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A new way of life.

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posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 05:21 PM
Hello From sunny florida!

I just wanted to come back here on BTS and share with my friends and those of you who dont know me my new way of life these days.

As some of you know, I have been doing my best to just get by week to week in crappy jobs, and hot kitchens that are just simply dead end jobs.
I use to drive a truck that costed me about 160$-180$ a week just to fill her up with gas!
This left my cuboards barren, and normally only would eat at work.

This is all about to change, and I have taken the first steps to ensure that my life would head in a much more postive direction.

I got out of the kitchen and got myself a job at a resort here in Clearwater florida called the Sheraton. Its a lovely Resort that sits right on the beach! I moved into an apartment that is only 8 miles from my work. While I ride my bike I leave about 2 hours early, I stop at the park and have lunch. And enjoy the beautiful veiw of the beach!
While at work, when we have outside events I get a lovely veiw of the beach, the sunsets are absolutly beautiful! Its one of the perks I find that is just breath taking. As many people come here to see the sunsets! I get to see them everyday! And they never get old or boring! There is always a great sea breeze that keeps the temp down! So its always a few degrees cooler along the beach than inland. I love it!

I got placed as an AV tech. Thats Audio Video Tech. I hook up computers, projectors, and run all the wires into speakers, and set up for the big events we have here at the Sheraton! We are the most busy resort in all of Clearwater, all the way to Saint Pete. We do alot of big name parties, and events. I pretty much serve the elite of this area, and ensure all their gear is working properly, and everything goes smoothly for them tech wise.
I must say I am so happy with this new job! No longer do I have to live paycheck to paycheck each week! Plus I get dental plan. Health Plan plus a 401k plan! I have been looking for something like this for many years now! And now I finally got myself in! Its like a big family here!
Everyone at my work is very easy going! No yelling, or stressfull times for me. Sure when it gets busy, we slam stuff out.. But thats work anywhere you are at. Most places I work, when I do a good job, no one ever seemed to notice. Here every good deed is seen and recorded. Same with the negtive, but I have only been given praise for my hard work and know how of my job title.

Another great side to this is that I get free dinner, and can eat as much as I want while on the clock! Even working in kitchens I was not allowed to eat for free.. The Greek place I last worked for made me pay FULL price for all my food.. Which was a slap in the face!

I got rid of my truck.. And I bought a nice bike! I ride 8 miles there, and 8 miles home. Im getting a great suntan, and a really good work out.
Its made me feel so good inside! And the money I am saving from not paying for gas, or insurance is really saving me soo much money!

I would suggest to anyone that works 10 miles from their jobs to just ride a bike! You dont have to get rid of your car or truck for when it rains, but I will just take the bus on those days!
We are getting to the point where we are being raped daily on these high gas prices. And who is to blame? I happen to feel we are to blame for this. If we keep on paying these high prices, they will keep on making lots of money off us. If we can say enough is enough, and just make an effort at not paying these prices together they will have to lower it!

Some people have asked me.. Ty man, why you ride a bike? Its so hot outside! And I normally reply with.. "For thosands of years people made it by just fine without cars. Its just this first 100 years that we have had cars and stuff.. We have gotten weak, and lazy!"

Sure I wouldnt want to bike 50 miles a day.. But when I think about it, people made due for a long time without cars, and trucks. Its a good thing, and its my new way of life! Getting a great workout! Getting a nice tan, and saving myself alot of money!
I wont have to live paycheck to paycheck anymore, and thats a great feeling!
Its a great feeling to have a job that I can call home now!
Where my hard work is praised! And I get paided for my hard work!

Ive always been a hard working man! And it really started to get me in the dumps when I got nothing but a crappy paycheck at the end of the week with no perks. I got into alot of negtive things.. Drinking to much, and just all around doing bad things to my body. Because I felt like a slave, or felt trapped.
But no longer do I feel this way! I will keep up what I have been doing, and thought I would come and share this with you all here on BTS!

For those of you who know me, Ive been threw alot these past 4 years. And it takes alot of hard work to get anything in this world when you are poor! I just hope with all my heart, that our society can hold together long enough for me to save up enough money, and keep it going!

I try not to think about getting handed another pink slip.. Saying we need to lay you off.. Been there and done that. I was assured that I would never be laided off from this Job.
They said we are all family here.. And everyone is great where I work.
This is the first time I can say that about a job.
Im very happy, and thought it would be nice to hear something postive for a change! Jobs like these are rare, and hard to come by.
As for me, Ive been stuck in dead end jobs most my life.
Trapped within the high gas prices of this day and age.
I have shed my skin of these things, and feel like a new man!
My life has changed, and its a new wy of life for me!

