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Area 51: Why cool things don't happen where we can see them.

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posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 06:47 PM
Area 51 has, in recent years, been under what you could call constant surveillance. Not from any one group or person, of course, but you could feasibly argue that with the notoriety of the facility and the number of people who have internet access, that anything really spectacular would've been seen.

So.. Assuming that its something other then a secret airbase for spy planes and stuff, how do they manage to do that?

Its underground. Not only does this make it easier to still believe in the legend of Area 51, it also makes quite a bit of sense. In the era where the facility was built, a nuclear exchange was not only possible, but in the minds of many people a matter of when rather then if. Due to this, home made bomb shelters, civilian survival retreats, and of course radiation proofed, blast resistant and top secret government nuclear bunkers sprung up here and there.

Now. When you look at the average "nuclear bunker", a running theme is being underground, with good reason. But when you look at Area 51, which is allegedly a top secret, hush hush, as secure as you can make it test facility out in the middle of the Nevada desert.. Well, it looks a little bit unimpressive.

So. We have a cold war era top secret development facility that, above ground, appears to be nothing but a few hangers and some buildings. Above ground, that is.

In the age of satellite observation, it would be imprudent at best to do the kind of research that is alleged to go on there above ground. In the age it was built, the concern was less for being observed from space and more from potential nuclear exchange. The end result of both is putting the guts of the facility underground.

But, that leaves a bit of a problem for really knowing much about what goes on there. Assuming the really cool and secret stuff is buried underground, then quite frankly we're not gonna know anything until the government tells us or a group of conspiracy theorists attempts to take the facility by force. ( Amusing prospect.. Well, for me. )

I'm not saying that Area 51 isn't a functional airfield or that it dosen't actually test airplanes, because its pretty much beyond dispute that it really does do that. But look at the security of the base. Motion sensors buried in the ground so far out that you literally cannot see the base from where they're located. Armed guards who have pointed loaded firearms at civilians for crossing an invisible fence.. That hardly seems like appropriate levels of force for a damn airfield.

I'm of the belief that Area 51 is mostly underground, and whats underground is a fairly large facility. Probably on the same square footage of Norad, but not in the same directions. What goes on down there? Who knows for certain, other then the people who work there? ( And even they might not know much. )

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 07:01 PM
I agree with you but,if there was only testing done there thats for black projects or reverse engine,then at some point they have to fly these out for flights.You cant do that underground.

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posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 07:04 PM
Oh no no. I fully understand that. I'm not saying that Area 51 isn't a fully working airfield and aircraft test facility. Thats pretty much been proven. The point of contention is over its extra-curricular activities.

Its probable, even likely, that the facility is legitimately used for what its stated purpose is.

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 08:48 PM
What you see is what you get. According to people who have worked at Area 51 at various times over the past 53 years there are no underground facilities. It makes sense. There is no need for any.

Satellite overhead times are well known, so test aircraft can be placed in a hangar during periods of coverage. There is a Scoot-N-Hide hangar near the runway in case an airplane needs to be hidden quickly. Sensors and cameras outside the perimeter alert security guards to the presence of unauthorized observers. In the past, test flights and outdoor ground operations have been delayed and even canceled when such unauthorized persons have been detected.

There are two dozen hangars at Groom Lake. Two of these were built in the past three years. Millions of dollars are being spent on infrastructure that is clearly above ground. These facilities do a perfectly adequate job of concealing classified assets at a fraction of the cost of underground facilities.

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