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entry field for new threat bugs?

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posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 12:18 PM
Sorry for the weird title, i wasnt sure how to name this thread.

I've noticed that i keep having the same recurring probelsm when posting a new thread, or a reply to a thread.

ill replace [ and ] with [ and ] for purposes of demonstration

when using the [color=yellow] command, i find that many times it doesnt work, and actually appears, as typed, int he actual thread, and yes, i do close it off with [/color]

same thing applies with [size=1 2 or 3] and [/size]
it does not alter the text,

any ideas?

posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 12:23 PM
A moderator once told me that certain characters within your post can break the code.

' ! : * %

posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 12:27 PM
this is an example

and so is this

As SystemiK mentions, it's typically a result of various characters "breaking" the code, but there is a way to get around that.

this is an example / simply use multiple tags to exclude the characters

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posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 12:30 PM
read my posting here

ignore the context, im not trying to get results to

but it clearly shows what im confused about


this doesnt work
except of course this time that im tyring to demonstrate.

Im so confused

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posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 12:32 PM
It works because you left out the apostrophe. Had you left it in, it wouldn't have worked

this doesnt work

this doesn't work

the apostrophe breaks the code

[edit on 6-6-2008 by 12m8keall2c]

posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 12:34 PM
reply to post by 12m8keall2c

please dont get angry at me for not getting it

i see nothing in my example post before or after, that would negate the (color=yellow) (/color)

if i post it in this thread, the color turns to yellow, but for some reason in that thread, it doesnt.

It doesnt happen ALL the time, but it happens sometimes, an di can't figure out how

posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 12:35 PM
reply to post by 12m8keall2c

I got it!

woo whoo, proper punctuation destroys the code of the board.........

just kidding

thanks for helping me out

posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 12:38 PM
Yep, but you can work around that...

many scholars use the translation of the texts in these verses as "antichrist" but more and more scholars are starting to say that this is a biased translation, that the actual translation is more something along the lines of "the opposite of christ"this is where most people get confused about the bibles non-involvment with the antichrist legend

[edit on 6-6-2008 by 12m8keall2c]

Click on "quote" to see how.

Hope this helps

[edit on 6-6-2008 by 12m8keall2c]

posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 12:39 PM
im going to guess that you do a whole bunch of (color=) and (/color) to get those quote marks to stay in there

BAH! Ill just leave out the quotes, i cant type well enough as it is

posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 02:36 PM
Question Answered and Mission Accomplished.

As the reason for this thread has been assuaged, I am closing this thread.

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