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Old World Secrets the Omega Project Codes

page: 59
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posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 08:03 AM
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posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 08:12 AM
hi there,

i have never thought twice about conspiracy theories but stumbled just the other day on the youtube 13 videos outlining the contents of brandons book, my jaw pretty much hit the ground.
i then read the first couple of pages on amazon and its pretty amazing stuff-not really sure what i believe yet but have to know more.

yes i too am looking for pdf of his book any one know of one?

posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 08:41 PM
I have just recently received both books from so all of you can go buy it don't worry it will get to you fast.

I too have searched for a .pdf but it does not exist don't waste your time. Pay the 30$ and have both the books shipped.

Mr. Levon if you are still out there, I thank you from all of my heart and my soul for handing over the keys, the doors are tough to pass through but I'd rather know than live ignorant and bliss.

Rest assure that when I get children these books will be passed down.

P.S Have anyone figured out the three part cryptogram in the back of the book? Man it doesn't help that he split up the letter in three different cryptograms. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 06:15 PM
!!! What Happend To Brandon Levon !!! ???

I promise you all, If ATS had any thing to do with Brandon Levon's Dimise, Ill spread it all over the NET...

Who is Rickn'Va and why is he Mentioned with Brandons's Videos On YouTube.. ????????????????????

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 06:57 PM
Thank you Mr Levon and thank you OP for bringing the Video's and books to my attention.

I have come across much of what he writes about, but have never been able to 'join the dots'.

An excellent collection of facts.

posted on May, 27 2010 @ 03:46 PM
Yea, I see a wide spread of this Book on YouTube..


What I have Learned is that Brandon was found in his Burned Out car up in Illenois..

Pretty wierd, as he had Posts here saying he was afraid for his Life, those Postes are ofcourse Removed From ATS...

InfoWarnings I think the Thread was Called...

Quote :

Brandon Levon.

Posted By: Anthrochemist
Date: Sunday, 15-March-2009 09:48:47

This fellow is in grave danger, it sounds like they are attacking him after the printing of his book "Old World Secrets The Omega Project Codes" The local law enforcement has kicked hm out of his house, stating that it is unsafe. He has had multiple instances of his belongings being shuffled or missing in his home, he had his car towed because it was too close to the curb?? He is posting daily on the website below so people he chats with know that he has not yet disappeared. Wow too crazy!! Poor Dude! I hope he remains free and well, I will be thinking about him, and I am sure countless others that are on the run for exposing the powerful elite for what they really are.
Blessings to Mr. Levon for his bravery. His first post is below
First off, I am posting this thread so that it has been stated publicly, some of the strange things that have happened to me since I wrote the book “old world secrets the omega project codes”. On 7-13-08, “RickinVa” with the title “Im a FED... so what?” posts that the book is BS. You should be able to find it on page 8, and I never thought that much of it at the time.
Now if you go to this link, you can click on the book cover and read the beginning of the book. You then see it mentions the number 13 several times.
On Friday the 13th, I was emailed a message stating that there was a post on the internet about a famous reporter who had died of natural causes, and that he had in his possession a copy of this book. I am sorry that I can not remember his name; I did not think it was relevant at the time either. I even figured it was probably a lie, but that same day is the day that several people claimed that the internet site known as craigslist got bombarded around the world with people claiming that you should not buy this book.
This led people to believe that it was just an advertisement campaign since Friday the 13th is a sacred day for masons. This did not help sales of this book like some people think, they actually started to decline, and the book was not allowed sold in stores.
Now during this day of 7-13-08, I left my car in a store parking lot for two hours. When I came back, it was gone, I found it at the police impound yard and they claimed it had been towed because it was to close to a curb. Everything in the car had been gone through and left on the floor. I still thought that it could have been a coincidence, but figured I would mention it later in the thread above about the book, just so people were informed.
Not long after getting my car back, the building that I wrote the book in was ransacked, and the computer that I wrote the book on was taken. I thought it was just as likely that it was a simple robbery, since several other items were taken as well. I think I mentioned it on the thread above with the mention of the car, not sure.
Now here is where I am starting to think that this is not a coincidence. One of my last posts on the thread above was me stating that I was going to try and write something that I could get into stores. Since then, I have spent day and night with very little sleep gathering research and storing and compiling it in the building that I mentioned was broken into.
After working their until around 2 in the morning, I returned the next day to find that not only was my new computer gone, but all of the research papers that I had gathered for the new book. These papers have no value on the open market and there was many items that could have been taken and sold. This is a house that I am talking about, a house that I store stuff that I cant seem to get rid of, a house that I go to when I need piece and quiet to work. Luckily, because of the first incident, I started putting my work on a zip drive before I left the location, on it was everything that was already written.
Within a week of this happening, I get a letter stating that this property has been condemned because of cracks in the foundation and unwanted trees and vines that I planted to grow up the side of the building. That’s great, because I already know this is a scam because I used to know an inspector who told me that when they want a place gone, they blame it on cracks in the foundation because almost all buildings have them, even if they were just built. This made it so I could only be there if I was working on the house, and now it has to meet all 2009 building codes.
Anyways, besides the fact that I had no ideal that I was not allowed to plant what I wanted in my yard, I went and obtained the proper permit to bring it up to code. They granted the permit and I spent a small fortune trying to meet their demands. In the middle of the time frame allowed on the permit, I receive a letter stating that they basically changed their minds and that I was to appear at a hearing where they told me they were demolishing the building at my expense and that I was no longer allowed on the property.
At this point im ticked off, I am thinking this has to be illegal. Basically what they told me is they can pick any house they want, they can throw the people out on the street, and there is nothing you can do about it. People think that when they live in the land of the free, (America) that when you own your home, you are doing O.K.
Wrong! They can throw you out on the street without a second thought and take everything you worked for your entire life, any time they want.
I went to try and find some legal way to stop them and in the center of the round domed building they refer to as the court house of Terre Haute, Indiana, was being installed, staring up at the center of the dome, the eye of Horus, the all seeing eye. Then it occurred to me, the number that I was given in which the person ruled to tear down the house, and told me there was nothing I could do about it, was (812-232-0018 ext. “13”).
Now before someone says this is a post to advertise a new book, the book is not for sale, and has not been finished, but if something happens to me, there is no question of who did it.
[edit on 15-3-2009 by Brandon Levon]

