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I'm Sad

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posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 02:26 AM
I’m sad, this isn’t something that happens too often like this. But, my gosh why did I listen to these videos for. I just got done watching some videos off of you tube and my self is just sad. I guess I will be ok in the morning. I think I need to go to sleep. But, I don’t think I will ever forget about what I just heard.

It started with me just listening to DOOMSDAY 2012: End of Days part 1 then part 2.

I decided to do a search on 2012 cause of so much talk. This wasn't what did my sadness oh no. Yes it was bad very bad but then I just had to know what the heck a "web bot was. Cause they mentioned it in these videos above here.

So what do I do? I run a search on web bot. First time I heard of this you know.

What does this do to me. Oh my gosh. My spirit has been totally crushed it seems.

My heart is pounding, my stomach hurts from this. I listen to all the videos on this. One through twelve.

It predicted 9-11, hurricane Katrina, Indonesian flood, etc.... now its predicting our places under water by 200 feet. Our financial banks worse than 29. No clean water, no electric, October 8 of this year something major. That’s on number 8. “A different Christmas put it that way” they said. The man talking about this is building a sailboat cause he seems to say were going under water.

If my ears heard right on number 8 of these videos millions of people die untimely before 2013. He said.
I don’t know what to think. Part of me thinks the government is using this to make sure stuff happens. Though these guys say different. I don’t know.

Here is the video that scared the crap out of me. I watched all 12. I don't know which one was the worse between number 3 and number 8. This is number one here though.

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 02:31 AM
I realise this isn't a particularly awesome first reply, but shouldn't this be in ATS and not BTS?

Maybe not, but it does seem like a conspiracy theory thing.

As for feeling distressed/sad over videos like this, I can totally relate. I personally don't buy into doomsday theories, they're never correct IMO and everyone turns a blind eye when 9000 of them a day don't come to pass... but yeah.

Take some time away from the computer, go spend some time with friends or family or something. Get some perspective. You start worrying about problems bigger than you and you just get wound up.

Even if you want to do something to stop an event or change the world, you can only act on a small-scale individual level within your means.

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posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 02:36 AM
I’m not for sure if it should be on ats or bts. I guess if the mods think it should be they will put it there.

Yes, I’m planning on getting out tomorrow with my family and go to the pool. Get outside for a while. However, I don’t think my mind is going to go far from this. I got a feeling I’m going to be thinking on this a lot. Those videos really had an impact on me, that’s for sure.

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 02:43 AM
Mom, Ive told ya, Dont think about it so much... its not gonna help anything at all.

Dont worry, Be happy!

Watch a comedy or something! maybe that'll help, for at least a lil while.

Besides.... 2012 isnt for another 4

You need to go on another mini vacation. and not think about anything else except about having fun!

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posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 02:54 AM
Hi baby, I know, I know. I will be happy, cause for now I have my beautiful family. Whose the greatest gift I have ever had. I have a roof over my head and food on the table, tomorrow is a day with you guys at the pool. I will be ok, sweetie.

Now don’t read the rest Minnie.

I’m still worried people.

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 02:57 AM
I can't see internet movies; but, it sounds like you hit some doom and gloomers. Just think of them as really cheap spook movies or something and forget them. Spend some time at the park or anything outdoors you like to do. Talk to your parents and ask their opinions. Doom and gloom stories are older than written history. They are nothing new; have always been told and you are still here.

Get some sleep and grab a hug on your way out. *hugs*

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 03:01 AM

Originally posted by Shar
I’m still worried people.

grrr..... I see that!

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 04:15 AM
See I'm already feeling better.
Minnie came in turn on my tv to animal planet and was just spending time with me. Shes so sweet.

No worry people, I'm doing better. I will forget what I saw in time. (i think-- lol)

I do take things more serious than most though I'm sure of this. Well I won't
anymore on this for now.

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 07:25 AM
Shar, honey..all problems if dwelt on long enough or seriously enough can make you sad, upset, anxious or angry.
Minnie is have raised her well.
No matter what happens in this world, whether we will die tomorrow, or 2012, or not for another 50 years or more..
I plan to go with a smile on my face because I spent my time here wisely doing what makes me and those I care about happy.
I refuse to waste a single minute in any other state of being.
Ya'll know I hate country music..But this says it all..

