies and please let the Alien Police put me out of misery for doing it...

What's Benevolent?

Free Will! That's Benevolent.

[edit on 12-6-2008 by mopusvindictus]

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 08:12 PM

Originally posted by fooffstarr
Wow... where to start.

Firstly, there is no proof 'greys' even exist let alone proof that they are hostile.

So, taking that into account, this entire thread is based on speculation and opinion and adds nothing to the serious discussion about UFOlogy...

Skunkworks time please mods?

How can you have a "discussion about ufolgy lol seriously" What does that even mean? What nonsense, Somethings flying the Ufo's helllo... Pilots, No proof Aliens exists???

people I trust told me they had Bad experiences, that's my proof. We need someone in a Lab Coat to Verify what g-d knows how many people cry about daily?

Why don't you go to Iran and ask Ahmadinejad about the holocost lol, what proof do we have? Some ruins in germany, some photographs? were they faked?

I know the holocost was real because before she died my Aunt had a Tattoo and told me the story and I believed her...

If your waiting for proof of a very real threat... you will get it, it's like asking for proof a nieghborhood is crime ridden by walking through it at 2:00 am to find out. You have to go on intuition..these people are lying Or they are telling the truth...

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 08:19 PM
reply to post by lee anoma

i have a ton of 'em already.

you can see the list of related threads i've created here but the stargates are real thread has the most data, as i tend to put the data there first:

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 08:26 PM
Human Rights

Take the movie ET for example. I rooted for the military over the happy little Alien. I'm sorry but I did.

That thing was violating us, in many ways. A: He spread germs and he was all over the forest, soooo big deal he used his heart light lol, to save drew barrymoore, but lets be real, what happens when some squirrel ate some nut he dropped and then ate from someones dog dish and that germ ended up in another human being?

What kind of Caring Benevolence is that, running loose with alien germs in our woods?

Then, he love Reeces pieces, so he brings some home with him, Why do the Aliens get our recipie and give nothing back? That sounds stupid right? But really we are like a pet to him. We don't matter he loves the kids , hurray for him.

But really this is again no different then what happened in the Americas, we got Manhattan for some shells and coins. What kind of a deal was that?

ET runs around taking plant specimens from all over and bringing them back to make medicine and all this stuff, who know what. Maybe he found something ina pinecone that cure Cancer... what does the Human race get in return?


But you can be sure they come back and get all our Pine Cones a reeces Pieces, why can they sample our genetics and our world free of charge with no reward, Bet they don't do that to more advanced world, that exchange is a constant.

So... i'm goofing around ET is a nice movie, but would would the real Ramifications be? Serious... What is Manhattan worth today? Seashells?

ET should have been held at ransom.

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 09:07 PM
more evidence that we were not even on this planet as a group, prior to 3900 BC and that it was a reptilian and grey planet before we were brought here as a slave race

This statue is from ancient Sumer. It predates 3900 BC. Look at the baby's head and hands. That's not artistic license. all the statues that have babies, look the same, or nearly the same

there was no race of humans on this planet before 3900 bc. this would explain the confusing fossil record and tie up the loose ends between ancient texts and modern archaeology

instead, we were brought through a literal star gate by Enki, at his city of Eridu, initially, as a slave race. He taught us civilization, which explains the references in the Book of IEnoch. He didn't create us, but references to the gate "creating" people became a common theme and it resulted in the mistaken idea that the gate was like a womb from which the gods, etc, emerged.

the tower of babel event is more star gate usage, as people of different languages were brought here from all over the universe.

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 10:04 PM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

Wow, you really haven't got a clue.

You and people like you are the reason the topic of UFOs is so ridiculed. You make fantastic claims with nothing but the thoughts in your head as proof and get uptight when someone disagrees with you.

Serious discussion of UFOlogy is something you'll probably never experience, but I'll give you a taste anyway. It involves science, the discussion of FACTS and more importantly, the weeding out and exposing of OPINIONS BEING DISPLAYED AS FACTS, HOAXES and misidentification.

Professor John Edward Mack from Harvard university was one of the first highly regarded academics to take the topic seriously. His credentials were second to none and he conducted one of the most widespread and detailed studies of the alien abduction phenomenon to date.