Cheers everyone! I wish you all the best!
I hope to get internet at my new place, but for now, Im just using the Sheraton's internet to check my mail, and get to ATS/BTS when I can keep up with my buddies, and those who are seeking truth and knowledge of this world!

The truth is, we all have our own outlooks on life, and our own personal truths. There is no one set way I have found.
What ever works, and no money or material objects can make us happy.

Being happy is a personal choice! No one, nor anything can make you happy. Happiness is upon you!

Much like being in a relationship, I tired so hard to make that woman happy. When I learned, I could do everything in my power to make her comfortable. But being happy is up to her!
And understanding that, made such a big differance in my life.
I no longer try to please others.. Only make them comfortable.
Being happy is on them..
Being happy is up to you, not someone elses job. The best they can do is remain true to you, and hold a job.


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posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 05:46 PM
Iam absolutely crying tears of joy for you.
You know I have ALWAYS been here for you, and I always will be.

Love and light my friend,

posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 06:13 PM
reply to post by AccessDenied

Thanks so much AD! You are one of my best Buds on here! Out of the 2 1/2 years of my time on this site I have met some really cool and open minded souls. Im truely honored to have you come in and give me your thoughts! You are such a dear! And also so very HOT!!
You rock chicka!! I will be sure to always keep you posted, and there will always be a couch open if you ever find your way down in my neck of the woods! You are one of the people who made this differance in my life, and helped me to get where I am now!
Good words, and helpful advice made me stick it out, and now I am finally happy with me! And with what I do in this life. And this is just the start!

My quest upon this earth is starting to unfold! Call me anytime you need to talk.. I still have the same number!

Love and the light always returns to those who give it!

posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 06:13 PM
Right on dude... freedom is a choice and you have chosen it. Keep riding into the sun with wings at you back. The sounds of joy have beckoned you near. Abundance on a plate to share with the people.

posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 06:31 PM
Aweeeeeeeee Zysin5,

I am sooo happy for you! I am so glad you like your job so much and the people you work with and everything's going great in your life! I am truly happy for you and way to go for not giving up!!! I am glad your hard work and determination to make your life better paid off

I don't know you very well but you sound like a great person, keep up the good work! I am rootin' for ya!

posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 06:45 PM
I'm so incredibly glad to hear that things are going right for you. You've been through some rough times and I'm glad to see that things are working out. In a way I can relate as well, just a couple of days ago I transfered over to a new program. One that's a total of 3 blocks away from work. My transportation issued have been solved! Man, that is some great news to hear!!

posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 06:55 PM
I don't know you, but thank you. It is so refreshing to see love in action. Peace to you friend.

posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 07:30 PM
reply to post by zysin5

This was the best thing I have read on BTS in a long time! (Good news for a change!)

It's wonderful that things have fallen into place for you so nicely.

Best wishes to you in your new job, and new home!

posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 08:29 PM

Originally posted by zysin5
reply to post by AccessDenied

Thanks so much AD! You are one of my best Buds on here! Out of the 2 1/2 years of my time on this site I have met some really cool and open minded souls. Im truely honored to have you come in and give me your thoughts! You are such a dear! And also so very HOT!!
You rock chicka!! I will be sure to always keep you posted, and there will always be a couch open if you ever find your way down in my neck of the woods! You are one of the people who made this differance in my life, and helped me to get where I am now!
Good words, and helpful advice made me stick it out, and now I am finally happy with me! And with what I do in this life. And this is just the start!

My quest upon this earth is starting to unfold! Call me anytime you need to talk.. I still have the same number!

Love and the light always returns to those who give it!

Ty, I feel exactly the same about you hon....

posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 10:19 PM
WOW man, you described something out of my dreams, a great job, by the beach. I'm jealous.....

Well done, good luck with the future man, ENJOY!.

posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 11:15 PM
Congratulations, Hope you have many happy years there. Enjoy life that’s what its all about.

posted on Jun, 7 2008 @ 12:35 AM
Thanks so much everyone! Im going to reply to everyone here in this one post here, Im here having a soda here at the internet cafe that is right across the road from me

Reply to eye open doors- Thanks Bro! The talks we have had in the past have been a great help to me! You have inspired me to keep on rocking and playing my music! I got one of my old guitars out of storage here and will be playing in my spare time, or when I walk down to the beach here I love to take my acoustic guitar and sit by the water and just play a bit. You had said keep it up.. I thank you for that. Because in my new job its just like the good old days when I set up gear for the bands I would road crew for. So this new job really plays into my past. Setting up mixers, crossovers and speakers. Running wire and putting the gaff tape down. Im really lovin it!

