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The Resistance

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posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 02:17 AM
I don't think e-mails would get a response...

LOL Ron paul who is brilliant can't get past these manipulators to be on tv or debate in a real way...

Your thinking right... but it needs to be... more dramatic more public to where the News is forcd to cover the public reaction, where the issue is forced on the candidates somehow...

Not sure how to do that... but disclosure should be a top ranked issue here, bits come out every day and... we need to know, speculation gets goofy and we deserve to know what we are up against at this point...

AND if any candidates are with the alien agenda and others against, my impression is that Bush and his cronies are... siezing the oil and doing these things not just for money but... to gear up for a fight, the Moon announcements by Bush and the types of weapons and...

I want to know if the real battle here between "liberal" and "conservative" might have underlying it... the topic of dealing with an Alien race, to accept thier ways and policies and follow thier instructions or oppose them...

I think that the neo cons might seriously be willing to take them on... the moon plans... and China also, I think there is a link between this admin and China on the space defense issue, I think there is a common ally there perhaps... and that we might inadvertantly elect those who peace with our occupiers...

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 02:23 AM
So what about the Egyptians? This meritaten, sister of tut.
what do you think explains the elongation of her skull? (hint, it's not disease, it's not head-binding, the egyptians didn't head bind, and it's not inbreeding)

tut's skull ct-scanned from his mummy

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posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 02:37 AM
To the OP:

What historically points to aliens being caretakers of the galaxy? I'm not quite following.

Are you seriously basing your arguments on the Bible?

What did "they" reverse-engineer at Roswell, how did it cause cancer or "estrogen levels", and have you any proof of this?

What are the Annukani and where are these tunnels you claim to exist?

Why are you referencing a Bronze-Age mythology story?

Why do you have an issue with primitive man? You're saying "Why did so many cultures and religions develop a bug up the arse about technology?", perhaps the fact is they hadn't developed technology yet...

How is the US national debt a result of spacemen?

Do you take your medication regularly or did you relapse prior to posting this OP?

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 02:37 AM
I mean... look allot of conspiracy theorists talk of "reptillians" if they Annunaki are real doesn't it change how we view who is who in this whole election?

Maybe the Annunaki were slavers or overlords, but thye fought a battle with something, tons of evidence for a a pre modern history war... in legend, in sites that seem to have had nukes used on them, in tunnles dug all around the worlsd, in evidence of an antedeluvian civilization...

We have all this bicker with China yet...they hold all our debt, we prop each others economies, they are building weapons as fast as we are to fight...who? Us? they guys buying all thier crap? The people of... the Dragon...

so many people link the neo cons to... Reptillians...

what if... The Enemy of My Enemy is my Friend... where does the "liberal" side stand?

Reptillians while not human are not so... Inhuman as whatever these Greys are and... I have a belief that, to have a soul, prohibts Lightspeed or greater travel... these Greys these watchers, I just have a feeling they are the true "fallen angels" they can't ascend...

If hyperdimesnional travel involes dimensional displacement... and all matter is a wave form in 4th dimesnional space... what happens when you displace that matter? Could the Soul or spirit follow...

My awnser to this although not a physicist is simply NO, that these Greys that travel rpidly between stars are...souless, it is the exact description of the grip that "Lucifer" has with "g-d" and it makes sense to me...

so are those... in leauge with Reptillians/annunaki actually the bad guys here or are the "peace lovers" being duped by something utterly unnatural...

On hunch plus some knowledge plus some science... if disclosure happened today and I had to choose between Nations and Factions that follow the Greys/Watchers and those on the side and allied with Reptillians

I am with the reptillians any day with out a moment of hesitation

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 02:49 AM
you read heiser's research on "the nachash and his seed"?
pdf file
html (not as good cause it can't show the actual hebrew glyphs)

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 02:51 AM

Originally posted by undo
So what about the Egyptians? This meritaten, sister of tut.
what do you think explains the elongation of her skull? (hint, it's not disease, it's not head-binding, the egyptians didn't head bind, and it's not inbreeding)

tut's skull ct-scanned from his mummy

[edit on 12-6-2008 by undo]

You know... an image like this is a very tough call...

A large head/ large brain case you would think would be a trait native to ANY evolved species

That head does not look like what I see on a Grey, the Grey are roundish... they don't protrude outward to that degree or angle and the annunaki show a clear genetalia, where as the Greys and interviews I have read never associate ufo abductions with these beings in that fashion.

accounts of reptillians here on earth, are different Sex, actual sex not tube and instrument fertilization are the norm with reptillians...

