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This Is Not A Real Photo Of The Inside Of A Chemtrail Plane Folks

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posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 07:58 AM
reply to post by interestedalways

Yeah Right! Or maybe they are creating airways so it's easy for Santa Claus to navigate throughout the world.

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 09:20 AM
Those are trails of ice particles. Geez

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 09:33 AM
okay, I am basically a troller, but this is one of the topics that made me come to ATS, other than a lot of good laughs at [people flaming each other. But I am convinced that there is something to the chemtrail theory. In my opinion the fact that you can get no answers to these planes from local media to the local airports (I've tried many many times!). And in fact I will relate to you a story that happened about a year ago in my area.

I was watching the news, and low and behold there they were talking about odd formations (huge circles) being laid down by planes in the area had enough people disturbed that they called and asked the news cover the story. Well they gave the story no more than 30 seconds and this was there Story....

Alot of people called us about the huge formations being left by planes today in the valley, Well we contacted air controller tower and they told us they had to put some planes in a "Holding pattern" before they landed here at the runway"

That is complete BS. I have many many many pictures of these planes and they have never land here nor take off as far I see. I only live about 2 miles from the airport and taking pictures of these planes has become one of my hobbies.

well thats my $.02.....

oh if anyone wants some pictures visit these 2 links for a collection of pictures that I HAVE PERSONALLY TAKEN here you go. explain some of these naysayers!
(BAYIMG seems to be down but I was looking at them yesterday, so be patient.) here are some of the most interesting...... while you wait to look at all of them.

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 10:13 AM
Atmospheric spraying is a reality. This I can garantee and my report will tell you why.

I live on an island out in the atlantic, the only civil air traffic we have here is either local mid range jets out of europe, where we are literally the end of the line, or high altitude routes heading to south america. I live next to the airport and have friends who work there. On two seperate ocasions I have seen planes laying down chemtrails in one of the holding pattern locations of the airport. On the first ocasion they were two midsized jets, either 737's or 320's and they were at it over half an hour, going back and forth and laying down the chemtrails in lines at the location of the holding pattern. This was at dusk, and as I'm a night person and it was a moonlit night I saw that the trails expanded and turned into cloud cover the next day, when it rained, just a little. And it stayed overcast for a few days after. I contacted people at the airport, and while they did confirm the existance of the planes they did not give data as to who was operating them, and stayed tight lipped about the whole affair. These planes did not land at this island, allthough we have another airport in the archipelago, which they may have gone to, or perhaps other archipelagos or africa. But they did come here, and they did cloud seed, this is a reality I have seen with my own eyes and garantee to anybody that it is a reality. I am no stranger to aeronautics, and this stood out for what it was.
As Richard Hoagland says, the lie is different at every level, so I don't know if there is an ulterior motive to this or this crap is all climate change nuttery. But for what it's worth it's real. And if you wan't another indication about artificial rain, after spraying when it rains and if it's not too heavy, go to a second floor window and look down at the falling rain and you will see the particulate coming down too, the metallic dust they use to cloud seed.

I think this should stop, for the following reasons: Water does not evaporate off the planet, even if global warming does give us droughts, water evaporation from the oceans will eventually reset the weather patterns with natural rain, as the earths planet is self regulating. It is dependant on exterior energy more than local atmospheric composition. Climate change is not due to CO2 emissions but to deflorestation, most of which is actually corporate. So if you want to "save the planet" (which is a bit of the euphemism, the planet will be fine, it's the people thar are f*****, as Carlin said), well, take care of the forests, their dissapearance is the reason it feels warmer and why there is less fresh water. Trees evaporate moisture and they also capture cloud haze and secure land that absorbs more water. If they're gone we will still have similar rain cycles at the global level but less will remain as usuable water and more of the world will be desert. This phenomenon is already observable in cities, due to the local warming phenomenon of concrete absorbing more heat than a natural ecosystem. CO2 Gore confabulation is just a taxation push by our sociopathic elites to further their war on the middle class. And last but not least, atmospheric spraying with metal particulate is bound to be toxic on the long term, and will probably toxify out water supplies, which may be the evil plan hiding behind the "legitimate" plan (if you go with the whole climate change stories, which I do but not for the motives the establishment has given).