Reply to _Phoenix_--
Me being a Pieces I find myself always drawn to the water. Its like home for me. Life always draws me close to areas where there is large bodies of water. It seems to calm me, and put my mind in a state where I can see the beauty of life, and not allow everyday life stress to defeat me. When Im feeling stressed, I just go out the beach, take in some breaths of fresh air and return to my post.
Thanks for the props! Im going to take this in for as long as I can here.
While it may not be a high profile job, or anything to specail, it means alot to me becasue of the placement. Its all about location!

REply to Shar-- Thanks Shar! You are so right with your words of wisdom!
Working and enjoying your life! While we can get wrapped up in the everyday grind, its amazing what little things like this can do for a person.
I was trapped in a little area, with no windows, and boiling grease and hot steam hitting my face for 11 hours a day.. I felt like a trapped, or caged animal. I didnt enjoy that part of my life, and Im sure no one would.
But sometimes we do what we got to do to get by. But with some time and hard work, anyone can find something they enjoy, to enjoy life itself.
Its all up to you if you want to be happy, or if you want to be depressed.
I thank you Shar! You are one of the good ones around these parts!

Reply to LateApexer313-- As tuff as life was getting for me I did have alot of determination and drive to make this better for me. Giving up hope is something I almost fell into too. But all things in this life happen for some type of reason. And now Im glad I didnt give up and just waste away. Thanks for rooting for me it means alot to me!

Reply to Deson-- Man thanks! You where one of the people I got much strenght from when I talked about what happened to the love of my life.
You where sertinly there for me, and really helped me get threw that space in my life! IM really glad to hear that your transportation issue has been solved!! Totally awsome! You going to be riding a bike aswell?
I mean the money I save from not driving is really adding up! While I have only been doing this for one week and a half the money I will be saving over the years will come in handy! Id love to hear about your new program! Keep in touch

Reply to Enthralled Fan-- Im glad I could bring something postive here for you all.. With all the bad news, and hard times I can honestly say I am not letting this world get me down any more than it has in the past.
I always thought in a round about way it would only get worse. But the glass is half full, and no matter what happens in this world, Im going to keep on looking at the bright side. But our lives when its not going the way it should, can make the world we live in seem much more harsh and cold than it really should be. Yet I always know deep down that I remain somewhat balanced, If I stay to postive than I allow myself to be let down. But for now its good to feel this way. Yet I always know that hardships are always around the corner.. I will save and stock up for those rainy days, and try not to let it get me down, or ruin my life.. Being a boy scout thats our motto.. Be prepared.. And Im always prepared for the worse, yet in a postive way! Thanks my dear, you are one great woman!

Well Im going to log out of here and head back to my apartment. I wanted to go in a little early tommorow and get some extra hours in.
And here in the next week or so I will have internet connected to my apartment! whoo hoo!
I have no real need for a TV, or atleast cable. I dont watch much TV, and I have my Xbox360, a few cool video games to keep me entertained till then. But when I get some more time I will sertinly check back with you all here and post some pics, and keep you all updated on my progress here! I think you are all great, and while I may not know you personally.
Its good to know theres people out here in this world that take the time to listen, and give me a helping hand when it comes to mental support!

I have tons of friends that work with me at the Sheraton, and makes the work place that much more enjoyable when you have people to pal around with at work. Yet knowing when to pal around and get the job done is the trick to it all.. I have a great working crew, we get the job done and make it a great place to work.

Yawn.. Well guys I will talk with you all soon!


posted on Jun, 7 2008 @ 01:45 AM

Originally posted by zysin5
It seems to calm me, and put my mind in a state where I can see the beauty of life, and not allow everyday life stress to defeat me. When Im feeling stressed, I just go out the beach, take in some breaths of fresh air and return to my post.

Another great thing about the sunny beach life, is the atmosphere really makes cold drinks and ice cream taste so much better! You really enjoy it more.

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 11:58 PM
Thanks everyone!~! Just sitting here at the internet shop having a soda before I ride back to my house!

All is still going great! I got a raise today! And all is still going really good for me!

Im still not going to have internet at my house for another couple weeks or so. So anyone that has sent me a U2 or any notes for me to check out your threads, please bear with me here..

I will try my best to keep up with you all here..

But as life moves on, I have taken everything I have learned from ATS/BTS and apply it too my life here..

