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Bible is telling us Orion constellation is going to be gravitationally released????

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posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 08:33 PM
Arcturus is 36.7 light years (11.3 parsecs) away from Earth

Arcturus is now almost at its closest point to the Sun, and is moving rapidly (122 km/s) relative to the solar system.

Arcturus It is the second brightest star visible from northern latitudes and the brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere. "10 May 2002"

Arcturus appears to shift its "fixed" position in the sky much more rapidly than most of the other bright stars, the sole exception being Alpha Centauri. Sir Edmund Halley was the first to discover this motion back in 1718.

Arcturus appears to whiz through space at a speed of nearly 90 miles per second in the direction of the constellation Virgo. It appears to move toward Virgo by about one-degree (which is about twice the apparent width of a full Moon) over a time span of about 1,500 years. We are thus very fortunate to live at a time when the distance separating Arcturus and our solar system is nearly at its minimum.

The star will continue to approach the Earth for several thousand years more, but then it will pass us as it continues to move toward Virgo and its distance from us will begin to steadily increase. Computations show that in approximately 500,000 years, it will probably have moved out as far as 800 light years away from us and likely will have faded completely from naked-eye visibility.

You can search and find the "motion" of Arcturus from Edmund Halley to proof your theory that Arcturus is Planet X.

To some people in the New Age, it is considered a Planet with life

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posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 01:06 AM
reply to post by Gillespie

wouldn't the fact that it's a star, not a planet, put something of a damper on the theory that it's a planet with life?

Also: the fact that it's never going to be in a position to do anything to earth but look kind of bright make it an unlikely candidate for planet X

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 07:40 AM
reply to post by Parabol

The fact that Orion is mentioned in the OT (000,s of years ago) gives its importance, Orions belt is important with its relationship with the pyramids, also the batch of stars in the lower triangle of Orion.
we all search for clues, even small ones are relevent. Orion stands out in the sky as one of the most important.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 10:39 AM

Originally posted by Parabol

Originally posted by daz___

No. The stars are entirely unrelated and have little to no effect on each other. I'm actually calculating the distance of the stars within the orion constellation in my astronomy lab on Thursday so I'll let you know the hard numbers later if you would like. The stars in the orion constellation are as connected to each other as any other star in the sky. There is nothing inherently special about the configuration of most constellations beyond the shape they make from our perspective.

But there is also this purely cosmological question: why is it that our sun and the star Sirius B have a mass ratio of 1.053 in any event? For the fraction 256/243 of which 1.053 is the decimal expression does appear to have a universal harmonic status. So by stumbling upon this coincidence we may have uncovered some hitherto unsuspected astrophysical harmonical value in operation between two neighbouring stars. I don't believe anyone before has found a precise numerical correlation which could extend the notion of a 'harmony of spheres' beyond our solar system, to link it with a neighboring one. But this appears to be the case here. Perhaps it has something to do with the inherent nature of white dwarf stars and their dimensions vis 'a vis normal stars like our sun, and this ratio would thus occur throughout the Universe frequently. It makes more sense to view the correlation as one which appeals to underlying fundamentals of cosmic structures than to view it as a special case applying only to Sirius B and our sun. But even so, the correlation is extraordinary and so precise that it suggests whole avenues of research and offers hope of absolute numerical expressions recurring in the cosmos where none had been suspected. And by discovering this, we can only be pleased, since it enables us to discern some scaling elements of concealed structure which may be cosmic in scope. I hope cosmologists will not neglect this observation. I believe it demonstrates that the Universe has more structure than we thought, and that that structure can be so precisely articulated that it can generate an exact value of this kid as a ratio between neighboring stellar bodies. For Sirius Band our sun, in terms of the cosmos, are certainly neighbors. And it all comes down to the question: how is it that two stars 8.7 light-years apart can have a mass ratio which is not random but which expresses a universal harmonic value which is precise to three decimal points? It can only be because the astrophysics of stars and their evolutionary development (such as in the formation of a white dwarf) follow certain harmonic laws which we have not yet suspected, much less expressed. And we should not overlook the fact that the universal harmonic fraction concerned is not one which today receives a lot of attention. This in turn indicates that it is ancient harmonic theory that should be dusted off and studied for clues as to what is going on. Many of us have believed this for years, even without this evidence.42 One of my 'hobbies' is trying to get to grips with ancient harmonic theory, which is why I took the fraction seriously enough to work out its decimal expression and notice its importance; needless to say, the decimal value of the fraction does not appear in Macrobius, and only someone actually doing the division and holding up the result beside the mass ratio value of Sirius B and our sun for comparison would ever have noticed anything at all.