This is Ofcourse a Quote from ATS where Ofcourse the Thread is Deleted...

And, I will take Screen shot of this Post aswell, ATS is like that, you must take Screens, Because it gets removed...

posted on May, 27 2010 @ 04:24 PM

Originally posted by tankthinker
thats funny a while back i shared with him some secret information regarding the last supper painitng, i wonder if he was working off of my original findings??? has anyone got the book, im sort of broke right now and cant afford to buy it lol

Hey, could you PM me the stuff you sent him ?
That would Rock totally Ars..

posted on May, 27 2010 @ 10:07 PM
This is a blood long threaD! LOL

I have read the first few pages and the last few pages and come to the conclusion that I now want to order this book. I already have deprogrammed myself from the MSM BS. I don't think this will effect me anyway. I believe the Anunnaki created a hell on earth in my view. I did an I ching reading one time to myself and asked will I ever meet an Annunaki. It basically said after a calamity. The whole thing kind of freaked me out but was in awe of the question. But this book sounds interesting none the less and a different view other than Sitchin.

posted on May, 28 2010 @ 05:17 AM

Originally posted by Brandon Levon
reply to post by 12.21.12

You must remember the origin of hell in the bible. (Hades) all mortal men go there, that is heaven for them, Elysian Fields the more everyone begins to learn for themselves where we come from, who wrote the bible, and what gods it is based on the more you are going to realize that only a god can go to the heaven in the sky. By the way for those of you who have not read this book, Hades is actually Nergal the son of Enlil, the one true god of the bible. The one that wants you to keep coming back to be used as a slave the earth itself is hell, we all live in hell and will remain here until we learn to teach ourselves the truth.

Dude, i know this is an old post, but I have been saying this for years that this is a living hell. I have also noticed that if you go against the grain (the normal), then you get outcasted. I have finally realized how humanity works and how the society things goes. Society wants you to be kept stupid. You do stupid things and you get rewarded. You become smart to the system and you get shunned.

As I have stated I have figured this whole ordeal why we are here and it goes with what you are saying. By the way I purchased the 3rd edition of the book.

It also makes me wonder all religions say don't use sorcery or magick. Is it a way to speak to the actual GOD? I am going back to my shaman ways to find this out.

also noticed that levon hasn't logged on since 2009.

posted on May, 28 2010 @ 06:17 AM
WOW 52 pages!