I have read somewhere that atmospheric cloud seeding is done with metal particulate, and they use alluminium. So this whole sad affair can theoretically be linked to the flouride issues and the widespread use of neurotoxins in a push to dumb down society. And when I watch the news the world does indeed seem a bit dumbed down. I hope this post gives people food for thought.

It's real and it needs to stop.

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 10:13 AM
reply to post by defcon5

Not to mention the Boeing flightline reflective jacket hanging on the seat...this is a test aircraft for shifting weight while in flight...everybody back to your normal paranoid state.

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 10:16 AM
All those propounding tin foil hat conspiracy theories (the general form of theory) are missing the big picture.

While they run around looking for sinister conspiracies to depopulate the earth and reptile people running the government and so forth, a lot of unpleasent activity is taking place for banal, innocent and even well intentioned reasons.

If you want to find a conspiracy of old men and women and those with bottom lines to feed, look at the very "captcha" on the bottom here for posting bot protection. The Bilderberg group is real enough, but all they discuss sounds like Greenspan on tranqs.

Investors, speculators, lobbyists,.. those are the real problem. Folks with money who *only* care about money. Not the whole world economy, but how they can maxamize *their* pile.

Now, at the moment, all of the reasonable hypothesis propoed here so far are happening. None of these programs are all that top secret. I'll mark down the ones that *are* military with a "*". You can find info on all these, sometimes even the military ones, on the web *if* you look hard enough.

Weather Modification (look, the Chinese are openly admitting they are going to try it). Doesn't work very well. Can be irritating to the lungs. Silver Halide is somewhat toxic. Overall, toxicity is low, but irritation is still a problem.

Global Warming/Pollution Mitigation. See above. Here, the intent is to reflect IR radiation back into space *or* to precipitate atmospheric contaminants, like halon/chloroflourocarbon compounds. Still in research. Many of the chemicals and metallic particles are low toxicity, but, like any dust, can be irritating.

Plane De-Icing in Flight. This is being used for obvious reasons. Usually uses compounds similar to soaps and glycols.

* Communications Blockage. Metallic and intermetallic compounds that interfere in radio transmissions. Some research has been done in Nevada and elsewhere, but effectiveness is low and the potential for self-interferrence is a concern. Same irritation problems as above. Not done above populated areas.

* Optical Blockage. Smoke screens on a big scale. See above. Also not done above population centers. Also not too effective yet.

* Communications Reflectors. Used to bounce radio signals when the ionosphere is unfavorable. Obsolete. Hasn't been tested in decades.

* Chemical Warfare. This is the obvious one and a favored red herring of the scaremongerers. Hasn't been tested in decades. Not since the chem weapons ban.

There have been, and still are, tests being done, *BUT*,..

*ALL* have used substances that are considered harmless when diluted by the atmosphere. Are they irritants and do some chemicals later turn out to have dangers not known at the time? Yes. Do they use them for some sinister reason.. deliberately? No. It's the old and banal "good intentions" problem.

*NONE* of these programs, with the exception of the de-icing one, have used commercial or passenger planes. *ALL* planes used for this have been military, NOAA, other government owned/operated ones or planes owned by the larger corporations and used for atmospheric research (meaning, not frieght or passengers).

My point is, stop looking under rocks for aliens. Start digging into the finances and public records of all these companies and agencies.

The truth is out there. But, it's less exciting than many wish.

Forget watching the skies for chemtrails. Follow the money trails.