I don't think the Greys and the Annunaki are one and the same... the watchers/fallen angels and the serpents are clearly differentiated on in biblical passage and in most cultures... Sex is always involved with Annunaki, nephillim etc...

I get the impression that these are 2 different groups and the Annunaki perhaps also being from 'the heavens" fell into criminal act by mating with humans...

and the Greys/Watchers were the enforcers of the punishment

But who gave them the right to make the rules?

That there was a battle I have little question there were 2 sides and we have...2 distinct players...

I just dont think these "watchers" "greys" are... "Angels" of Light just because they come in the advanced lit up ships flying from the heavens...

Lets compare to the crime of Slavery as just a century and a half or so later we are about to have a black president perhaps... can you follow me? White people aren't neccessarily evil slavers.. sex was a factor, slavery was a factor... that struggle is by and large over... we are all people with a new culture and differnet ways now... if the Annunaki did enslave humanity and rape women etc, etc... they are still Reptillian.. Of this Earth? or Solar System? or Nibaru attached to this system?

They would be far closer to us... then whatever these Greys are that seem to be... overlords of the situation, that, probably initiated the flood, that drove the annunaki underground, that Nuked sodom and Gammorah, that fired on the tower of bable that... don't want us on the moon...

Our differences potentially seem much smaller with reptillians then... complete interlopers that come with suppossed divine authorty based on? Very shiny ships? and Fire from the sky?

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posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 02:59 AM
(nibiru was the name for jupiter when it was on the meridian of the sky. this is in the babylonian astrological charts. i disagree with sitchin's interpretation of it. now if he said, every 3000 years or so, jupiter goes wacko and it messes with the other planets, i'd be more inclined to believe that.)

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 02:59 AM
Theres just allot of room for...confusion here, in history and in reality. A big brain case is probably a sign of... any alien races or highly evolved races, we should be... very careful not to jump to conclusions of which race was manipulating us at a given time. Just from Skull representations... or which is the current true enemy...

As sure as sun in the desert... the Annunaki commited crimes... maybe still do against humanity... I can only imagine a tryely reptillian intellect driven culture, Dominance and submission being normal, pagentry and display and aggression more tolerated, authoritarian rule and sexuality being iof extreme impotance, even types of sexuality like described in riotuals suppossedly practiced against people...

But the Greys are... Cold, emotionless, lacking any expression... no need for facial construct, the head is remarkably ant or wasp like... as if they are a hybrid of some insect, they perform thier experiments without any passion, no aggression or violence...just cold sterile manipulation...

Not very "reptillian"

[edit on 12-6-2008 by mopusvindictus]

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 03:06 AM

Originally posted by undo
(nibiru was the name for jupiter when it was on the meridian of the sky. this is in the babylonian astrological charts. i disagree with sitchin's interpretation of it. now if he said, every 3000 years or so, jupiter goes wacko and it messes with the other planets, i'd be more inclined to believe that.)

Just venturing guesses... but reptillian to me implies some sort of genetic connection somehow... Jupiter going whacko seems more probable although... my guess is there should be far more failed stars then stars soooo... a companion I don't rule out...

These Greys look kind of like us... but they aren't like us... they didn't F*$K us... they might have experimented with us the whole came into the daughters of men... but it's all very specific in regards to giants/nephillim/reptillians... They LUSTED for us, they interacted with us

and something kicked them to the dirt... I think these Greys returning now are not them... maybe they Annunaki are still here, maybe the reptillian conspiracy stuff is true...

But somehow on a very, Very deep level... I don't really Fear them so much, I wouldn't wish to live a reptillian existance, but I could... I Could adapt to it, there is a reptillian side to my brain after all... and those instincts despite my Mamillian nature supressing them... they are there in all of us...

These Greys are, devoid of life as I know it... I fear them on a gut level, they are not natural, not at all like us...

again, if we bring reptillians into the picture along with greys... The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 03:07 AM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

well the egyptians were awfully fond of the serpent. especially the brazen serpent, which if you read the .pdf file from heiser, i linked you a couple posts ago, you would see that there's more to it than what you're supposing.

from what i can tell, there are good reptilians and bad reptilians. and according to heiser some of these angelic beings are higher order of some kind. lucifer,, satan,, enki (i think?) is from this higher order.