Could someone write/link to a review of the book?

[edit on 5/28/2010 by above]

posted on May, 28 2010 @ 06:59 AM
reply to post by above

I believe the first few pages have a link to the website.

posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 12:20 PM
hey guys im wondering if anyone has finished deciphering all of the codes Brandon left in his book!!!

they are confusing the hell outta me!!!

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 09:34 AM
i have it. and i have read it. the only reason a kid would have killed himself is from the religion parts or the truth about America. the book is the truth and its nothing you cant find on the internet anyways. unless the boy decoded it cause at the end there's codes to decode which i have only figures out one which is do you see the possibilities. buy read it. i paid 17 for it from there site and they don't charged shipping like amazon

posted on Jul, 22 2010 @ 10:28 AM
I never get the idea that someone wants to worshipping xyz but is infact, worshipping abc.

If I am worshipping Christ as a god of peace, love, and compassion, then that is what my mindset is. As long as you hold those actions HIGHeST in your heart and head, then no dollar bill map or anything ELSE could ever come between you and your God, because your life will be your testament.

Do you really want to be pinning on God this sort of idea that he/she would THINK "Oh, I've got to reject this loser, he was trying his best but he let himself be tricked by another God."

Is your God not merciful and just?

posted on Aug, 15 2010 @ 07:12 PM
I think life is really really simple,The govenrment or the evil people have built up a world that makes you think the opposite,in fact they have built a world that thinks for you.They cannot use a human that thinks,that is why they don't teach you how to be godlike with poewrs at school,they only teach you the stuff they would need from you as a human resource.If you begin to think for yourself they already have competition.

I am totally 9999% agreed with what brandon thinks,and i refuse to believe he is dead or something.I haven't read the book yet cause i haven't got it,ive watched the video on youtube about it tho,and i can understand the perceptive realisation of the watchers,or what i thought to be is manipulatable matter.

My english really sucks but try to catch the drift here,just like everyone else who is blessed by this knowledge of understanding since childhood,they are abnormally rejected by "drones"(humans who feel happyness from nothing because they are too stupid to realise what is actually going on,they are hypnotized into a state of wellbeing,and they are so happy with themself that they have no need for knowledge,no need to think).All the function they have are emotions,if you are sad and you show it people will feel sad,but if you decide to not show it but talk about it people won't feel interested at all.People watch TV allday long and they want to be like all the cool actors and in a way i have a hard time fitting into all of these actors who think they are so cool with theyre simple way of life that doesn't incorporate future or the past,but only how cool your momentum is.And don't feel rejected,if you think 90% of the world is retarded,then by all that is holy you are right.You have to stop wasting your time on humans that have long gone sold theyre souls and minds to the false gods.

I have so many times thought of giving up and waiting for death,cause i'm very sure death is just the beginning of a higher dimensional life and life is just preparation for it.But there is only just 1 person that understands me and he has thought exactly the same way as i have ever since he was put in a mental facility,but he is already thinking clear but the only problem is his obsession with material wishes like money,cause that contradicts immortality and perfection.Tho he himself claims he uses money as a stimulus to fool his subconcious into feeling good,which is also possible.And he proposed a theory he himself from the future is sending himself guidelines on how to live cause he has never had any trouble with life,he knows exactly when to do what and how to do it.Also what might be the watchers but who knows,i have always had a feeling that something else is around me too.

i never hurd of the watchers until today,and i remember when i was so young i couldn't even speak,every night i was scared to fall asleep cause dozens of gray anomalies appeared in my room and carried,levitated me up in the air and floated me around the room,back then i felt comfort from them,but at the same time i was afraid of them.

I actually think i'm getting real close to understanding the power of thought,will and dimensional reality.If the watchers are so to say beings that are both good and evil,then they are obviously willing to serve anyone that needs theyre help,because the power of will tops everything.The fact that the bible is actually satan worship in reverse is how people have been fooled or put on earth as a purpose to feed theyre worships,and prayers to gods that get more powerful and powerful with each such humane energyshot.

