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How do you see the future?

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posted on Jun, 7 2008 @ 09:46 PM
How do you see the future?

I believe that every person on earth is able to see the future. How is this possible?

The basic Shamanistic principle is to look at your children for they represent you. They represent the embodiment of the values that you lived by.

What motivates you? Money, prestige, wealth, fame? Maybe revenge, anger, backbiting? Maybe forgiveness, love, tolerance?

What are they interested in? Facebook, friends, the earth? Guns, money, bling, gaming? Cars, sports, and girls/boys?

What is the predominant mix of values in the upcoming generation?

The basic family breakdown I can attest to is my own.
So here is my breakdown. I would like to read your observations as well!

First. My oldest who is in her early twenties is very much a scientist. She is in third year Geology at the U of S.
First and foremost she is aware of being female. She enjoys this and exercises her beauty as any woman would. I would compare this exercise to a male showing off his physical prowess.
The keen edge between her and her mother and grandmothers would be that she is unaware that by being female she cannot attain the loftiest of goals. God bless Hillary Clinton for this! (and her kind)lol
She is very dependent upon tech. In fact she has never known life without a computer of some sort in the home. When she was born I had a Commodore 64, a Tandy 1000 and an Atari! She has watched be build, sell and design systems as she aged.

She does not agree with global warming in the Gore sense, (as I do), she is extremely tolerant of all races and religions; she has traveled all throughout Europe and parts of Asia. She is friends with a very diverse crowd and she considers me to be an angry hippie who is out of touch.
She will argue anything with me from Physics, Social Conditioning to Anthropology etc always fully believing her to be right. Lol

Secondly I have my 18 year old. Female, blue eyed Nordic beauty that is finishing off a paralegal diploma. Her interests are very simple. Home, family and a good life.

She resists any idea that she cannot be fully beautiful, fully femine and fully in charge. I have seen many a male reduced to tears because of her idea that she must be in charge. Hence her interest in law. Not in the straight forward sense but more in the running the office(home) sense.

She does barely enough to get by but does it with such style that she gets every bodies attention. She is very forthright about gay rights, human rights but comes against any person who may transgress common law. (English Version)
With that in mind she is anti drug war, anti capitalist and pro feminist.

Finally I have a six year old. She is unaware of the idea that being female places her in any sub position. Her interest is the earth, camping, fishing, friends and her little society. She is Native American and pushes this idea wherever she goes. She has traveled a lot as well and lived in a couple of different countries. She is very adept to YouTube, Wii, computers, cell phones, books...she speaks French, English and Spanish. She is only six and is much more aware of the world and the earth then I was at 18.
After this I must look at their peers. For the most part they are very accepting. I still see some predominant prejudices against those who are different. This is very natural but in the present context of social evolution it will inhibit human development. The dominate theme is the exchange of views as presented via the internet. This has raised a worldly curiosity concerning other cultures that demands action. Action that becomes much ingrained in the soul of the child who has personally communicated with another child who lives in the other side of the earth, and they will see that mercy, justice will come to all. They see, firsthand, different time zones, different cultures yet the same predominant interest that have obsessed parents and children since the beginning of human history. The internet has created a bond amongst the youth that I was unable to obtain when I was young and this in and of itself will change the world.
So there it is? How do you see it?

From a young person’s perspective in North America I see a very positive future. All of my living offspring are much worldlier then I am. They accept different religions and languages in a way that is foreign to me. Technology is in no way frightening to them. They do not see black, yellow, red the way I saw it when I was 6..1966....they are against war, famine, disease, poverty and very much in favour of liberty, justice, love and acceptance. Tolerance is something that they have as opposed to something I needed to work toward.

I see a very bright future if their ideas dominate the future.

How about the children you see? What does the future hold?

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posted on Jun, 7 2008 @ 10:16 PM
Certain ppl can see their destiny that's already set to go into motion sooner or later.

How is it set? It's as an energy program. The program runs your life here in this world with you left aware to it in extent.

posted on Jun, 7 2008 @ 10:49 PM
Yes...but what I am trying to say is that out investment is in our children both biological as well as those we encounter everyday.

How do you see the future when you observe the children of this world?

If I look into the children of Iraq the future I see is not so bright. When I look into the children in Costa Rica I see a very bright future.

What about you....what do you see?

This is indeed a hard subject. It reveals who we are!

Watch the will help to open you up to this!

posted on Jun, 10 2008 @ 11:02 PM
Some of my previous work might explain some of the predictive anomalies caused by non-locality - which I believe must somehow be involved in psychic abilities; Here is an example, albeit simplified.

One of my designs faced several unforeseen problems.

It turned out that the system for monitoring and controlling particle discharge had to be wholly unmanned.

Even in proof of concept experiments, this was the case. It soon became apparent that we could not even have anyone in the same building who was aware of the nature of the experiments taking place. They in fact, had to leave the campus.

This anomaly persisted until we were made aware of the influence that we had over this experiment just by knowing about it and being in the vicinity of the tests.

We weren't even acting as an "observer," we were simply aware of the nature of the experiment.

We then concluded that such a system could only be possible if the "operational" controls were unmanned and the "pilots" completely unaware of the nature of the drive system they were using.

Such systems being highly complex and in need of constant re-adjustment and human attention, forced us to conclude that as a means of space travel, Humans aware of the nature of their engine would have to be at a minimum 1200 meters away from the device itself.

One earth, distances exceeding 400 meters would allow for the experiments to go ahead and the equipment to function as predicted.

This is was all hypothetical to a point, but nonetheless it was one of the conclusions drawn from this series of experiments.

Our hypothesis was not correct, but the observations and results were amazing. However, we considered the whole thing a success.

We merely included the reference to space travel (in our conclusion) as a possible use for such a device, and it wasn't until years later that I began refining the ideas for my own purposes.

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 12:11 AM
reply to post by doctormcauley

So simply observing changes or effects the outcome.

What did you think would occur? What you hypothesized turned out not to be correct so how did siply observing or being aware change the outcome?

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 12:39 AM
The hypothesis does not have to be proven correct for valuable data to be accrued..

We were able to discover new limitations pertaining to the effects of non-locality and it's influence over advanced physics as a direct result of this experiment, regardless of our predictions.

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