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Friends of the Democrats.. Really?

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posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 03:33 AM
So, now we rewrite history and/or ignore the past, allowing self-proclaimed terrorists into the country?

What kind of nonsense is this?

On May 8, the House of Representatives passed by voice vote H.R. 5690, a bill to remove the African National Congress (ANC) from treatment as a terrorist organization and to provide relief for some members of the ANC regarding admissibility into the United States. The passage of this bill identifies those whom our Representatives on the left admire and are willing to help.

The bill states that for the purpose of entry into the United States present and former members of the ANC will not be inadmissible based upon either their membership in the organization or their "anti-apartheid activities undertaken during the 1948-1990 period of apartheid rule in South Africa."

The ANC Website acknowledges its revolutionary and military fervor and "desire for radical change."

During the 1970s and 1980s, the ANC murdered a number of military and government personnel as well as civilians. Its attacks included the bombing of the Amanzimtoti shopping center, in which five people were killed and over 60 injured; the Sterland bombing in Pretoria; the bombing of the Wimpy Bar in Pretoria, which injured 16 people; the Juicy Lucy Cafe bombing in Pretoria, which left five women severely injured; and the Magoo's Bar bombing in Durban, which left three people dead and 71 injured.

ANC acts of sabotage aimed at government institutions included the bombing of the Johannesburg Magistrates Court; an attack on the Koeberg nuclear power station; a rocket attack on Voortrekkerhoogte, a military base in Pretoria; and the 1983 Church Street bombing in Pretoria, which killed 19 and wounded more than 200.

CNS News

Here we have soldiers overseas fighting terrorists and giving up their lives to protect us over here and the Democrats want to allow known, self proclaimed terrorists into the country.

I don't care how lofty their goal was, their character is defined by their actions. As all of our characters are. Their actions are those of terrorists.

Martin Luther King, arguably the greatest proponent of Civil Rights said it best...

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

As the content of these peoples character is well known, how can we sit by and allow this to happen?

Granted the Dem controlled house and senate has really done very little and almost nothing of what they proclaimed they would do, but we really don't need them doing things like this...


posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 06:35 AM
I find that the left, and just look up Jane Fonda, always has a way of seeing the inherent good in people. I, personally, find the idea that we would accept terrorists appalling. If these were merely freedom fighters, attacking government installations in a bid for change, that I can support. (But look at Sen. Obama's buddy list... terrorists galore...)

But killing civilians to make a point? That is actually the very definition of terrorism.

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 04:30 AM
One man's terrorist is anothers freedom fighter...

However, having said that...

Actions speak louder than words, and the actions of many members of the ANC during the time of arparthied were just as reprehensible as the South African gov't's. One can not fight an enemy by becoming just like your enemy. Kinda defeats the purpose doesn't it?

You cannot brush history under the carpet, much as we might want to in many cases. For Congress to ignore the actions of this organization is to spit on the memories of the innocents killed. The same goes for members of the South African gov't. who may have been involved in atrocities.

To forget is to be doomed to repeat. A platitude, yes, but true enough for all of that...

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 06:21 AM
I find myself agreeing with al of you, but you still dont get the
fact that Republicans and Democrats are all in the same game together?

Whoever becomes president will keep running with the ball. Look at Congress, ha! Its all to give the illusion that we are still a country with 2 main parties when in fact there is only one and its all going to continue no matter who gets to be POTUS.

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