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Local prediction for the record.

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posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 01:18 PM
I am posting a dream my sister had as a record of prediction. In case her dream comes true so to speak then I (you) will have proof first hand that these dreams our minds have are not just our subconscious remembering past days events or creating weird skits.

Let me first explain that my sister is 49 and has no(none, nadda, just aint happening) interest in what I read here. Whenever I tell her of a thread the only answer I get is "oh ya" as a bothersome response. She is what I classify as a sheeple, only aware of her surroundings and not aware that global events can effect her.

This morning (June 08, 2008) she told me of a dream she had last night. We live in a steel town, Algoma Steel Inc is a major employer here. Algoma Steel has a blast furnace in operation to create their molten steel.

This is Number 7 the only remaining blast furnace at Algoma Steel.

This is Algoma Steel

Algoma Steel is located in the west end of town amidst our residential areas.

The steel plant can be viewed from most of our water front locations but not from where we live (east end).

My sister stated that in her dream she was in sight of the plant with other people. Our local July 1st celebrations ( Canada Day) are held on our waterfront displaying fireworks.

St. Mary's river, Algoma Steel is located to the left of this picture.

She said she noticed that #7 (we locals call it) was louder and delivering more smoke then usual. She says fire started spewing from the top and that it then exploded.

If that wasn't strange enough she also stated that water started rising in the St. Marys river. Now if lots of water hit #7 when its brewing molten steel there would be a blast. She said that in her dream she worried about our parents with the rising water but knew they would be okay cause they live in an apartment building 2nd floor. Their apartment building is located about a mile from the river. She said she then wanted to head home, to make sure her daughter was okay, which is about 500 feet from the river.

Sault Ste. Marie is located in the heart of the Great Lakes.

She was clearly upset as she was telling me her dream. I wondered what could cause her to have such a dream. Locally we are more worried about the falling water levels then a flood.

So I just wanted to get this all recorded for the record. I am quite sure it was just a dream however odd it was and totally out of character for her to even dream it.

But just in case, you heard it here first.


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