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 03:25 AM
(addendum: Enki was also the egyptian "Ra" from what I can tell, and the Grecian Apollo, known in revelation 9 as Apollyon and Abaddon the Destroyer. I think he's a body snatcher in his worm form, but usually only cloned bodies of his choosing, rather than kidnapped/abducted bodies (like in stargate sg1). ever watch that show? if so, remember when Loki kidnaps and clones Jack? Loki is also one of Enki's various identities. All the same guy. He's been busy, of course, some of that is related to language and cultural variations rather than totally new bodies.

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 03:29 AM
Fascinating that you would link that over...

I spent about 6 years in hebrew school after public school every day for 4 hrs... and have always been fascinated by how... absurdly hebrew is translated no differential bewteen Female and male tense so often, mistakes between terms like Heaven and Heavens which are very clearly defined and ignored by most jews let alone anyone else in modern times...

The evil blood line of the serpent and the nephillim (and always there would be room for debate) are not actually derived they are seperate I believe from one another... dual...

Your point of the Lucifer being a higher cast of "angels" is correct, this is where I derive my thoughts from actually... that the reptillians, annunaki... grey are seperate beings,

I am not 100% certain that the annunaki and the reptilians are actually one and the same either...

If I am correct the reptillians are survivors of... a previous attempt at life on Earth in intelligent fashion that was failed but survived and are from this Earth... The Serpents

The Annunaki are a race that was more humanoid "the nephillim that decended later on from "the heavens" and gave rise to the giant humanoid nephillim hybrids

and the Grey are the caretaker race the higher angels, the nephillim also from "the heavens" were considered fallen angels when viewed from human stand point and The Greys were the Angels who smited them...

It is possible that the annunaki/nephillim and reptillian bloodlines share a connection but...allot of what i read in hebrew growing up seems to contradict this... The reptillians are there own thing...from here... and the Nephillim decended from "the heavens"

as best of course as i can interpret...

multiple bloodlines, TheGreys, the watchers... are fortold to "turn on g-d" actually if you read deep enough all the angels eventually turn upon g-d except for... Enoch/Metatron/Christ the one true son of G-d

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 03:32 AM
hrm, we have a slight difference of opinion, but it's very slight.

have you ever done a study on the difference between an enosh and an adam?

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 04:10 AM
Enoch was decendant of Adam... Adam was essentially a bit of a puts in my eyes... he was essentially a failure in his obligations, he was cuckolded by a serpent after all...

Enoch is a very complicated figure... I have read allot about Enoch in my life, he was not just the grand father of Noah but plays an integral part in the story of Christ and is connected to the future of humanity.

Enoch went twice into "the heavens" before finally being sat at G-ds side raised to the status of the arch angel metatron... also refered to like christ as "the one true son of G-d" Further I have seen refrences to Enoch having planted the seed within men to rule over the other Angels as the highest of angels one day... and himself being the only Archangel who never turns upon g-d at the very end of days... (NOT a refrence to armageddon btw a refrence to the end of the universes cycle)

But without getting lost... Mary Magdalene refers to Armageddon/the book of revelations as a "Choice" to fight among oursleves on Earth


"To Become the Conquerer of Stars"

The message given to Mary, that the apostles were so shocked by "why would he tell you a woman these strange things...etc, etc and not us" That message regarded Man as "the Conquerer of Stars"

I think regardless of the Exact story and liniage of multiple races that have interfered in human civilization, The message of Christ was Clear... It wasn't "claimer of stars" "explorer of stars" " finder of stars" it was "Conquerer of Stars"

The story of Lucifer fallen from "the heavens" is also clear... a story of opposition to our creation.

I don't think that if you choose to take this all from a point of science or faith very much changes... the debate is semantic in terms of g-d as a 'force of creation" or a "being" or what have you... The "beings from the heavens... Oppose our creation and Christ clearly told Mary that we should choose to fight on Earth or become the Conquerers of stars and as the story goes...the "angels" the beings of light Fall/fell over time continue to oppose him and the son of Man the liniage of Enoh/Noah/Christ should Conquer them...

so from where this post started... be it from religion or from science...

Long Live the Resistance.. the Greys despite any debate of... Nephillim, Annunaki, bloodlines etc, etc at al... are Luciferians, they are oppossed to us, they are as described and for reasons I think Physics explain... not able to ascend to..'sit with g-d' they lack souls... we have to fight them at any expense.

The reptillians are...a failure, they are still living, they are another branch of life... evil souls are, none the less souls...

The big question is... are they duping us, are they working with the Greys? are they having been conquered defeated etc... playing both sides, part of the equation?

