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Man killed after grabbing officer\

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posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 12:12 PM
reply to post by birchtree

Well, I'm glad to hear that you don't play by those rules. But the point is, that there is nothing stopping you or any officer from doing so.

And take the example I made earlier in this thread, of the cop who tased the kid in front of his wife and baby. He was too lazy to do his job right, he just didn't want to be bothered. Aside from that, he seemed like a pretty good guy, even what some might call a "cool cop." But instead of using his brain and showing a little bit more respect for a dumb-ass civilian, he went tactical.

Now who knows what long term effect that will have. All for a bit of revenue generation. The kid might wind up with physical problems as a result, might have lost his job because of the incident. At the very least he traumatized a young family, and scarred them emotionally for life.

Then cops wonder why people hate cops.

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posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 12:25 PM
reply to post by birchtree

that slap happy stuff is becoming a thing of the past and I am sure erradicating it from cities may be long and far but you see what is happening in Chicago, what you are talking about is a thing that is going away, and it better because I do not play tolerance for deception and crimes against the people.

Are you honestly going to try to convince us that police abuses against civilians are on the decline?

If you really are "zero tolerance" for such, I commend you. But at what point does action become justified for you? Probably depends on the day you're having I would expect.

As far as "deception" goes, it is not really necessary. As I stated earlier, there is always a charge that can be pinned one someone, even if your actions wind up justified by a simple "discon" conviction.

The whole point here is, that you are not really out there enforcing the rule of law, you are out there catching "bad guys." And that is the problem.

Not your problem necessarily. But the problem with the system. It's up to you to decide if fighting for that system is a problem to you.

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 12:50 PM

Originally posted by commdogg
reply to post by jimmyjackblack

Whatever you think about cops in general, crooked, meat eaters, chiorboys, whatever, its off topic and biased. I don't even want to speculate why.
This is about one question. "Was the force justified?"
After that it was a general discussion about the facts as presented as to why the cop thought he had to shoot the guy, and was it a reasonable call. This isn't about the X-Files, devious government agents, or frank serpico, or movies, or cops getting busted selling crack (yeah I've seen it on the news too). This is about 3 street cops, who proabably most likely grew up within 10 miles of where they were, getting into it with some guy at 3 in the morning who, up until the moment one of them shot him, was kicking their asses.
As far as the dog analogy, if it offended you, then you didn't read it. It was an objective comparison, meaning if the threat is deadly to one, its deadly to all, regardless of who or what it is.
All I can say about the "its not fair" argument is what I learned in the military. Real life is not the movies. If my enemy has a weapon that he can kill me with at 300 meters, and I have one that can kill him at 500, then I'm going to stay between 350 and 500 while I shoot it at him. Its not unfair, its reality. The town marshal doesnt throw down his pistol when the bad guy runs out of bullets and pulls out his boot knife. He shoots the dude.

This was posted by someone who didn't even read my post, Congrats on the disinfo

I'll answer the question you posed, no, the force was not justified. Now if you could please answer the question I posed, then that would be great.
I'm not talking about movies, I'm referencing a movie so that people can see what I've seen, nearly my entire life in my nieghborhood, what you've stated is foolish, all you've said is that it's always kill or be killed, that's not true, that's called brain washing. Who say's your life is more important than anyone elses? The government? Puhleez, they are the biggest crooks in this country. The person in question did not have a deadly weapon that could shoot 300 metres, he had gardening equipment, then he took a taser, still, his weapon could not shoot 300 metres, he tased a cop (giving them a taste of there own medicine cause they tased him) and somone shot to kill. You can shoot someone without killing them and don't give me that "But it's really hard" BS, I know it's you can. Plus, they could have just used more tasers too, I bet you justify the tasering of that pregnant woman as well eh? You cops think you're better than the rest of the population, but it's not true, your just as good as the rest of us, but in the past ten years you've become more like the scum you oppose. Now don't go saying that I said that all cops are scum, I believe most cops are doing the wrong thing, not all, honestly there have ben only a few cops I have known that have ever helped me out, the common people have done there job more than what the cops have in my nieghborhood.


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