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The Merkaba Meditation

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posted on Jun, 10 2008 @ 04:54 PM
The Merkaba Meditation: A Vehicle of Light

What is a Merkaba?

The Merkaba field around your body has been dormant for 13,000 years and extends into all possible dimensions. It is superimposition of three etheric star tetrahedral fields that surround your body. It is a living breathing energy powered from your own prana. The Merkaba Meditation technique is taught by Drunvalo Melchizedek and the Flower of Life LLC. I have seen it posted various places online and in the Flower of Life book. With the activation of this field around your body, you create a vehicle of light to ascend yourself into the next dimension.

I will provide a link to an instance I found online here:

The First Fourteen Breaths of the Merkaba Meditation

I have read this instance and it seems to follow the book verbatim.
However, the following preface is not included with it, but I believe it should be....this preface to the meditation is taken from the book:

The work that is to follow is sacred and will result in your being changed
forever. If it does not feel like the right path for you to follow at this time,
then don't. Wait until you feel sure. Once you have entered upon this
path, there is no turning back. You will know and will have experienced
too much in the higher chakras. You can read this chapter, but that is not
what I am talking about. It is the actual experience of the Mer-Ka-Ba that
will change you and your life. It will alert your higher self that you are becoming aware, and your higher self, which is you on a higher level of consciousness, will begin to alter your life here on Earth and you will rapidly beginto grow spiritually.
You may find major changes in your life begin within days or weeks of
beginning this practice. Friends and relationships that have been in your
way spiritually will recede, and new friends and relationships will appear.
Whatever has stopped you from growing spiritually will disappear and
whatever you need will appear. It is a spiritual law, as you will soon see if
you choose to enter this path within the higher chakras and the Mer-Ka-
Ba. I say this to you so that you will know and not be surprised. Once life is
aware of your awakening, it will assist you; then once you have begun to
awaken, life will use you to further unfold it. Do you remember? This is, of
course, not the first time you have entered this path. In truth, you do know.

Also not included are the fifteenth through seventeenth breaths. I suggest you do not try these until you know what you're doing.

This is an excellent meditation and I would suggest that one read up on it and give it a try.

My question though is, how many others are trying this and experiencing great success with it? Any other thoughts?

posted on Jun, 10 2008 @ 05:47 PM
Have you tried this yourself? Do you have any feedback?

I want to try and meditate again. When I was younger I used to visualize breathing a gold light and surrounding myself with this like an aura. And also at night, before sleeping. I would imagine a white light, and starting at my feet and moving it up to my head (like a blanket), use it to relax each part of my body. I even tried to see it as I did this.

I have read about this particular meditation and there is also a thread that I read a while back related to this, both of which I stumbled upon at the same time.

The book is called "Nothing in this book is true, but its exactly how things are" by Bob Frizzell, who also as a website but I have not looked at it in any detail. It has been a while, but I remember it being very positive and practical about the end of the world/2012 thing.

There is also a video for a similar meditation of opening the chakras on this thread video . I have watched this. It has some useful images and verbal descriptions, which would help a novice to understand the chakras and their properties. Be good to have an audio version that I can put on my MP3player if I can work it out (I sound and feel really old now!!)

As I say I would like to try again, but feel rather self-conscious at joining a group, but as I do not have a great deal of knowledge or experience wonder if there is any danger to some techiniques or anything wrong in doing it your own way.

These subjects are always so complicated. Wouldn't nature have a more simplistic approach like just breathing and feeling love and radiating it out to others?

Thanks for starting the thread and I look forward to your comments.

posted on Jun, 10 2008 @ 06:08 PM
I have been doing the merkaba meditation for a short time now so I am by no means an expert on it. And the book, "Nothing is True...." by Bob Frissle is an excellent book, but I feel it is based largely off of the Flower of Life. I would highly recommend this book to anyone. The Merkaba Meditation I posted is barely scratching the surface of it. If you are interested in reading the Flower of Life books U2U me and I may have something for you.
In the short time I have been practicing the Merkaba Meditation, I have noticed a slight difference. It is really hard to describe with words though. I definitely think there is something to it. I just thought I would share this information with people as I think it is important to share. It gives those who have never heard of it an opportunity to learn about it and those who do know about it an opportunity to discuss their experiences. I would be interested in hearing anyones experience with this and i will report my own as well as it comes.

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 01:35 PM
That is a fallen distorted merkaba technique. The spin ratio causes a burn of your seed atom eventually, Monadic reversal of your DNA template, and artificial phase bonding to an artificial external merkaba technology which has been trying to break the earth off it's Axis line and case pole shift. If you don't want to end up in alignment with a black hole then don't listen to drunvalo. Merkaba is an advanced science and reading a few flower of life books (really more a flower death) doesn't scratch the surface as you said, in fact nothing of any substance no real knowledge is shared that would allow you to work with your merkaba safely or to understand it. For example originally Drunvalo got this information from "his angels". What angels? So here he is sharing information on something that came from some random angels or beings. First basic precept or discernment before working with your DNA and energy fields is discerning where the knowledge came from because there are plenty of "angels" and other beings who are here to deceive humans. Drunvalo never goes into why the 34 21 spin ratio. The reason for spin ratios is a very complex process of Quantum particle exchange and effects the angular rotation of particle spin. You could read 100 volumes of texts just on that one part and yet Drunvalo feels that this essential ascension information is not necessary. Well he's right it's not necessary if you are learning teachings that are De-Asension and the opposite of healing. The specific spin ratios he uses and the breath which further reverses distorts your kundalini flows, eventually burn our your seed atom and your merkaba fields begin to phase lock and spin in the same direction eventually resulting in implosion of your morphogenetic template. In fact if you want to learn some more about the fallen science go look up Dan Winter's study of it. This guy is so lost that he thinks the key to ascension is imploding your DNA! What a nut. Well i suppose it's helpful to have a scientist confirm drunvalo's methods as a fallen science without dan winter even realizing what he is doing. Remember all ascension teachings came from one source and much of it became twisted for manipulation purposes. you will see evidence in all cultures of the twisted portions. There is still pure teachings that were the original ones, Here you will get more knowledge on the science of mechanics of creation and with that knowledge be able to discern what are fallen teachings and what are genuine ascension ones. One more thing the flower of life symbol which i call the flower of death is indeed one way you could define the mark of the beast. It is representing a part of the quantum particle building cycle that creates all forms of energies used in creating life forms and other creation forms. It is showing you the exact stage when the original pattern becomes distorted by this flower of death pattern. This is what blocks the Spirit from fully entering the body and begins the process for creating a form that has a finite life and can no longer pull pure creation currents from source to live eternally as was originally designed to do. You could refer to the flower of life as the death mutation. It causes all sorts of distortions in the way the kundalini flows and plugs beings into a harness that drains them and leaves them open and vulnerable to all sorts of things you don't want to know about...unless of course you do. Now if you want to post things in those books you want me to help you discern I will there a million.

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