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Finding time for ATS

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posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 01:16 PM
I am currently in a position where I can allow a good amount of time to contribute towards ATS and TinWiki.

But, there's so much I want to do and write and reply to or create, I tend to lose track in my head on what's going on..

How do other members allocate their time for ATS etc..?

I know we all have other priorities during the days, but if you are one of those who feels that every bit of information they add to these two sites is a big step forward for all, how do you find the time to research a report, type it up and post it, plus add to any replies..

I'm sure there's lots here who have very busy lives and also have other things going on across the vast expanse of the internet (I know I do.. very busy at times that I have two or three windows open full of tabs to other pages and things)

I've tried making notes on the topics I want to reply to or ideas for threads I'd like to start, but by the time I get around to it, there's always something new that pops up here on ATS and just adds to my list of things to do...

I'm sure we've all written on topics that are important to ourselves and were actually a current issue on ATS at the time you started writing, but by the time it's posted and online...nobody else is interested... so you've kinda wasted all that time and effort for a thread that will disappear into the dark depths of the realms of the dead thread section...

I weep for us ATS addicts...

What are your solutions? How do you overcome the urge to give up your day job and post 24/7 on ATS?

With so much going on in the world with matters that involve us all, each single voice here on ATS seems to be just a whisper in a whirlwind sometimes.

What can we do to improve the loss of threads into history?

I've considered bookmarking all the threads I create or reply to, but remembering to do that is not always possible and I've already contributed a number of threads/posts that are already lost to the four winds.

Is there anyone who could write a plug in for Internet Explorer or Firefox Mozilla that will actually automatically bookmark threads that you create or reply to, being able to define between the two and saving the links directly to your harddrive just in case your browser gets a problem and wipes all your bookmarks (as happened to me 7 weeks ago or so).

At least this way, not only do you not lose threads you feel are important, but you will also be adding to the strength of ATS's library and we all would have a hardcopy of the work we do.

Just a few random thoughts I've had in between plotting my next strategy of attack..

Happy posting all...


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