Im really shocked how many people are still so much asleep in this world.
However I have made a few new friends at work.. They can tell I know many things that some people have no clue about.
I was given props from one of my co workers..
He said.. Ty man.. I can tell you read alot, and seem to know about alot of things that most people wont talk about.. Or even get into..

But still I have to watch what I say.. I was talking about our money system today.. And how our money has no real worth.. Its just paper that equals debt.
There was someone listening in on that conversation..
and he said.. You know its a felony to say our money has no worth and equals nothing but debt!!!

Im like are you kidding me??? I asked him if he was going to report me..
He said.. Just watch what you say around here.. There are some people here at work that will turn me in for that..

I said thanks Hitler.. I will keep that in mind..

So Im wondering.. Is it really aginst the law, and a felony charge to talk about our money system here, and say that the money we have in our pockets is worthless paper, that has no real value. But only equals debt??

My jaw about dropped open when I heard him say that too me..
IM thinking here.. What he is going to call the cops and say we have a home grown terroist talking about our worthless money.. Opps I mean our money system..
What a joke!! But he was serious..:shk:

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 02:18 AM
reply to post by zysin5

Zysin it brings me great joy to hear life is so wonderful for you now, after reading your story I am truly refreshed and overjoyed for you

wow @ that incident about your comments on the US currency. I guess some people are anal like that, I personally do not know if that is indeed a federal crime to make such a remark but very strange for someone to bring that up. Then again it takes all types hey ? lol


posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 04:20 AM
This is a really inspiring story. I am hoping to get where you are. I am currently in school and have about 2 years left. I am majoring in English/Marketing. I will be receiving my AA in Marketing and I hope to get a cool little job on the side. My goal is to continue my writing and research. I have a blog that I run and a little biz on the side that you are more then welcome to check out. I am glad you sharing your story with us, and I hope you continue blessing us with your wonderful story. I am jealous
but I know I will make it myself. Thanks!

Keep it up.

posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 03:03 PM
Wow bro !!!!

It's good to know that you're doin' well and actually loving what you do for a livin'

Lookin' forward to meet'n ya a few years from now ... since I've never been to florida

posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 04:55 PM
Good for you Zysin5! I love Clearwater. We spent our honeymoon there. It's so beautiful. Good luck and keep up the great attitude.


posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 11:29 AM
Hello everyone! Its been a couple weeks and I must say how much I miss spending my time here on BTS/ATS with all you wonderful enlightened souls!

Im just rolling with the punches here.. I was promised I wouldn/t be laided off from this job. However promises dont mean Jack, when it comes to biz.

People are being laided off left and right up here this month. I didnt lose my job, however I have been laided off work for almost 2 months!!

Sales are at an all time low! Its so bad they cant even give us work here in clearwater. Well I guess its time for me to go Turn and burn for a couple months until they get some more work for me here..

I hope everyone else is doing okay here in these very hard times we are all going threw. Just when I got a little bit ahead they start laying people off work.. Very frustrating..

And no matter what you do, or how you do it, you can still get the brown end of the stick here.
I guess I can be thankful for the 15 hours of house keeping work they had slots open for..
And IM not above doing minor tasks to bring home the bacon.

It just sucks, and this whole damn society has to do something! Things are not getting better.. And I dont even drive.. I cant even think how much more frustrating this could be to have to deal with high gas prices right now.

Yeah I guess my mood has changed a little bit here. And Im mad that this system we have set up is working so badly!! I mean most people I know are losing work right now.

STate farm wants to increase their home insurance here in florida by lik 49%!! Thats right More than 50% hike!!! TAlk about a bunch of hooey!!

Some places State Farm is trying to get an 80% hike in the money we have to pay to insure out homes..

ARe they trying to tell us we are going to get blasted this year by a hurricane?
Thats another thing Hurricane season is back agin, and things have not been looking good here. Floods, sink holes.. You name it.. Florida is a mess right now and everyone is on edge about the storm that is going to hit TAmpa/bay area.

I happen to feel this may be tied into the government and their plans to do offshore drilling.. Thats another thing that burns me up!!!

Leave our shores alone!! I am very protective over my beachs, and this beautiufl place I call my home!! NO oil rigs, or offshore drilling near my home!!! But looks like Im not going to have to worry about that.
Chances of them doing off shore drilling off of clearwater now looks very slim.. But just the thought of them comming to the last beautiful place I have left and mess it up with Oil!!!

Well thats my small update folks.. Times are starting to becomming very tuff for us all.. Be strong, I know I will.
And if I can stick this out, then so can you! Im here if you need to chatt!

[edit on 19-7-2008 by zysin5]

posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 12:52 PM
That's my Ty, no matter what you glow light.

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