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 11:19 AM
I remember watching something on Global Dimming and after 9-11 airplanes were grounded due to the crisis. The Airplanes were covering the ski's with Chem-trials, or exhaust what ever... Anyway the point of the story was that those days where there was no flying the heat index rose considerably. Some scientists may think that these trails are to help keep the heat down... I know this is a bit nieve but I just cant shake the feeling that these two things are linked... AM I ALONE does anyone think the same?

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 11:35 AM
reply to post by LoneGunMan

A number of us have seen craft blink out. Also heard jet engines overhead but no craft anywhere in sight.

We have the lab tests, we have the photos. So what. They will continue to deny.

After having spent time observing the sky only an idiot would dismiss chemtrails as a hoax.

These posters are paid to say this.

They are low life traitors to humanity.

Don't waste your time with them.

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 11:39 AM
Thats psuedo scientific spin, you can't learn NOTHING about climate science with one day observations. How do you know the increase in temperature during 911 was just the result of a hot september day which coincided? People will tend to believe scientists based on authority and not realise how full of it the majority of them are.

If global dimming does keep down the earth's temperature the natural cycle of water evaporation and cloud cover would do the same thing much more effectively if we did nothing and wated for high temperatures, probably due to solar cycles, to evaporate more water and add more cloud cover. The earth is a living system that self regulates, and all a bunch of scientists do in the face of this reality is come up with things to further our misery. Leave the planet alone and try to minimize human agression to it while maximizing organic living, even in industry and architecture, and this planet will give us an utopia. Second guess nature and nature will get rid of you, this is how the planet works.

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 11:44 AM
reply to post by jazzygrl52

jazzygrrl....please step back a moment, and analyize (darn, can't spell that word!!) this concept, with some logic.

Let me explain....there was an (as yet) unprecedented groundings of all regularly scheduled commercial airplanes IN THE USA!! Not the rest of the world.

The Military still flew, of course. And any of the 'alphabet agencies' with airplanes....that's just about all of 'em!

September 11, 2001, was cool, crisp and clear in the NorthEast (where I live). The next few days were unchanged, mostly. There were no contrails that morning, since conditions were not conducive to their formation.

Now, I had a five-day trip scheduled for 12 September...down to Sao Paulo, to Rio, back to Sao Paulo, then up to NYC. Because of the groundings, obviously I didn't fly the entire trip...but once normal Ops were being resumed, I and my original crew were dead-headed down to Sao Paulo, overnighted, and flew the last leg of our original trip 'pairing' back to NYC. So, we brought the crews who had been 'stranded' in Rio de Janeiro for four the airline's expense. We all got normal pay, which is a tribute to the company I retired from.

That little story was to give some insight into why I know that modern commercial jetliners DO NOT 'spray' chemicals....every pilot, every flight attendant, every baggage handler, every fueler, every mechanic, every dispatcher....they would all know if something like that was happening. We are not stupid.

If a 'chemtrail' believer wishes to investigate, then stick with some "Black Ops" military consipiracy, or something like along those lines.

One last point to ponder...consider, for a moment, just how large the Earth is, in surface area. Then, think of the quantity of material that would be needed to be carried up to 35,000 feet, and 'sprayed', in order to have any effect!!! The act of burning the jet fuel would have more of an impact!!! Which is exactly what's happening....burning fossil fuels, that is affecting the environment. Most of the effect happens near the ground, and atmospheric mixing (a natural process) does the rest....

edit for poor spelling.....

[edit on 6/9/0808 by weedwhacker]

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 12:18 PM
reply to post by defcon5

Sent an email to William Appleton, since the photo is taken at McClellan AFB then possibly he is local. McClellan has several aviation companies that work out of the Base as well as the Coast Guard and CDF. There is not a lot of traffic in and out of the that port but there are lots of hangers that house craft. I have never noticed anything "out of the ordinary" and most of the base is open to the public. And yes I have been inside the hanger at the Coast Guard, other than a some very tall humans (kinda freaky), they all appear to be quite the norm.