God only knows what we don't see with our eyes,but there are supposed to be 11 dimensions and we only see 3 of them,obviously the 11th dimension is where everything is possible,kind of like our dreams(dreams are more like 5th dimensions or so in my opinion)and propably the 11th dimension contains the gods of supreme will and being of existence that is SO DAMN REAL.Death is only the beginning of life.

posted on Aug, 15 2010 @ 07:46 PM
And if anyone has questions about watchers or what i'm talking about,check the comment sections page 8-10 and read Brandon Levon the man who wrote the book and propably the third person who i see has knowledge of supreme will.
I really thought he was still posting here cause i really wanted to exchange some words with him,but i thought that his disappearance was a rumor.

Alas,i am a far way from ultimate knowledge,but i will never give up.Brandon's book helped me connect all the dots that i found,now the watchers he mentioned brought me back to some very very old memories that i found hard to explain.I don't want to sound better than anyone here but i know i'm better than alot of the people who cause me pain and suffering every day cause they think they're better than me.I almost feel as if i want to collect theyre souls which they don't have anymore,and to fabricate something even more potential out of it than the soul that was given to me.As i think it would help my transfer from death to astral conciousness,cause i bet some of you knew how to talk when you were too young to do it,but you just couldnt find the switch on your body cause it was too new to you.Propability is,throughout your soulcollecting life,you have to collect as much soulpower as you can before you die,and when you have achieved the required energy,which i still don't know how to describe,cause words are too simple for it.When you have the required amount of soulpower,after death you can try to form a new conciousness from it,without needing material form for it,like your brain that stores memories.After death and rebirth you keep your soul but not your memories,some do keep the memories tho,and it's been proven too.

Ofcourse i cannot be certain,but my hunch is that the universe is a big arena of either competition of power and knowledge,or ultimate harmony and peace.But the world we are living in at the moment is trying to convince us that competition is the only way,i don't know if there are demonoid angels but if i will use the evil they are teaching us against them,to achieve supreme goodness,i will do it.And i'm thinking the third world war is close,and to stay away from europe/russia/america might be a better idea than to not.I will hope to find refuge in sweden,because they are not in the european union which is also created by the illuminati and so on,so if a war breaks out,sweden is pretty much one of the safest place to be,also for some reason i think it is the illuminati headquarters cause it has the finest women,the best drinks,and it has the highest consumption rate of coc aine in europe.The wonderdrug that propably injects 50% of the evil power into the leaders we have and what brings them the money they have,as opposed to weapon manufacture and other drugs and pharmaceuticals and such.

Oh yes it is a cruel world we live in,ignorance is freedom and freedumb is slavery,but you cannot blame the humans for it,it is but still the roots that caused us to exist.We might be nothing more than a slave race designed to feed prayers and energy to false gods.But even as a nuclear explosion is a chain reaction that starts from 2 small sides that collide,you can use your brain to produce such a reaction and keep doing it until you know you are more than just flesh and bone,the ethereal wavelengths and frequenices we cannot see are all possibly colliding with every thought you produce and they also like to join in on the ride.Maybe i'm crazy,but in that case so are the persons who are in control of our lives,cause they feed on our subconcious,that's why all the backmasking and reversed satanic messages,but how our soul fits into our body is still a mystery to me.I'm 17 and hopefully by the time i die i have acquired enough knowledge to exist without physical dependance.All you have to do is believe,that's one thing the bible doesn't lie about.But be careful what you believe in,not everything is what it seems to be.Bless me and i will bless you.

posted on Aug, 18 2010 @ 01:19 AM
reply to post by ChemBreather

What I have Learned is that Brandon was found in his Burned Out car up in Illenois.

Do you have a source? Where in Illinois?

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 12:36 PM
So it seems this threat died. I read the omega project, havent read new world bible, and its intresting stuff. Just pieces together alot of information and makes alot of sense to be honest. You cant find jack # on the net about these books, thats alittle weird for me. Has anyone decoded any of the ciphers? Please post them, I cant do any of them.

posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 06:05 PM
Well another bump....I just cant understand these ciphers....can anyone help me? The Chapter one starts off with a good hint, "6 is E" and I get that. But then the "read chapters of genesis 6:1....."throws me totally off.....and then the letter at the end is confusing as #. You do the rail cipher, and reading it top to bottom makes no sense what so ever.....these things are impossible, not nice to hide info like this! Has anyone actually done it?

posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 06:28 PM
not sure if this been posted, probably has... so here it is (probably) again for those that haven't read through every single page

here's a youtube vid of the book.-

its a bit weak to begin with, but does get better, definitely worth a watch.

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