It is not mathematically provable at all. Correlation of numbers does not equal causation. I don't see how someone can make a jump from numerical symmetry to the origin of our species.

The implication of all this is that different types of stars express different harmonical values in a surprisingly precise way. But why should stellar evolution not have a harmonical nature and structure to it? This will probably be found to be relevant to the concept of the 'stellar mass function' which astrophysicists speculate about. It may be found, for instance, that the difficulties of star formation in the first place are regularly overcome by some kind of binary-star formation; in our own solar system we could view the planet Jupiter as an incipient brown dwarf star in the making. And in 1983 I published an account of the possible existence of the possible existence of another actual small invisible star in our own solar system, which was first suggested in 1977 by the radioastronomer E. R. Harrison because of a perturbation which he discovered that our solar system was exercising on six particular pulsars in a small region of the sky.43 Star formation might thus involve a binary process in far more cases than we think, possibly in all. Binary stars may only be able to coexist according to specific harmonic relations, just as certain musical notes when struck together are consonant when they are in specific proportions such as the musical fifth or fourth.

No. It's just the way it is, no miracle involved. If Sirius wasn't this close to our mass then some other star would be, there's nothing special about it except the relationship or value you attach to it.

The discovery of the significance of the 1.053 mass ratio between Sirius B and our sun suggests that our solar system and the Sirius system are elements of a larger entity which is a self-organizing open system -- what is called in thermodynamics a "dissipative structure far from thermal equilibrium'. But let us give it an actual name. I propose to call it the Anubis Cell. The Anubis Cell clearly has long-range order extending over at least 8.7 light-years. Since all such structures increase their order and eliminate their disorder, a continuous ordering process must have been in operation inside the Anubis Cell since at least the formation of either our sun or Sirius B's condensation as a white dwarf, whichever was later. Long-range order has thus operated between the systems presumably for billions of years. Under such circumstances, both solar systems must have a shared movement in relation to the Galaxy. The two systems must also be in continuous harmonic resonance with one another. It may be presumed that a significant perturbation of one
continues here



posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 11:10 AM
reply to post by Parabol

i do realise you are not harping on at me and i am no math expert.. in truth a lot of it goes over my head but i can read and kinda grasp what they are saying.. and what they are suggesting is mind boggling.. the whole idea that we are a small part of a much higher order of being..

i try not to read into the math too much myself but the math they are speaking of is the ancient art of Harmonic Theory..

again thank you for your crittique..

now i'm off to take a look at harmonic theory..



posted on Nov, 1 2008 @ 02:46 AM
today is nov 1st 2008 2:43A.M. I Just was outside looking up at the sky and happen to notice on top of orion right arm a little red star or planet x maybe? just wondering if this is the case respond back

