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eugenics is still alive and well within the united states??

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posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 11:48 PM
I just finished reading edwin black's War Against the Weak.the book outlines the eugenics program that were conducted on lower class americans during the early 20th century-the brutality and inhuman horror stories of forced sterilization are well documented within this book.

at the end,the book left me wondering whether the U.S govs(or elites) pursuit for a "master race" has been scraped or has it been re-writen into something more inconspicuous
a few example that would suggest eugenics is fully operational from underground:
the american healthcare system, is constructed for the rich by the rich. the poor are provided inadequate help or worse compelty denied help,

or perhaps the crappy food the vast majority of us consume, such a mcdolands and kfc- it's sole objective? obesity, heart disease and etc.. that would eventually lead to a smaller population of unfit people

so whats your opinion, i'm i full of it. or there is some truth to this

posted on Jun, 7 2008 @ 12:49 AM
True fact:
Planned Parenthood was started by a woman, Margret Sanger, who was a very strong believer in the science (in 1920) of eugenics. Planned Parenthood has been continuously supported financially by JD Rockefeller (later the Rockefeller Foundation) and the Carnegie Foundation since its inception.

Now think about what services, exactly, Planned Parenthood perform. They are the happy, smiling face that indoctrinates you into the world of eugenics.

List of the services they perform:
Abortions (more than 250k a year)
Provide Contraceptives
Provide Morning After Pills
Vasectomies and Tubal Ligations
Sex Education
...and they do all this for the good of the community - the poor community.

The people that started planned parenthood saw all those poor and uneducated people having babies that were growing up to be poor and uneducated adults. Since this obviously was a bad state of affairs, they decided to start a non-profit organization that gave everyone access to free educa--

Oh wait, no they didn't.

The founders of PP decided the problem wasn't the nonavailability of good jobs or free education. Instead, these haughty intellectuals figured the problem was simply that poor and stupid people were allowed to reproduce in the first place.

They knew that a law restricting who can have children would never fly in a modern western country so they didn't even try. Instead, they realized that putting honey on the poison made it easier to swallow.

Make people think it is their right to choose whether or not they want a baby. After that, it is simply a matter of using economic methods to strangle the population because more economic pressure on the lower classes means that the poor must start making sacrifices.

Using early indoctrination, by convincing schools to outsource sex education to Planned Parenthood workers, the elites have setup a system where people must question the affordability of their own sexual reproduction. They have successfully implemented eugenics in the USA by turning it around. Instead of being about killing off undesirables, the US version of eugenics is about economically neutering the undesirables.


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posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 04:51 PM
I live in a smallish city in central California. We have a now empty "campus" that was used by mental health workers as a place to experiment with eugenics. We have been told that the work here inspired Adolph Hitler. Three years ago some construction workers unearthed unmarked graves belonging to some of the "patients". My husband was head of security at the facility at the time. (I don't know if this matters, but the person who got the lease for the facility also attends the meetings at Bohemian Grove) The town I live in is the poorest per capita in the San Joaquin Valley. You don't want stupid people out breedin' ya!

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