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Shaking the Tree

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posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 10:07 PM
Have you seen the latest Indiana Jones movie? The truth about UFOs is right there! Only, unfortunately, it isn't a foreign power that has tried to exploit the UFO secret to control others. The owners of this website have their Nazi progenitors to thank for leading the way in the modern era in terms of abusing the secret of UFO technology in order to control the minds of men. I'm referring to the CIA, of course. Who knows? Maybe this website is part of a repair job - some kind of repentance, maybe. But I will not bank on it.

If the management will allow it, I will try to occasionally add a word of warning about UFOs in general, and UFO cults, specifically. If they will not allow it, then we will know where they stand, won't we?

Human beings are like water. They are difficult to push, but easy to lead. If you show a human being a task to perform or a problem to solve, and if he believes it can be done, then he will find a way to solve it. The key, you see, is belief.

There has been, since ancient times, a continuum of guardianship over a secret more dangerous than the hydrogen bomb. Unfortunately, the secret has fallen into the wrong hands, and now we all have become players in a game of cosmic scale, whether we want to participate or not. The UFO mythos of the modern age is a window into this secret. I will share this secret with you over the course of several posts if, again, the management will allow it.

I will simply close this post by saying two things:

1) I have sworn no oaths and therefore am not bound by any rule except conscience. That having been said, I want to make it clear that I will not jeopardize the efforts of the men of good will and simple mastery who are my brothers.

2) Aliens and UFOs are to be neither feared nor worshipped. Anyone who tells you otherwise is itching for a fight.


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