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UFO in southern Tuscany

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posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 01:31 PM
Dear All,

four days ago i was in southern Tuscany. Around 11pm with 2 friends i was on my terrace which has a 180degree view of the Mediterranean sea in a southwest direction. Visibility was well over 50 miles since i could spot the lighthouses on the island of Elba ( 34 NM from where i was ).
It was a stunning night and i was showing my friends the few stars and planets i could remember.
There was an ordinary number of traffics in the sky ( mostly on the Rome-Northbound route ), and we could see a couple of comets, with their beautiful tail.

After a while, as we were looking in the direction of Jupiter ( SSW, 45° up ) a light popped out of nowhere. It grew for about 3 seconds, it was still as it was growing, colour white/metallic blue. It got to the size of an orange ( so very large- much more than a plane, comet or satellite ) and not moving. The light was evenly distributed inside the round shape. After these few seconds it started to slowly fade, and as it started doing that, it started to move North, as we could see it move and fading for at least 10/12 more seconds.

It had no tail ( like a comet i mean ) of any kind. No position lights or strobes. The light was coming only from one single point as it appeared, grew and faded as it started moving.

We all saw the same thing after the event was over we compared what we all saw the same thing.

Furthermore i would like to add that after it was all over and looking at it in retrospective, what we saw looked very much like a couple of "nasa UFO" videos, the ones in which the camera from the shuttle is pointed at the earth at night and a round object appeared from nowhere. What my friends and myself saw "appeared" in front of our eyes.

I asked myself if it could have been moving exactly in my direction, therefore becoming the light stronger in intensity and larger in size, coming to a full stop ( giving the impression of being still after moving towards me ) and then started moving slowly north.

I came to the conclusion this just dint look right. The object appeared, as if it uncloaked,or become visible, sat there in the same place for 2-3 secs and started moving slowly north . ( i point out it was slowly beacause it dint have the speed satellites have when they pass in the sky at night, very fast and no variations of speed or luminosity of this magnitude - this became extremely visible, quite large ).

Well that's it, thank you for reading me and i hope i didnt bore anybody.

posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 03:29 PM
I'm not sure if I envy you more for where you were at the time, or the experience.
Sometimes when a plane is pointed right at you the headlights are bright and of course would seem not to move if coming at you. but once it turned I would assume it would look like any other plane and since it didn't to you guys, I don't have a good take on this. good post.

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 01:58 AM
The impression wasn't one of a turn actually, but more of starting to move after appearaing or materializing. then it moved evenly as it lost luminosity to the point we couldn't see it anymore....

Perhaps a secret plane developed by the Italians? ahahah I'm joking, and i'm an italian pilot by the way ;-)

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