A very wise friend of mine told me when I was starting my life anew..
"Live as if the next 5 minutes are your last"

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 08:10 AM
This video always lifts my spirits shar. I can't help but smile and laugh when I watch this little guy. Hope this helps

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 09:05 AM
Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt.

It's a profit deal. (Not "prophet", that's a whole other topic
). Seriously, don't sweat it. I KNOW you know better. And I could throw a couple of dozen platitudes in right here, but I wouldn't be telling you anything you don't already know.

Just do what you can and hang in there. Have a little fun and don't let the doomsayers get you down. There has always been a loon squad contingent on the fringe preaching doom and gloom. Unfortunately, now that the Internet provides an additional channel for them (and everyone else, for that matter), it's even more pervasive.

It's all what you focus on. Unless you have clinical issues (which I doubt), your mood is a choice. So take the blues as they come, knowing it's a temporary thing. And I'll shut up now.

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 11:26 AM
reply to post by jensouth31

Oh gosh Jen..I love that baby. My daughter showed me that a long time ago.
Talk about laughter being contagious...

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 01:01 PM
Minnie, in case I didn’t tell you honey, thanks for that song. I love that song.

AC, Thanks for the song. He didn’t pay any attention to the sad news. Skydiving, and climbing rocks, loving better, yeah that says a lot. What a Nice song. That is true though isn’t it. We should just be happy. No reason not too and no reason to let these doomsayers get you down. He sounds like my son, who hates any sad news at all. He just loves to be happy. I love to keep him that way.

Oh my goodness Jen, that was so cute. That baby made me smile and laugh. How cute. He just laughed and laughed. What a happy baby, thanks for sharing that.

Yeahright, you are so right. These doomsayers just love to promote their thing. Get people all worried for no reason. Look what they did to the year 2000 (y2k bug) I told my husband they were crazy. I didn’t let them get me then. And, I am not now.

Thanks to all my friends on here. You guys are great. I can always count on you.
Luv you guys.

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 01:14 PM
Hey man,Dont get to down
I was like you around 2004 i heard off miceal drosdin and his bible phrophecies of WW3 in 2006 for 2 years i worried (i was only 12-13 around the time) i would stay up late till 4am watching CNN thinking the world was heading for nuclear war over the whole N.Korea thing, i remember thinking "look at all the things that are HAS to happen it is DEFINITLY going to happen'
I felt things no 12 year old should feel, no 12 year old should feel hes not going to see his 18th birthday i even contimplated scuicide
But alas, 2006 went and gone and WW3
Dont sweat it man

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 02:45 PM

Awww thanks such words of wisdom. I’m fine now, I’m going to just let this roll off my shoulders and not worry about it. Cause there is really nothing any of us can do anyways except live the best we can and be happy in it.

Oh and Minnie I’m still singing your song “don’t worry be happy” its stuck in my head. LOL you did that on purpose.

posted on Jun, 10 2008 @ 08:54 AM
Hi Shar,

All things work to God's plan for us as individuals and for the world we live in. Even when they seem bleak or bad to us.

John 14:27
Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

Always remember, 'God is in control'!

posted on Jun, 10 2008 @ 08:59 AM

Originally posted by Shar
I'm fine now, I’m going to just let this roll off my shoulders and not worry about it. Cause there is really nothing any of us can do anyways except live the best we can and be happy in it.

I'm glad to hear that you are not gonna let things get you down for too long. Sometimes it's best to roll with the punches that life gives us. Doom and gloomers happily have a bad track record.

posted on Jun, 10 2008 @ 01:27 PM
Oh wow, lone wolf, thanks for the video! I love that song! It’s so true there’s no denying that! Everything you said is true.

I love my Lord and I know He is in Control. I guess I had a weak moment after all those down videos of doom and gloom and nothing good to say on it. But, what is written is written and what will happen is going to happen.


Yes they do have a bad track record. They will continue too as well, I’m sure. If you predict something every month of the year, I guess you’ll get it right sometime another.

Thanks everyone for all your videos and kind words.

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