But... On days when there is "chemtrails" MCC is almost always covered in the "halo" effect. The temperature while under this "halo" is always about 10-15 degrees in difference that out side the "halo".

Will let you know what Appleton says.

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 12:48 PM
Have never seen any chemtrails where i live, but then ist mostly small non-jet passenger planes that flies over this skies. The jet planes mostly dont leave any contrails and if they do they are gone after 5-15 minutes.
This is 2-4 daily routes.

BUT, could this longer lasting trail effect be caused of some sort of addiditive mixed in the fuel? I know petrol/diesel for cars are sometimes been sold under some sort of exotic name with additives that will give benefits for the engine or economy. This marketing thing came around 15 years ago. I also remember you could mix something into the fuel that would create a coating that would give less friction for the pistons in the cylinders. Someone told me that that wasnt needed anymore because they already had this in the fuel.
Maybe jet fuel from Exxon or Shell etc have different "blends" that can cause chemtrails under some conditions. That can explain why some planes make chemtrails and other dont.

At the local airport where i live there is only one supplier of jet fuel, but two airline companies with the same boeing 737 model use this airport. No chemtrails so far..

Even if its some sort of deliberate spraying, wouldnt it be easier to have chemicals in the fuel? We already knows big oil and NWO controls that

[edit on 9-6-2008 by nyloncylon]

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 12:49 PM

Originally posted by Zepherian
Thats psuedo scientific spin, you can't learn NOTHING about climate science with one day observations.

No, it takes many, many years of study

btw you mentioned cloud seeding from those airliners you saw - yet very clearly from your description they were not cloud seeding
Cloud seeding aka weather modification involves spraying existing low level clouds with substances (usually silver iodide) in order to induce precipitation. It doesn't mean creating new clouds - which is only done occasionally (and inadvertently) by industrial facilities (power stations) and more commonly by aircraft, typically commercial airliners - producing an artificial form of cirrus cloud called a contrail.

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 12:50 PM
I never paid much attention to the chem trails over the area in Louisiana I lived in. That was until last year when I started having trouble with my lungs. I now have less than half the capacity and very low air flow. My heart rate also lowers when I walk. My pulmonary doctor is stumped at what caused this as I have never smoked. It is also near an air force base where they always have exercises requiring them to wear gas masks. I remember when I was in the AF it was only required for people on mobility (in stateside bases) All of a sudden in 1994 they required everyone had to wear a gas mask during an exercise. I am looking into this quite seriously.

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 12:51 PM
I've been a watcher of the chemtrail phenomenon for about 4 years now.
I've seen a lot of strange things and I've taken hundreds if not thousands of photos.

SOMETHING was happening BUT something has also changed. I live in the middle of three airports and I know the patterns like the back of my hand now. I work in my garage and watch the sky as much as possible. I drive to meet clients and most of the time it's open around me.
I travel hundreds of miles on the highway with a frequency greater than the normal person and I ALWAYS am looking up.

Since this chemtrail thing hit the net 10 years ago, the circumstances have morphed into a much more subtle approach to the "spraying" At one time it was undeniable what was happening. I've seen red powder, brown powder, plumes where there were no engines and 100% obvious flight patterns that ADDED to a cloud system by flying on the edge and as the cloud kept growing, the planes would fly the perimeter to keep adding to..
I've read stories and picture-ographies in other countries where people heard and then saw the phenomenon for the first time. The entire collective impact on me has been profound. I've had to deal with paranoia and had to deal with the reality that 95% of what people call chemtrails is actually just clouds.

I've even read into fluid and thermal dynamics plus scoured every cloud database available and without a doubt, it doesn't all jive.

As of last year, everything around me changed in the air. The patterns have changed and I don't mean just in my immediate vicinity. It's very much like they are "done" with whatever learning or testing has been done. There is a process that has been developed and perfected. That or something has gone wrong or my area is being left alone.

