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Don't mind me, I'm just Mac-tarded

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posted on Jun, 10 2008 @ 02:13 PM
Does anyone know how to limit startup applications on OS X? My CEO has a mac at home that keeps shutting down without warning. I believe that when he turns it on again, the mac tries to restore to the last point before it shut down. Is it possible to configure it so that it doesn't do that? He's getting annoyed, and when he's annoyed, I'm afraid.


posted on Jun, 10 2008 @ 04:19 PM
Kudos Ras for having the best thread title I've read in a while.

Only person I know with Mac knowledge is Lombozo, and ironically enough, he always told me if I ever had a computer problem..YOU would be the guy to ask about it!

posted on Jun, 10 2008 @ 05:29 PM
SkepticOverlord uses Mac.

I had somehow gotten the impression that Mac operating systems were bullet proof.

posted on Jun, 10 2008 @ 05:30 PM
reply to post by GradyPhilpott

Tis true..
Ras, perhaps if you shoot Bill a u2u he can help you out.

posted on Jun, 10 2008 @ 05:34 PM
Oh no, he's a big wig, I'd hate to disturb him. lets see if he'd be willing to make his own way to this thread.

Not a big deal though.

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 07:26 AM
Ras, he's still available if you need help.
And he is an expert at it.

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