posted on Apr, 17 2013 @ 09:13 AM
reply to post by SarahConners_spirit

I know this is a pretty old post so I'm not sure if you will get this. I just joined so I could possibly be of some help with the following passages. I assume you may have gotten some info that you might be satisfied with but, I know that there is knowledge of these things that still have not been revealed correctly. I have been studying 4 over 10 yrs and I have come across life changing and mind altering information. Ignore the ppl who seem to be discouraging or very much religious know it alls who will base all there info on Christ alone. These ppl mean well but are trapped by there left brain because they are trying to see this in the logic of there own understanding when one must step outside of there own understanding because it could be wrong.
You have bit a big chunk of the pie discover those scriptures and understanding that it was speaking the constellations as mythical Gods. If you read into these stories and the culture behind it you will find more clues like each culture has its on name to represent Orion, and that all ancient pyramid cultures built there entire civilization in line with this specific constellation.
Now you asked a very good question why should we watch this constellation. In short this constellation is a very key point to an up coming event taking place as we speak. You must look deeper than wiki to get the answers you are searching for. We have recently found along with nasa that there are star galaxies being born there as we speak. You can google everything I tell you. There is also a black whole there and evidence suggest our galxay was star seeded from there 4.5million yrs ago. The biggest thing is that we have also found in all other cultures ancient to there modern religions a paper trail of evidence that has revealed one of the biggest kept secrets in the vatican. What or who YHVH really is. The proof is shown in the fact that the Catholic church since the 1500s have been painting the Orion Nebula hidden in there holy art. You can follow my facebook to see the pics and get more info from me and tunes of others who have been diligently following this with a clear and open mind. Nothing is carved in stone and all belief must be pushed to the side for the moment. There is no room for personal belief when searching out the truths of life in our universe. My fb is Many religious, superstitious and just plan logical ppl do not get this type of knowledge because it does not make since to them. The reason being is because they are trying to use only left brain when study like this requires both halve of the brain. The ancient Egyptians speak of this enlightenment where both side of the brain merge in to one and the soul awakens to the truth of its existence to reality.

posted on Dec, 30 2013 @ 05:56 PM
To those of you interested in the spiritual and scientific aspects of the Cords of Orion, I would like to help you. The answer to your questions will be forthcoming over the next days weeks and months.I am slow on the keyboard and only have 10 minutes left for today from this library computer.I will be back tomorrow to begin helping you with as many answers as I can.Briefly, the Teacher, John 14:26, has given me spiritual and scientific instructions and shown me how to draw the Cords.This process began in 2010 and continued for 30 some months, and HE taught me a great deal.I will talk again tomorrow as my time is expiring.GOD Bless!

posted on Dec, 30 2013 @ 06:09 PM
reply to post by cordsofgraphene

The ATS community sits patiently, and awaits the next message. Someone brings pancakes. Others, coffee. There is abuzz, but it turns out that someone left the water running.

posted on Apr, 8 2014 @ 06:34 PM
I know this is bumping a dead horse, but the answer to the original poster's inquiry is definitively and exhaustively explained in an article online. The constellations of the bible represent nations and rulers. The heavens and the earth are ancient poetic symbolism. The claim that they were uncultured people is pure bunk. The aristocracy of the ancient world wrote the most important things using poetry and poetic symbols. The true meaning of the constellations, including Orion, is explained in this series of articles. It is all explained here:

Link: The Wheel of Genesis, Mysteries of Ancient Symbolism

This article in the Mysteries of Genesis series is the most informative exegesis of scriptural symbolism available.

There is a lot of talk and speculation about nephilim, heavenly races, etc., but all interpretations of such subjects fail because they all fail to grasp the concepts of Ancient Oriental Symbolism and Ancient Oriental poetic parallelism. The series of articles shown at the link explains it all, and truly does unlock the meaning of the bible. The meaning of the bible stories is not necessarily hidden, except it is hidden by man's ignorance and misunderstanding of the ancient poetical idioms.

The aristocracy of the ancient race defined important concepts of government and the life of a society using poetical symbols. The constellations were among those symbols. It is far less supernatural than the speculators think. What the supernatural speculators fail to grasp is that the very existence of human consciousness in a flesh vessel, is by itself very supernatural and out of the ordinary in the natural, physical universe.

If you are not able to read a block of text for content and think about it before having a knee-jerk reaction, do not click on the link. If you are able to STUDY, and reason out how a puzzle fits together, this article is meat for you.

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