It is men like that and their work that will further the topic of UFOlogy, not some baseless ranting on a forum about how evil 'greys' are and how we all need to band together to fight them.

To quote you:

"what nonsense"

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 11:21 PM
You know for starters I have to say that... the topic is taking a wrong turn, I got completely taken back by the "star gate" thing undone threw in a bit back there...

I am 100% sure or well 99% at the least that we eveolved on earth and Carbon dating is accurate by comparisson to geology for at least the last few hundred thousand years...

The Harvard Professor Edward Mack, you reference says directly

"I would never say, yes, there are aliens taking people. [But] I would say there is a compelling powerful phenomenon here that I can't account for in any other way, that's mysterious. Yet I can't know what it is but it seems to me that it invites a deeper, further inquiry."

Thats a Man who could loose his job in an instant and went under review for even bringing up the topic!!!

His contemporary Budd Hopkins, who has less to loose straight forward insists that these abductions are real.

I don't like the theoretical aspects of this discussion... I am taking this however from a place of... "It's time we admit this is real" Individual theories of the history of intervention while not irrelevant is takingb this to some far reaching zones and I had intend to avoid that.

With that said and all speculation of who and what put aside:

I stand by my main points which are valid

1: If it enters our airspace it should always be intercepted

2: No treaties should be made with alien spiecies without public consent

3: It is highly dangerous for the planet to be exposed to Any life form without proper controls

4: Anything not cooperating with us should be considered a decleration of war

5: benevolence (good intentions) does not neccessarilly equal Our best interests as a species

6: Manipulation via a perception of "higher culture" or "greater good" or offering of other such philosophies should not be taken as Gospel, we are our own species and Interference is Interference regardless of Intention

7: Duping of a more primative civilization by offering of good will is the oldest trick in the history of civilization and we should be wary to fall for it ourselvs

8: While many abductees claim to have "spiritual" insights many others report extreme Fear, Anguish and Loathing, a commonality here is that. Minds seem to be being manipulated and we do not know for what purpose.

9: This is Our world, we have no basis of relation with or reason to succumb to the rules and laws of any civilization as higher than our own, anytime a culture has done this in history it has marked the end of that culture.

10: Technology or ability does not make a culture "more advanced"

11: All theory aside there are extreme numbers of encounters with both UFOs and these "Greys" which are unexplainable. The labeling of this as a phenomena as oppossed to just admitting we have visitors is a ludicrous thing, there is nothing that relates to a mass delusion of this nature involving a like hallucination amongst so manmy people in any aspect of human life, but we Know there is a Galaxy of Planets out there.

The most probable explanation is not mass hysteria it is actual visitation

12: People of great respect as witness swear to these things, people whos word in a court of law would be taken without fail. Presidents, Astronauts, Military Leaders. Law Officers. There is no reason to believe they are lying or mentally disordered

13: Our Religions and cultural Institutions Directly Warn us through history of "Fallen Angels" and Beings from the heavens. The human genome has been almost identical for as much as 36,000 years, we are not more advanced individually or in terms of "capacity" then people recording things 5,000 or 10,000 years ago. There is less justafiable reason to say "they were primative" and thier sky g-ds were fake then to believe that we were visited in the past and agin right now.

[edit on 12-6-2008 by mopusvindictus]

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 11:24 PM
It is my understanding that these 'grays' were left here after Nibiru left the solar system sort of as technicians.They are to systematically update their information as to the progression of our species.This data is then stored for later evaluation.All results are kept for the return of the Anunakki,who were the creators of our species.This has been going on for a countless centuries.We just haven't been privy to the information due to the fact that the truth would destroy religion and the hold of the Vatican in particular.
2012 is the start of the next phase in our evolution,public sightings are increasing daily,they are soon going to make themselves known,as they have many times before.

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 11:34 PM
My conclusion by reason of overwhelming eyewitness of credibe accounts, historical observations and current level of Governement interest in the phenomena is that UFO's are Real and that these Greys are the pilots/opertors/owners of these vehicles.

Something is buzzing us and abducting us.

There are from that conclusion only two roads... capitulate or fight.

I see nothing that shows me any reason to believe these beings have any good intent. I see no reason whatsoever to believe that they are providing our people with Free Will in regards to experiments done on them, material be it genetic or otherwise taken from our planet.