The chemtrail thing is NOT just one concept. It has multiple uses and I've seen with my own eyes local and regional radar screens get wacked out during spray times.
Do I think it's population control or anything of the sort? not directly in the manner of "mind control", but the technology is being ( or was ) developed for something.

Alas, the pics and stories that I felt were smoking guns can't be found anymore. There weren't but 2 or three, but I cannot for the life of me find them anymore.

I'll try to look one more time after I post, but I've tried a few times now and I just don't see it happening.

Here's a pic that has not been explained to me by anyone.
My theory on it is this:
The "chemtrails" you hear about truly are real and help to saturate the air with metals. Then another technology is used in conjunction with the saturated air to do .. well whatever it is they do which is the part that I have theories on but why say.. take a look and tell me what is happening here.

One more thing. The pattern in this image of squares, rectangles, 45 degree angles adjacent and going through the squares is perfect were repetitive to the horizon. The angles cut through one another and most importantly, the angles are consistent in important areas.

If you are a serious weather person and wish to see the hires for study, let me know and I'll and see if I still have it around in an archive somewhere. The real good pics think I kept and this is one of them.

mid summer
6pm ( nightime started at 8:30 )
constant pattern changes in the clouds. Rippling almost but in different directions at once
rained the day before
massive pattern spraying after the rain

Like I said, this type of activity has just about ceased altogether.
For just over a year now, I haven't seen ANY of the occurrences of trails that were in no way natural. Lemme tell you.. that's something that's hard to take because it makes you question yourself, but thankfully I do have the certain circumstances I've seen documented for my own sanity.


posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 01:08 PM
reply to post by Bspiracy

B, you wrote a lot, with no specifics....then post a picture of alto cumulous clouds.....clouds we have seen for hundreds of years, even before airplanes were invented!!!

If you wish your observations to be taken seriously, then note them in a Journal. Date, Time, direction of observation (West, North, East, South) etc.

THEN come back and discuss your Journal, and your scientific study, not some 'feelings' that are seeming to be somewhat influenced by others' thoughts.....

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 01:27 PM
reply to post by rezial666

Here is William Appleton's response:

Hello Kimberly, it is a test aircraft used for cg test. And it was the Boeing house colors.


> Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2008 10:07:35 -0700
> To:
> Subject: photo feedback: N60659 (cn 33781/504)
> From:
> Hi William,
> Can you tell me if this was a test plane, possibly used for shifting balance tests? And is the Airline Qantas?
> Thank you,
> Kim Aguiar
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> Message was sent using the mail interface on

Given I know not what a CG test is - maybe someone could explain?

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 01:33 PM
The chemtrail topic is long exhausted and at this point, all you can do is answer the question for youself. I will tell you that there are many possibilities for why chemtrails would be put up. But honestly, and I've asked my friends and family this in the Chicagoland area, none of us can remember the last day that was cloudless for the entire day. In fact, the weather here is on almost the same pattern for months except for a few days: cloudless and sunny early in the morning, mostly cloudy by noon, with full cloud cover at night. Same thing everyday, over and over. When I was a kid we had many cloudless days.

I think the biggest point in all of the chemtrail hoopla on ATS is that the same people over and over come back to deny the existence of chemtrails in every new thread yet I never see chemtrail believers in every thread repeating the same opinion over and over. Hmmmmm.......

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 01:41 PM

Originally posted by weedwhacker
reply to post by Bspiracy

B, you wrote a lot, with no specifics....then post a picture of alto cumulous clouds.....clouds we have seen for hundreds of years, even before airplanes were invented!!!

Excuse me? show me another photo with perfect squares within perfect squares and also perfect 45 angles to them. I have looked at every cloud I could find in reputed sources and can't find anything like this pic.
Show me one and then keep talking to me like I'm a child.

If you wish your observations to be taken seriously, then note them in a Journal. Date, Time, direction of observation (West, North, East, South) etc.

