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Where to go in New Mexico?

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posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 01:34 PM
Hey guys I am looking for some thing to do in New Mexico or the South West in general and was wondering, other than Dulce where should I go to check out paranormal places?

I would really love to go on a trip with my wife to see check out some 'strange' things but don't know where to begin.

Any advice would be great!

posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 01:51 PM
Acoca pueblo west of Albuquerque is pretty cool... its the one of the oldest countinuiously occupied pueblos in the southwest going back a thousand years... it sits right on top of a mesa...

Anywhere in the Sangre De Christo mountains to the north are pretty interesting, especially Rancho del Chimayo... [ ] and its adobe church there... its tiny and one of the most powerful places i have ever set for it... its called the Lourdes of North America and when you step into it, the sanctuary is filled floor to rafter with crutches, wheelchairs and canes (among other things) that the people who went there to get healed left behind and the psychic energy there is simply amazing...

When you are up that way you are also in Penitente country [ ] and every now and then you will see a distant hill side with three crosses on it where they crucified a man in celebration of Easter.

You will also be in cattle mutilation country... A lot of strange things go on in New Mexico.

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posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 02:06 PM
Grover thanks for the reply. I have been to them all! I have been in Santa Fe for about 8 years and tend to get around. I do appreciate your advice though thanks so much for helping

posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 02:24 PM
Call me man and I buy you a Corona and show you the sites.
A bit tourista but, Taos, Santa Fe, my village Corrales....

My old village...Jemez spgs and the Jemez mts in general are majic....

Dulce, I have been there many, many times...beautiful place but a big let down if you are looking for mystery. Nice casino with pretty Jicarilla Apache blackjack dealers.

for high strangness...I have seen plenty there...The San Luis Valley in so.

As Grover said, Acoma, Chimayo should be experienced. White Sands is about the only place besides Lincoln co. [Billy the Kid country] in southern NM that is of interest. Roswell...all hype.

Albuquerque is like most midsized city's but with a vibrant art, music, avant guarde kick ass counterculture scene centered around the Univ.

and let me add...this is just my opinion on NM, I don't mean to offend any of you folks that live in Carlsbad, Portales, Hobbs, Alamogordo, Cruces, Pie Town or TorC.
Chime in an give Animal your assessment of our "Land of Enchantment"

oh yeah, bring your fly rod for world class trout fishing on the San Juan.
I would advertize my guide/outfitting service here but I might be banned for a blatant T&C infraction.

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posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 02:32 PM
reply to post by whaaa

Dude! Were you aware of the project that took place in your village recently? With the UNM School of Architecture and Planning and the New Mexico Main Street Program?

Well, I was one of the people working on that project. In perticular I worked on the Corrales Road Pathway system. If you are familiar I was the guy working on creating a Pathway/Swale System that conformed to DOT and AASHTO standards.

U2U me man, I would be happy to meet up and knock a Few back!

posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 02:34 PM
in Cloudcroft (Southern NM) theres a restaurant at a hotel called "The Lodge", the restaurant is called Rebecca's, named after their resident ghost. She haunts the restaurant and a few rooms, if u want to check it out.

edit: come by Alamogordo and we can kick it at Chilis or something

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posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 02:40 PM
Bless your heart Animal...

My sweet heart and I deliver the Main Street Newsletter. In fact we were delivering some today. Our volenteer contrubution to the village as we have an coop art gallery here.


posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 02:43 PM
reply to post by Chiiru

ill check this out, and when I head south I will U2U you!
Thanks for the info!

posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 03:27 PM
Contrary to popular belief, SoNM has plenty to offer the curious traveler.

Check out the National Solar Observatory on Sacramento Peak down near White Sands/Cloudcroft area. There is also the space museum in Alamogordo.

As someone else said Lincoln county in general. Lots of Old West history, old buildings and such.

Deming has the Holy Cross Sanatorium, a WWI base, turned tuberculosis hospital, then later, get this, settled by a devil worshiping cult complete with animal sacrifices in the 70's. Needless to say, it is supposed to be haunted.

Carlsbad is a must for anyone at least once in their life. Sure it's just a hole in the ground, but a mighty large hole nonetheless.

Lots of stuff hiding in the great desert of the US.

If you are ever down this way(Las Cruces) give me a u2u. Maybe you should just plan on drinking your way around the state...

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