In a purely Military analysis, If in command (and I believe this is where our govt is going after years of capitulation) I would immeadiately seek to aquire the technology and cripple whatever units or numbers are present here in the vicinity of our planet.

This opportunistic and survival oriented and I have no reason to believe that the rules of nature have been "transcended" anywhere by any species

I would seek to capture any available technology for replication to arm ourselvs against possible aggression, capture any bases on the planet or within our reach in this solar system, gather any and all information about this species by whatever force neccessary.

Ensure the victory, in short of our species, I'm sorry Benevolent is a Subjective term... again I will repeat, Benevolent is Subjective!

I am sorry but whatever rules and culture any species has... we have a Right to exercise our own,

People live in fear that we will exterminate ourselvs, lack Faith and Seek for an awnser...

An awnser given to you... is not the same as an awnser or truth you achieve yourself. We did not sig up for a galactic council LOL, we are not some idiot Tribe that needs to be LOL "Westernized" haha by some Higher culture.

You all get that point i'm sure?

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 11:45 PM
And Aside from all Theory which again I didn't want to get overwhelmingly into.

True threats to Human Civilization arise from one place, space.

We have discovered that Planets exist around most stars, we have found close to Earth sized planets...

The writing is on the wall... to assume we are alone at this point is an insanity, it is... Earth at the Center of the Universe thinking.

Space should be Weaponized immeadiately... investigation of UFOs and Aliens, if Conclusive proof is Not yet considered definite... then by shooting at anything that comes close that doesn't announce itself we will get it.

Our worst case scenario is mankind united against common, genuine threats... cooperation into building Earth defenses at the least would help shield us from solar storms, protect us from comets and meteorites and other debris... help us extend our reach to off world colonies...

Something Steven Hawkins is a big fan of doing and... I think he's a bit brighter then a child psychologist from Havard... eh?

If, If, IF, after we drill into the moon and under the Earth and do a bit of terraforming and establish rapidly and immeadiately defendable bases on mars and the moon and into the moons of Jupiter like Europa... we have found nothing... so what? Then it was a false alarm...

But it would demand disclosure and we'd know what's miliatray and whats not and we would have gotten our eggs out of One Basket and protected the species...

and.. For 70 years we are beaming signals and messages out there now... in an "assumtion that life exists" If, If, it's not here yet... We should darn well start running drills and acting like it is... because Jupiter has 30+ Moons and we have found over 200 Jupiter like planets and the Odds are All 100% in favor that one day now that a bunch of stupid hippies have screamed across the galaxy to say HI! to unkown life forms that one day some might very well show up!!!

Space Is dangerous, every single threat to human existence that could kill all life comes from it, The Sun, planetary collision, asteroid, comet...

and yeah... Alien Intervention... If they are here unannounced we take every piece of tech we can get and arm ourselvs...

Because far less then "proof of aliens" I have never seen a shred of evidence that "survival of the fittest is Not the rule of Nature"

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posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 11:48 PM
fossil record isn't human though. it's not homo sapians.
and neither are the statues and artifacts prior to 3900 BC.
they are reptilians and greys. enki is their leader. his name means
LORD EARTH. that's why he offered it to jesus in exchange
for his fealty. so carbon dating is not going to show you that.

follow along for a moment and i'll give you a crash course
on the gate.

the tower of babel = gate of the gods.

gate of the gods = the abzu, the nun, the abyss, the namshub, the bottomless pit

there were at least 7 on this planet. 3 of which i believe i have accounted for. 2 smaller ones in eridu and nibru (nippur) and a big one that is today under the euphrates river but was at one time on the floor of the persian gulf.

[edit on 12-6-2008 by undo]

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 12:13 AM
You know, yeah it is...and that other poster has a point... I'm "speculating" on genetic manipulation as explanation for various things we encounter in history in regards to occasions where Men and Women have written of those that come form "the heavens"

Your turning science inside out and on it's ear...we have humans, frozen in ice for longer than 10,000 years we have humans depicted in drawings from 20,000 years... not the ape men, homo sapiens...

