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Planet Nibiru / Planex Does Not Exist. ZS Disinformist.

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posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 12:08 PM
Arizona Wilder said that Zacchrius Sitchin is 'One of them' People have confirmed this...

He is a disinformist imbedding lies into some truth.

He is jewish. Has no problem getting his books published by well known publishers ect.

Look, David Icke and others have to publish their own books. ZS dosent have a problem.

Its making us look at space for the truth when it really lies on this earth and even close - inside us.

Be inspired. A planet that has cometo destroy us dosent exist - even if it did we cant do anything about it so you know # happens.

This is not a thread asking "Does Planet Nibiru exist" Its a thread asking people to present the evidence that Zacarias Sitchin is a dis informist and 'one of them' an illuminati / a reptillian whatever.


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