Hard to say, the history is complex... perhaps saying the line the enemy of my enemy of my friend is not so true in this case? They are a race as put "cast to the dust" I.e. live in the earth... underground...

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 04:14 AM
no not enoch, i mean enosh.

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 04:31 AM
But none of this changes that... This should be a main topic of this election "Disclosure" The Vatican has the books under it's floors that could fill in the missing pieces, the rift between the Church and Judaism over the nature of Christ is... appalling and leads to mis translation on every topic and denial of the pressence of the Greys and perhaps Reptillians and whatever knowledge the Govt holds could be devestating in terms of our choices...

There are sides being drawn between nations and religion and... these interlopers and the sides being chosen are all fed to us as lies around ordinary politics...

I think our course is clear... and around what we Know:

Politically and Militarilly:

Our airspace and planetary space is being invaded without public treaty, consent or knowledge by alien craft, History clearly shows that it is a mistake even among men to ever allow this sort of trespass...

Scientifically and from a stand point of Evolution:

New spiecies displace old spiecies, where there is a competition for resources we deal with survival of the fittest, we do our best to not tolerate the invasive behavior of Mussels and honeybees and beatles... when we fail th consequences tend to be devestating, the introduction of Any species that is both Alien and Intelligent into that kind of scenario can oly spell extinction or absorption

Religion and History:

We are ripe with story and example of "Alien" "Angelic" Intervention, we have refrences to in all cultures Serpent and other Reptillian opressers in our history, we have evidence and tale of an Antediluvian period in which humanity flourished, similarly we have world wide tale of "giants" all of who were negative to us as a race of people and all tales end with a war in the heavens of which we have a fair amount of proof of...

The Judaic/Christian Faith conflicts on the topic of Christs divinity only, until the inquisition Christ was considered a saint by the Jews, mary Magdalene was also a Jewish prietess, that we should "conquer the heavens" and that the Luciferians "beings of light from the heavens" are the enemy of us and G-d/creation is made perfectly clear. Islam does not deny Christ as a prophit and has within it a theme of exactly how to deal with the "impure" the conflict we have with Islam is also purely semantic Allah and G-d mean the same thing in different languages... what "people... not with g-d" should the Holy war be waged against then?

all schools of thought point to or directly state the obvious... we need to go to war with the Fallen angles, the luciferians, we should conquer the stars against those that would conquer "heaven" and who would seek to "undo creation" genetically manipulate us.

To me Jesus put this to Mary very correctly, We Fight each other here on Earth and fulfill Armageddon... or we Conquer the Stars In Isalm they are told to fight the infidel... we must stop looking at each other and take this fight where it belongs... make this the last time these creatures manipulate us against one another and win or loose go out fighting!

Long Live the Resistance!

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 04:32 AM

Originally posted by undo
no not enoch, i mean enosh.

Most Rabbis I speak to actually pronounce it Enosh when speaking..

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 04:39 AM
hrm, perhaps you don't know what i mean about enosh then. the english translation of the bible is a mess. i mean, reallllllllly a mess.

for example, at one point in the OT (Old Testament) G_d says he's going to destroy the images of the egyptians (english translation). But when you look up the actual word for "images" in the verse, it's "mastabas!" Now I dunno about you but I see a huge difference between "images" and "mastabas!"

In the verses where the 3 men come to Abraham to announce Sarah's pregnancy, the actual word for men in those verses is "enosh".. But these are not men! What does Abe call one of them? Adonai! WTFreak? And later, Sarah calls one she's addressing, "Lord"! Then 1 or more of them flys off to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, I mean, what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is that? MEN, in ancient Israel, are called Adonai and Lord and fly off to blow up Sodom and Gomorrah?

Yeah, okaaay.

An Enosh is not a man.

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posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 05:06 AM
I am guessing you either didn't agree with Heiser's trasnslation or you missed the part where seraph is mentioned. Seraphim are angels, yes? Not all seraphim are bad. Yet seraph means flery flying dragon or serpent (fiery=bright, glowing, shining). So seraphim are reptilians, plural. They can't all be losers, as you put it, since there are seraphim still hanging with the good guys when the dust clears.

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 05:48 AM
Very good writing style and topic for the OP. Permit me to add to the strangeness. What if one of the major world leaders was abducted by ET? Would they tell of their experience. Would they keep quiet. What if ET did outrageous experiments on them. Sounds like an Outer Limits story line. Hmmm.

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