Honestly your going in a direction thats really fringe... alien intervention is plausable and has, evidence to support it... genetic manipulation is plausable, bloodlines being tailored for whatever reason over millenia has a basis in real human society

Humans arriving via sg1 3,500 bc and not being from Earth is completely dispelling modern science... we came from Earth,

your taking something which... warrents attention! world wide reference to a serpent race and world wide refrence to a flood and war in the skies between "the g-ds" some of who were these Nephillim, Giants and these few races which almost all historical accounts say "came down from the heavens to us" and taking us out of the picture before the antediluvian period, by adding a star gate lol, it's geologically off base, it doesn't fit evolution as we know it to be...

Your taking plausable things and honestly who ever generates the star gate theories is trying Real Hard to match the Time Line of the Bible by... completely making something up and... there is a way to make sense of the history in the Bible... in terms of science fact...

That way is to understand that... The bible time line is mistaken... Earth was created in a day? Whats a Day... to G-d or the Universe? a Billion years? Who Knows...

That last guy has a point, I am by even deviating into my own theories, drawing myself here into a trap... of expanding too much theory.

My point... the threads point, is about Aliens being Hostile... it's not a debate of History we don't have definitive proof of...

I think the Greys are here, I think they are real, I think disclosure needs to be immeadiate and... I have my reasons to believe they are Not friendly...

This was posted as a warning in opposition to those who believe...there is some Star trek council waiting to save our asses if we are duped... and while I do believe in Aliens I am not stretching my hopes and imagination to believe too much far fetched wishful (albiet a nice wish) fancy that some federation will save our ass...

Or that the peladians or whatever are in mind contact with the tree huggers, or that niburu has flowers on it... or any such nonsense about how beautiful it all is and how we are going to be saved...

On UFO's one thing Is Truely True... every one is way too hush, hush about it and that says to me ...something is covered up!

This post is about the reality of the potential very real danger and just how Unlikely it is that anything sneaking in and out of orbit is going to be good for us... Even if it has good intentions.

My examples relate to Western colonization of the New World how a "higher culture" still can "accidently" even by disease or other ways simply wipe us out and we should enforce this situation before it gets out of hand...

and may the skeptics be right and Aliens aren't here Yet!!! But I think they are and this is serous deep doo doo for us if it's true, in a million ways... this is about how to defend ourselvs and survive this reality

I belive for real that a policy of defense of the Earth is in real need of being enacted...

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posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 12:23 AM
well a theologian by the name of DAKE, wrote a huge book called GOD'S PLAN FOR MAN, several decades ago. in it, he uses the text of the bible to prove that this planet once belonged to an angelic race. this he called the angelic dispensation. they had their time of testing. they developed technologically and went out to colonize the other planets of the solar system. he uses the bible to corroborate alot of this. he says that we are currently under the dispensation of man and that eventually we will face the same questions and make choices just like the angelic races before us did. AND, he says, all this is done for the purpose of determining our ability to fit into what he calls "God's government", which he believes is all over the universe.

where he leaves off, i pick up the thread by examining the rest of the text relating to the gates of Eden, the gates of Mt. Mashu in the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Abzu of Enki, the Nun of the Egyptians, the Namshub of the Akkadians and the Bottomless pit of Revelation.

Where do you suppose these things are coming from? How did the gods arrive here besides via space travel in "ships"? When we were ejected through the gates of Eden, what happened next? The gate was blocked.

why there are humans (?) frozen in 20000 year old blocks of ice, is a very good question considering i think that's the angelic dispensation timeframe!

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 12:50 AM
can you link that 20000 year old frozen human?
i found a 20000 year old wooly mammoth but that's it. (read my post above, please)

[edit on 13-6-2008 by undo]

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 01:09 AM
i do think there's legitimate cause for concern (read my last 2 posts above)

for example, in Revelation 8 and 9, i see a huge invasion described in the text. first via the space around our planet, and second via the bottomless pit, which i consider to be a star gate.

in the passages relating to the bottomless pit, a star falls to earth (this is always translated by the text itself as a fallen angel). the fallen angel then opens the pit with a key. i think that's describing a ufo descending, as mentioned in the previous chapter and further elaborated on in the next. i don't believe this is metaphorical. and what comes out of the pit? the angels who had been put in there to begin with because of their tinkering with the fate and dna of humans.

my current theory is, they were sent to "outer darkness', which could be some remote region of the universe where they can't interfer with or tamper with the fate of any other species? at any rate, they are coming back, which can't be a good thing. especially if you read what they do next, when they get here.

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