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The Web Bot Project Predicts Apocalypse In 2012!

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posted on Jun, 11 2012 @ 03:42 AM
reply to post by Memenquay

I heard this with another project as well. i can't remember but it had something to do with time travelling. They could go back in time or something but when they tried to go forward beyond 2012 - they couldn't.. there was a zero point there or something.

posted on Jun, 11 2012 @ 03:49 AM
reply to post by GrandHeretic

I'd do it for free, if she gave my cock back after she was finished

posted on Jun, 11 2012 @ 03:51 AM
reply to post by DarknStormy

Thanks for your reply,
it's strange, and i wonder what they see after may 2013, why don't they tell a bit more...
As always more questions then answers.

posted on Jun, 17 2012 @ 03:21 PM

Saturday, June 16, 2012The Webbot Project - Clif's Wujo - with Clif High - Global Coastal event

1at 1:58 PM 0 comments

Sunday, June 10, 2012Sign of things to come Webbot prediction 2012 (june/july/august)
June 7/8/9 - Economic and political scandal surfaces in USA. Temporal echoes show this scandal will track over June/July with 'unexpected events' within the [cult of rome] aka 'vatican'. Expect secrets to be revealed in both the USA and vatican scandals that will not only [shock], but will [horrify].

The WEB BOT is also the biggest nutjob of all conspiracists?

How much money do you give me if nothing happens in this 2012? I bet it. Afterall this bot is said to be a credible Prophet..

This web bot looks to me like a word spider and just makes random stories based on random words
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posted on Jun, 17 2012 @ 03:39 PM
Ok so Web Bot has predicted the Apocalypse. Fine. It is what it is .

Now how many other things has Web Bot predicted that did not happen?

That list is very extensive. According to Web Bot we should have already had WW3, a full blown economic collapse in the US, and Nuclear Weapons used against Iran... and that's just a small list of MANY MANY failed Web Bot predictions. So what makes this prediction any more accurate?

FACT: Web Bot is a hoax. It's "predictions" are not actually predictions at all. Cliff and company prey on the gullible and use Web Bot to make money. Which if anyone remembers how Web Bot started and came to be... that was it's purpose. To track trends in the stock market so Cliff and Company could make money.

I can already tell you what "trends" and "Chatter" web bot picked up to come to this absurd "prediction" - The countless never ending chatter and jokes from people about the Zombie Apocalypse since some naked guy ate the face off a homeless man.

posted on Jun, 17 2012 @ 05:43 PM
So this Cliff High character says he has a place in Ukraine and is moving there (or already has)...
yet I also heard him on Coast to Coast saying (multiple times & recently) that there are some people in Eastern Europe who want him dead. [Oh the drama!]

So please explain to me the logic of moving to Ukraine when you are trying to avoid Eastern European assassins. How does this work exactly?

Just wondering...

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