The clouds were UP.

THEN come back and discuss your Journal, and your scientific study, not some 'feelings' that are seeming to be somewhat influenced by others' thoughts.....

These aren't feelings.
These are YEARS of watching. There is enough people out there trying to tell and show you in your scientific way.
This is a discussion board and I know what I see and am relating this in a fashion that I know how to. By describing what I have seen and watched and have sat with others in discussion that was backed up by unfolding events.
Because I did not document it in a way that is satisfactory to you makes it no less valid.

-------BTW, I actually have done some "documenting" before. I took photos, gathered local weather conditions by way of screen shot and raw data, checked flight schedules and so on. I actually did a damn good job.....So did the virus that wiped it off my system my brother accidentally loaded on my computer while visiting for the holidays.

the ONE thing I offer for you to STUDY ( and still think I have on another computer or on DVD ) at will is a high resolution image that has CLEAR patterns unlike ANY that follow natural fluid and thermal dynamics that I have read or been told about.

Other than the cloud for study, the rest are my observations.
Another observation I am having right now is that you really have very little tact.


posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 02:07 PM
reply to post by rezial666

rezial....the term "CG" means 'Center of Gravity'.

Trying to keep it simple here....there are considered four forces that act on an airplane, in flight. Thrust, Drag, Lift and Weight.

We will only concern ourselves, now, with Lift and Weight. Lift is, as the name suggests, the component that keeps an airplane in flight, to counter-act Gravity. Every fixed wing is different, as to shape, dimensions, planform and airfoil....but each will have, for a specific Angle of Attack, a particular point that is defined as the C/L (Center of Lift)...I tried to keep it simple, but you see, it needs some explanation.

The CG should be easily is the point of any mass, where the 'MASS' is considered to be 'centered'.

In conventional fixed-wing airplanes, the CG is ALWAYS forward, in 'front' of, the C/L. This is referred to as 'dynamically stable'. The greater the distance, between these two 'points' on the Datum Line, the more downward force is needed by the Horizontal Stabilizer (that's the tail). That is its function. To 'modify' the variance (the moment arm) between the C/L and CG, by providing a downward force, at the tail.

As the CG moves aft, and gets closer to the C/L, the moment arm gets shorter, and the HS (Horiz Stab) needs to provide less downward force....and the overall drag decreases, and fuel efficiency increases....but only so far.

If the CG is AFT of the C/L, then the airplane is 'dynamically unstable'. this is not a scenario you want in a passenger jet.

The CG in a jet, as in any airplane, is dependant on these factors: The basic airframe, (empty). For modern commercial flight, the basic (empty) weight is defined as OEW, or 'Operating Empty Weight'. OEW includes the weights of the normal crew, and normal on-board equipment, including galley supplies, all emergency equipment, etc.

Starting from the OEW, we consider the fuel on board, by weight. Also, which tanks the fuel is in, since that has an effect on the CG. Then, we add the payload....that is the passengers, and their baggage, and the cargo, and how it is distributed.

The purpose of those photos, purported to be of a 'spraying' airplane, were simply mis-used to support an unwarranted claim....that being, 'chemtrails'.

The interior photos of the B-777LR were just flight test photos. It is what airplane manufacturers do, for FAA and ICAO Certification requirements, and to verify their computer simulations by actual test data, for performance, fuel efficiency, duration, refine what is called the CG 'envelope'....

Which brings me back to the CG question. When I say 'envelope' it refers to what is an acceptable range of CG, based on the airframe design.

As I noted earlier, a too far aft CG is dangerous in conventional airplanes.

A CG too far forward, while safe, is less fuel efficient. Flight testing, by the manufacturer, whether it is Boeing or AirBus, is mandatory to refine their computer models, and then design charts and graphs to sell to their customers, the airlines.

Sorry if anything above got too technical....I'm just a pilot, not an engineer.

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